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  1. revfinn

    cold lock up

    I had the same happen on my Gas Gas a couple of weeks ago when it was -7 and -8 two nights on the trot. Left it for a week weather "warmed" up tried again and all was good Luckily i diint have a trial over that weekend.
  2. Thanks for the reply, i have had it apart and cleaned it but it still leaks
  3. Help / advice please My master cylinder is leaking, do i go for Master cylinder repair kit Larger master cylinder (mineral oil) (where can i get one of these?) or convert to dot 4 (what are the problems with doing this?) Cheers
  4. revfinn

    Ktm Enduro

    If its a good one
  5. I just managed to get a superb one a couple of weeks ago off ebay, saw it on there and spoke to the chap within hours, went to see it the next day, job done.
  6. Thanks for all you help and advice What is the difference between dextron 2 and 3 ?
  7. Hi Just got this great bike, but i have conflicting advice about oil mixture What should it be 75cc to 5 ltrs or 100cc to 5ltrs Also semi synthetic of fully Last question ATF Dexron for gearbox or what? Thanks
  8. revfinn

    Sticky Clutch

    I have an 04 Rev3, before i start it up i put it in 4th or 5th and with the clutch lever pulled in rock the bike backwards and forward until the clutch works. Then put it in neutral start up and away you go no problem
  9. revfinn

    08 Beta Handlebars

    Lennie must have had his weight behind it, stick to the WR
  10. A question for all you oldies out there Can you still get that white stuff in a bottle with a sponge on top, that i used to use to whiten up my old pair of dunlop green flash, it was abit like tipex for shoes Failing that i agree with the cone and dubbin idea thats what i do, i'm sure you can get clear dubbin.
  11. I've put some Ultraseal (like the greenslime stuff) in my tyres, but not too sure it it would work at such low pressures. I always use it in my KTM enduro bike. Thing is if your tyre doesnt go flat you nevber know if it worked or not
  12. You also need insurance on the frame number, insurance companies will only do this for a short period of weeks, you will need this before applying to the dvla. The dvla wil probably want to see the bike as well. I have road registered a couple of enduro bikes in the past. Its quite easy just a lot of red tape to wade through, good luck patience required for something so simple!
  13. revfinn

    Tough One On Tv ?

    Think this is the schedule, but you know sky its subject to change! 16 Feb 10:00 Sky Sports Xtra 16 Feb 13:00 Sky Sports 2 16 Feb 18:00 Sky Sports Xtra 16 Feb 21:00 Sky Sports Xtra 17 Feb 02:00 Sky Sports 3 18 Feb 22:30 Sky Sports 2 21 Feb 03:30 Sky Sports Xtra Terrestrial viewers can see the Tough One on Channel 5's Motorsport Mundial Tuesday 26th Feb & 4th March at 3.30 am
  14. I have a spanner that fits the plug in my KTM tool kit, i also use it on my beta, the bottle opener is also vey useful!
  15. Motors TV 413, its on now, started at 8.00
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