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  1. The biggest waste of time is arguing with the fool and fanatic who doesn't care about truth or reality, but only the victory of his beliefs and illusions.There are people who, for all the evidence presented to them, do not have the ability to understand. The only thing that they want is to be right even if they aren’t. pmk your much to informed to waste time on answering a clown. When ignorance screams, intelligence moves on.
  2. Lets start with confidence. When 25 Democrats have now indicate they will not be contesting their former seat because of personal or health reason that in it self is a telling tale. When you get the more outspoken representatives that have enough courage to say their former parties direction is the very reason they have made this decision that should raise a flag as well. The most telling tale is the fact that there are Democrat representatives that have now quit their party and openly support the Republican Party. If you can not see the devastation and hardship caused to the very people Biden promised he was going to make life easier for and make America the land of opportunity again you need to remove your blinkers
  3. When you have nothing to counter the truth bring on the shallow jibs.
  4. Hey Nigel Dabster if you look at the current state of the country under Biden they have literally destroyed everything they are involved in. Biden and his minders of liberal / socialist ideals have America on its knees and have proven over his 13 month tenure he is a complete and utter failure just like his VP. However this is success in the eyes of the Democrats who will stop at nothing to continue holding the reigns of power no matter what damage they inflict on the people.
  5. Just misinformed that makes you look stupid.
  6. Pot calling the kettle black. Best look who has posted many vacuous uninformed replies but lives in the UK.
  7. Strange how the MSM failed to report on how retired American soldier who is also a coloured Republican, Kenneth Paschal, won a special election in Alabama. He has filled the seat vacated by former representative Matt Fridy. in doing so he became the first Black Republican to be elected to State legislature in 145 years.
  8. Looks like Biden is Presiding over the biggest Democrat collapse in American history.The liberal media who only reports with rose tinted glasses on anything Biden is in complete melt down after the unthinkable Democrat loss in Virginia.The mid terms will see a change of majority in the house due to the incompetence of Biden and the direction this puppet has been pushing on the American people. The 2022 mid terms will see him gone.
  9. Democrats, supported by the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, are introducing a bill that will curtail the power of the president. They claim this is in response to President Trump’s time in office.Trump’s not in office. And Democrats are introducing this bill now after their guy mandated every business to coerce their employees. Not to mention how he drone bombed civilians and tanked the US economy.Democrats are not willing to admit Biden has been a total failure. They will never support impeachment. And even if he makes bigger messes than before, they will most likely not use the 25th Amendment. But this bill speaks volumes of what they are really thinking. They are scared stiff Trump will be elected again in 2024 or is it a back door ploy to dispose of Biden to elevate the missing in action VP Harris to President. Also remember Pelosi herself is next in line to run the country if they then remove Harris.
  10. If Biden is such an improvement why are seasoned Democrats not supporting him and in fact not even running in the 2022 mid term elections. Many have seen where the USA is heading under the direction of the Democrats and want out. As for climate change if the nasty influence of green house emissions is so important to you, China is who you should be talking to. They are the ones with over 1000 plus coal powered stations with another 45 it is planning on building. China alone produces 30%of the worlds total of green house emissions and they want more to satisfy their population regardless. The crooks you speak of are Al Gore and John Kerry who if you followed US politics more closely are the ones who are in China's pocket.
  11. These clowns that still support the direction and socialist policies of the dementia ridden puppet Biden are the same ones that supported one Hillary Clinton.He was always an unsuitable candidate for POTUS and his mental state, lack of leadership and total frailty has been well and truly exposed. His candidacy was favored by those who knew full well of his mental decline and supported him knowing full well the manipulation they could apply to him to do their bidding.
  12. Now thi song makes sense. Biden to a tee. https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjJv4nC2ebwAhVP7XMBHXoeD0gQyCkwAHoECAQQAw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D8scSwaKbE64&usg=AOvVaw3PW0NmS8KoiPFc6KvDywty
  13. Hey there PMK, I certainly agree with your sentiments on much of what this thread has produced. Let me attached my reply to a discussion earlier today on another group regarding America, Trump and the upcoming US election. You need to ask yourself if your hate for the man is greater than supporting the best manager for your country. There are a lot of Democrats who now support President Trump, and are disgusted for what their old party has become. When you have a Party who continuously whitewash the violence and present "lawless thugs" as social justice activists fighting for equality, it will not stop.. It's okay if you don't agree because we are all entitled to our opinions but a famous quote still holds true in these troubled times“a house divided cannot stand.” Just consider this...when you think the President is a jerk; he is. He’s a New Yorker. He’s crude and can be rude. He gets his feelings hurt, and he’s a hothead. He hits back; harder. The media hates it when he tweets. Why? Because he gets the information out, that they don’t want to report. Ignoring him or dismissing him because you always have is no reason to ignore what his administration is achieving. Ex Democrat and now Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who switched parties when the House voted to impeach President Trump last year, spoke on the final night of the Republican National Convention about how his former party has changed during his time in Congress and clearly outlined his reasons. Maybe you should be looking at what he found. To suggest as you have that the 4 years of the Trump leadership is as dire as you portray is shot to pieces when you look at what has been achieved with such a hostile anti-American anti-Trump opposition. Everything Trump campaign on in 2016 he has delivered. He’s the guy that campaigned on securing the border - protecting America - in the face of screaming Democrats and the liberal media. (Both Clinton, and Obama talked about a crisis at the border, and Obama did some things to address the crisis, but they proved insufficient.) When Trump shut down borders in the midst of the coronavirus, they screamed louder. Then, the rest of the world followed suit, including the European Union, with travel between their member countries. His policy is always 'America First.' For many years we have complained about sending billions abroad, while Americans suffer here. He's minimized that outflow of money and is using it here in America. He has delivered jobs, rebuilt the military, revived the economy implemented lowering taxes, encouraged more business by removing red tape and overbearing regulations. Invigorated American energy and won the hearts of many with his stance and support of Right For Life and Religious Liberty. Right now the tide of support he is gaining for what is blindingly clear, his his hard-line stance on Law and Order. This has resonated with the quiet Americans and in November you will see just how wrong you are about this man and his vision for a better country for all Americans IMO.
  14. That's the way, pick out the white word and play the race card and ignore the reality. Americans are not so stupid, they can see what's happening and which cities are perpetuating the violence. It is nothing other than left wing socialist insurrection that's being supported openly by Democrat mayors and governors in hopes that somehow this helps Biden win the White House. November can not come quickly enough to see what I think will be the loss of so many Democrats from office and the subsequent loss of influence that will open up the floodgates to allow the exposure of their entrenched criminal reign.
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