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Comerfords 340 Sherpas.


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Does anyone know the frame numbering sequence for the 340 Sherpas modified by Comerfords?.

I saw a 340 recently that looked like and was claimed to be a Comerfords bike.

It had the forward top mountings for the rear shocks and the larger s/a mounting plates to take the swinging arm forward to within a few mm of the engine casing but the swinging arm itself was of heavy oval tube and I thought they had rectangular ones made by Whitehawk. Or maybe that was an extra?.

How many 340s were made in total?.

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I've got a 340 too. Always had a soft spot for Bultacos. How do i tell if its been modified? Also dont mean to be thick but what is "plunger and three hole bracket modified" and how can i tell if it has been? The swing arm is sort of rectangular but with rounded edges does that mean its oval? Sorry but i saw a supposed Commerford Bultaco on e bay recently for sale and it was hard to tell but looked very similar to mine just the top mountings for the shocks seemed slightly more forward but didnt know if this was a Commerford mod or someone elses. :D

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Swinging arm spindle to engine bracket, cos the s/a spindle is moved closer to the engine.

Sounds like a standard sw a to me, oval wqhitlock is a proper oval section 531 tube.

The Comerford mod was aflattened tube and a triangular bit brazed in about 40x40x40, then an m10 threaded socket welded on if memory serves me right.

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Many thanks for your info, as soon as I saw your post I phoned to pledge the exchange of 400 drinking vouchers for the bike in question and I'm just home after a very long round trip to pick it up. Apart from the knackered shocks and fork seals and the Dulux paint job it's a cracker.

It is definitely a Comerfords modded bike and from the information in the books and magazines that came with it I reckon it was the 5th last Sherpa ever to be made (Sherpa T - the story, a spanish book, says that 1778 six-speeders were made) and this one is well up in the four hundreds for the serial numbers. It is also pretty certain that OTFs Sherpa is a standard bike, I've seen the swinging arm he mentions, I think it's on the 198B 250cc as well.

I also think that Don Morley in Spanish Trials Bikes might have thrown a red herring in by saying that the Mick Whitlock swinging arms were rectangular, it seems as you say that they were the oval ones, also with the M10 threaded socket welded on like the susp. unit upper mountings.

Thanks again, I'll be in touch for that photo.

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Looks like a standard swinging arm to me, give us a close up of footrest and swinging arm pivot please?

Tank stickers are a bit out but its a well clean bike, neat original seat even has the steering lock on. Suggest you swap the lever perches over stilghtly less painful when it kicks back.

Frame number? 4???

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Hi Nigel

Agree about the tank stickers - forgot that youngest son pranged it and repainted tank, a Ford blue but can't remember the exact colour, he slapped the transfers on the wrong spot - I do have another set though I don


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