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The First Pics Of The New Project


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Gosh, as you can see it's been years since anyone showed interest in my little world of Hodakas. I have been continuing to develop the bike and have recently repainted her in more conservative livery. It has a glossy black frame, redone nice silver plastics, and a red coil and shock spring, plus a red Hodaka emblem on top of the tank. I recently had the pleasure of winning my class, senior advanced or expert support, depending on who is doing the talking. The engine has not fractured it's mounting bosses, and the frame has no cracks after some years of hard use. The skid plate is bent upward a bit, but the bike is running better than ever. I recently switched to 100-1 fuel mixture and the new red coil is an attempt at hotter spark, as the bike has has some plug fouling issues, which can be rather inconvenient in a trial. I was very gratified to jointly (with the guy who drilled all the holes in the cylinder, my Uncle Whitey Hartman of Clarkston Washington) receive the Henry Koepke award for innovation and engineering, at Hodaka days, voted on by the club members. Our names were engraved on the beautiful display trophy at the Athena public library, in Athena Oregon, the birthpolace of Hodaka motorcycles. I also built several other Hodaka specials since this was written including a Saracen Hodaka Hybrid, circa 1970, which has been coming along quite nicely. It is a piston port job, with alloy tank, fenders, (mudgaurds) and it looks like it came from England in the late sixites or so. Love the bike with Rickman hubs and steel rims, dunlop tires and ceriani forks. I won a trial in vintage this summer on four points, but the results did not show it, for political reasons within the club apparently or just apathy. Anyway, I am still on the planet and riding, building bikes when I can, and have a beautiful new wife I aquired in a swap for the still not running Aprilia TXT. Good trade I think! :)

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Hey Jay !!!

Great to here all is well with you :) !

I'm heading to B&J for a weekend event in November and bringing my Fantic fm330 along with me to trial fit a 100cc reedvalve Roadtoad (?) engine to replace the seriously broken 50cc Minarelli unit . So after I get the motor installed in the frame satisfactorily and working correct in it's basic functions ,

I may be in touch with you on what to do to it to make it a trials motor ...

Well I've got to go load up my son's big wheeled ty80 and run up to NC. and swap it for a reflex for his next bike :)

And have you tried a ND iridium plug in the sleek Sherco/Hodaka ? I've yet to find anything better !

Got to go , Great to here from you ,


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Thank you! This is the third paint scheme since it was built. I had to sell my 2013 OSSA 300 factory, and I still had the matching clothes, so... This Hodaka is probably more reliable anyway. I paid about $9000.00 for it, and it soon became an orphan. I thought I would keep it for the rest of my life, but that turned out to be unrealistic. This in now my only modern bike. 

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