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Whats The Best Allround Aircooled Mono?


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I've been thinking about getting myself an aircooled mono to go with my garelli 323, and was wondering what is considered the best allround aircooled mono???

I might do a few mods to whatever i buy like changing the footpeg position if needed.. i bought a 91' TY250r pinky(with a modified cylinder) on the weekend but am wondering should i buy something else instead?

heres a pic of the TY


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Jcm 240 Europa 89 ish, Mid fuel tank well balanced, plenty of power. I keep looking for one myself as I used to ride one years ago, I dont want to pay silly money for a twinshock and air cooled mono is gonna be big soon and prices will go silly like twinshocks!

The next best thing is a Fantic 245 or 305(The orange one) with conventional forks. Forget the aprillia climer etc , too heavy.

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Yes as already posted the TR34 in my personal taste, very handy, good turner and very nice look:


Me on TR34 in 1987:


Very handsome looking bike:


When the bikes will turn 30 they will go up in price, what bothers me most is the parts question's,

otherwise I would have picked up one - again- already :/

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its a tricky one. the pinky is the best all rounder! it was way ahead of its time in the way it was set up and they didnt need to modify them much over the years. parts are still easily avaliable.

the fantic 245 was a great bike i had one just as i came out of schoolboy. great bike. had the usual crankcase break where the swingarm pivot goes through but it won week in week out for me. parts are still avaliable too from bill pye and bob wright.

the tr34 was another good one. in 240 capacity it was easy to ride and would go up almost anything. i'd avoid the 260 though. it always seemed to want to pull out of your hands and was fierce. parts for the beta though are very hard to come by.

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I had two air cooled mono yams, i would say they are the best allround bike but my favourite bike i had was a 247 fantic.

if i was wanting an air cooled bike my heart would say the fantic but my head would say yam 250 mono.

the best bike is a balance between what you like the look of and what you can get the best out of it, thats why i ride my ossa gripper.


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Back in the day I never got on with the Yam. Partially because it was ubiguitous and I didn't want to go with the herd! However I do remember grudgingly admiring how well it steered without tucking. I never got on with the power delivery. There were loads of mods at the time, but I was riding a 241 Fantic and that had a snappy delivery I got to like. The Yams were always a bit too soft for me. I rode both 260 and 240 TR34s and preferred the 260 (I've always got on well with bigger motors, possibly because I learnt on the relatively snappy 241 and ended up with a gentle right wrist). The 245 was a great bike and I loved it, but the TR34 was my favourite. My 241 had a great engine, but the rest of it was nothing like as good as the 245.

I also rode a 327 Gas Gas and thought it very similar to the TR34. Quite rare now though.

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