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Dibs is off to pastures new leaving a gap in the BTC field. If Dougie replaces him who do you think would be the natural choice. Jack Price is probably tied up by GasGas but there is Jack Sheppard who has shown the resilience and determination to continue riding despite a few bad years and has produced some good results at that level. Other prospect include The Peace's, Iwan Roberts and Toby Martin. Anybody else come to mind. Of course Fajardo could run in the BTC as well as the Spanish Championship and WTC but that might be asking a bit much!


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I understand the importance of the BTC but wonder if this is an opportunity for Vertigo to do things differently. Instead of putting all of their eggs in one rider's basket, they could sponsor one or two top line riders in each centre with a deal on a bike (say, loan of bike for a year with payment for results). This would bring the bike directly into the vision of the buying public, who would see it winning in the trials they ride as opposed to the BTC which is a different world for them. That might sell me a bike. Dabill's win in the BTC hasn't.

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Yep, Vertigo need many more dealers around the country to make local top riders change brands.

Like me, I'm sure our local expert riders like to support their local dealers, and If they don't sell Vertigo.. the majority will buy the brand their local dealer can sell and support.

But best of luck to JD with GG in the future.

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British Trials Championship Vs Spanish Trials Championship


Average annual temperature for Leeds UK       15°C or 59°F

Average number of rainy days                          14/month


Average annual temperature Barcelona Spain  24°C or 74°F

Average number of rainy days                            5/month




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