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Bolt behind seat


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Might be the military version Sherpa T with a gun-rack (joke)

They did make a Sherpa T model that had a dual (long) seat. What was your frame number prefix again? I think the dual seat Sherpa T model was prefix 221 and it would have had a seat like a model 212/213 Alpina

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My mod. 159 has it - I think it's a standard fitting for a longer seat. 

My mod. 85 and 92 both have a hole in the underside of the loop (lower side of the tube only) - any thoughts on that, anyone ?

(The 85 also has a vertical hole through the centre of the loop but I suspect that's non-standard)

Seems if the o.p. asked a silly question, there are plenty of people silly enough to answer it ..............!

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lorenzo I just checked a couple of M85s for the hole in the underside of the rear loop and they both had the hole you described.

My thought is that hole in the M85 frame rear loop is for ventilation to avoid problems with internal pressure during the welding process. It looks similar to the holes required for tubular structures to be safely hot-dip galvanised.

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