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Question for TRS riders


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i currently ride a 2013 beta 250, which I love and is the best bike I’ve had, very easy to ride. I’ve saved some penny’s and fancy a new ride and love the look of the TRS bikes. There is no point buying another 250 beta as I might as well just keep mine and I fancy a change. 

What are people’s opinions on what the easiest of the TRS bikes to ride out of the 250, 280 and 300. I’m just a novice rider so don’t need a load of power. I know people will advise to go ride one which I will, but any up front info and options will be great. 


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Have had numerous Betas. Can't fault em. 250 far easier to ride than the so called S/S 300.  Same story with TRS.  250 lovely to ride, does it all. Well built & thought out. Gear it down a tooth at gearbox. Top gear not that high.  RAGA has bling as standard. Can get up stuff I struggle a bit with on the Beta. On a salutory note, Beta Importer customer support pretty good. TRS still developing, but both marques are pretty trouble free.  

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I wanted the 250 - like you I am a long way from Mr Raga.  (I started trials last October).  However they seem to sell in about 30 seconds after being advertised, or are over 4 grand.  As the missus has now hogged the Beta and I needed another bike I bought the 280 RR simply because it was all I could get in budget.  It has the fast throttle and (I assume) is standard (2017 model).  I had eyed up a club member's 250 One for a while as I thought it was a nice bike.  The two bikes are different.

However, after a few weeks of riding it and getting used to it I have to say I have no bother with it.  There is far more power than I need or could ever use but I have never felt it to be something you cannot control.  First attempt at a wheelie and I end up off the back with the bike taking itself for a ride.  You just need to put a bit less throttle in the mix.  You have to pick up your riding skill a bit.  But persevere and it is not so hard.  On the plus side the power and clutch let you place the front wheel anywhere you like with a one finger clutch movement.  That has improved my riding.

Weekend before Easter we had our usual Sunday practice session and the ground was nice and dry and the power made climbs easy.  I also mastered a half meter obstacle that had scared me before - the first time I managed it under control I hit the sump guard (too scared to put enough power on) but by the third attempt I nailed it.  I actually felt that the power was a good thing and it reinforced the view I needed to improve not buy a smaller bike to make up for my lack of skill - the bike isn't the issue, just the rider.  I need to put more time in and work on gaining confidence and balance.

I don't know if this will help you in your choice, but I would say that you should not be put off if you only find the 280 at the right deal for you.  I am happy with my bike and my deal (Lee in Northamptonshire) and I am sure I could sell the bike quickly with only a few hundred loss if I really didn't like it.  However, I am now determined to learn to ride the thing rather than just buy a smaller bike or do all the mods everyone talks about - throttle, flywheel and so on,  I read all the posts on here about the One vs the RR and bought into the RR as the better, but the better shock is wasted on me at my present level.  The Keihin carb and fast throttle are chalk and cheese to the old Rev 3 with Mikuni and slow throttle.  I will replace the Rev for an Evo when I see the right deal but it is very OK for the missus at present (she started with me last October).  With less power you need to pre-compress the forks more to get the lift and I actually find the TRS "easier" to ride in that respect.

I am sure more experienced riders will give you all sorts of opinions, but as very much a newbie and at the start of the learning curve I hope that helps you a little.  I was prepared to sell the TRS if I couldn't get on with it as it was the right price and good condition but I will keep it now for sure.

One "tip" for what it is worth - I have found Shell V Power runs very nicely in it and now use that 80:1 with Putoline TT  pro and use that in both bikes.  (Beta is happy on any super unleaded).

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If you're looking to maximize your results then go for the 250. If you're not bothered as much then either the 250/280. Not sure I've met anyone that needs the 300. Even very good riders I've spoken to have said the 280 is more than enough. I know of one that said the 300 was too powerful. The base model is easier to ride than the RR. 

Personally, I love my 250rr but I'm only a decent novice moving to clubman. I'm a big lump and there's absolutely no lack of power from the 250. I run the slow throttle as the bike is snappy from a closed throttle. 

It does appear that with trials, less is more. 

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as a 230# advance rider currently on a 300RR.... I'd recommend a 250 and would ride a 250 myself if given the choice again .  Until your a champ level needing to drop the clutch under full power the 250 is a better choice IMO.

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