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New repsol won’t start, have spark


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I have a new repsol, 4 hours done on it, thought a little hard to start, few extra kicks,was out on it yesterday  finished up and brought it home washed and cleaned it , now won’t start,I changed spark plug and have a spark,  turn over is turned up ,throttle body connection clean , any ideas what could be up , any help much appreciated 

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The first thing to try is the easiest, reset the ECU (see "Engine start" in text snipped from manual).

Screenshot 2021-02-13 071101.jpg

If it doesn't start in 3-4 kicks after that, the next thing is turn up the idle 1/2 turn CCW with the idle air screw. Doing another ECU reset doesn't hurt. If it starts, you can readjust idle following the manual after running for a while.


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Maybe check a few of the list below? 

  • is the throttle cable tight or snagged in some way? (will cause it to be like cracking the throttle open on starting and not run)
  • Wire to the fuel pump connection issues will prevented a 4RT from starting. (check its all plugged in well)
  • A bad kill switch can cause starting issues.  (disconnect it to check)
  • Some other connector loose? (there are a few to check)
  • Grounding wires can cause issues.

That is a few I can think of worth a look and if I can think of anything else I will chime in on a new post.

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You have all the usual suspects above. Here's a few more simple ones:-

1) Have you made any changes? Simple stuff that may effect connections etc. Like taking the headlight off.... If so retrace

2) How fresh is the fuel?

3) Did the plug you changed come from a reliable source?

4) Give the bank angle sensor a knock, make sure its not stuck.



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