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  1. Tightwads like me would dispute that.
  2. Please see my pm - hopefully of help.
  3. Gearbox: 75/90w Clutch: automatic transmission fluid
  4. Correct. 50:1 is fine for the old Spanish bikes these days.
  5. A bike worth hanging on to. Do you know if it's the original paintwork? If so it's highly unusual - I can't recall any green Bultos being produced.
  6. There's no reason why my opinion is particularly important but I do agree with Trialsrfun. Trying to convert one bike into something it's not rarely ends very satisfactorily. If the original bike is a good example, as yours appears to be, what you end up doing is spending money spoiling a nice bike to get one which doesn't really do what you wanted when you started the project in the first place. I admit that an argument against this is to cite pre 65 trials bikes, which in the day were largely converted road bikes. However as we all know the best of them these days have had everything replaced except maybe the crankcases, to get them to do what people want.
  7. That isn't the original filter set-up, which consists of a roughly egg-shaped alloy casing in two halves, containing a foam filter between two metal screens. There is one on eBay at the moment (from Spain) but priced to set your pants on fire. If you want one of the originals I think I have one which I'd sell for a more reasonable price - pm me to discuss if you like. You definitely wouldn't want the open filter type on a trials bike - the filter needs to be protected from all the snot which gets directed at the engine area.
  8. Ah yes, if the footrests aren't the originals that would explain your difficulty! Actually the originals aren't too good anyway - much too small and smooth compared with modern ones, so if you can make yours work you'll be better off.
  9. Can't do a photo at the moment but from memory the "straighter" end of spring fits through a small hole in the frame bracket, the other through a hole in the underside of the footrest. The footrest bolt fits through the wound circular part of the spring, there should be a small bush to fit over the bolt there, inside the spring. If you don't get sorted let us know and I'll manage a photo tomorrow.
  10. Except in the post that started the thread in the first place...
  11. Please let us know how it goes...
  12. If you google "Sherco set up" then select the Lewisportusa link you'll find all you need. I think you'd find a 9 tooth front sprocket useful in making the bike beginner-friendly, but by all means try it out as it is so you can appreciate the difference. Change one thing at a time.
  13. Simple stuff really, and now you'll know for next time. Rear wheel next?
  14. There's a video on YouTube called 'Gas Gas Wheel Bearing Replacement" which covers how to get the front wheel out - same as on a Beta. Pictures describe it more easily than words.
  15. If I understand correctly, you're trying to detach the disc from the wheel? If so, that's not necessary. You need to unbolt the brake caliper from the fork leg, slide the caliper off the disc then go ahead with removing the wheel spindle, having slackened the pinch bolts. You'll probably have to give the spindle a firm tap to get it moving. I