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  1. Gauntlets!! Last time I saw those on a trials rider they were teamed with the old ankle length storm proof footing coat, excellent for disguising dabs from observers.
  2. For a few, it's wearing gloves that just doesn't seem right. These people have a history going back to the 1970s, when of course Malcolm Rathmell coined the phrase that wearing gloves is like washing your feet with your socks on.
  3. Photo of whole bike would probably be enough to nail down what it is.
  4. That's not possible if it is indeed a 348. The 348 was replaced by the 349 in the Montesa line-up before Honda bought them out.
  5. Yeah, cars only.
  6. trapezeartist is correct. You answered your own question.
  7. Ryan Young no longer involved with EM. I seem to remember something about the Canadian importer taking on North American duties.
  8. Could try J K Hirst Ltd in Bradford, think they specialise in Yamaha trials bits. 01274 480388.
  9. No. As stated, they don't "adapt" because the clutch has always been on the left. Same reason lefties don't need a left hand throttle.
  10. I've never known any lefthanders feel the need to change to a left hand throttle, and would question whether they'd actually gain an advantage. It could be argued that clutch control is a vital element of the fine skills of trials riding, and all the right handers cope with that no problem, just as lefties do with the throttle.
  11. I do agree with the principle that deciding to do a particular activity includes acceptance of the risk to self, to the extent that if I want others to mitigate that risk I'll ask them.
  12. No worries, totty79, trials riders have an innate ability to hop out of the way, even at the last minute. The prompt of "mind yer back" works well.
  13. Only the rules are enforced. And, for clothing, that means only helmets.
  14. If you have enough run-up, concentrate on gathering speed before the climb so that, if anything, you're starting to roll off the throttle as you're going up. Trying to gain momentum while on the slope is much harder.
  15. Works bikes were 450cc at one time, pretty good for motoring round the Scottish I think, less so in the sections. Yes, Richard Sunter rode for them, also Mark Kemp, Jack Galloway and Nigel Birkett. I think all of them were glad to get back onto Spanish bikes when their contracts were terminated.