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  1. Gripper timing

    Yes, the Sherco has electronic ignition but since owning that I moved on to a 280 Scorpa, where it's possible to tweak the timing by moving the backplate. I run it a bit retarded for that soft, sloggy feel to suit old fashioned riding style. I also ride a 247 Cota, the very one I bought new in the 70s. Interestingly the recommended timing figure for that model changed from 4.0 to 2.5 mm btdc at some point in the 1970s, though there were no apparent changes to the bike/motor itself. I've always liked the adjustability and cheap repair options of points systems.
  2. Gripper timing

    Yes, I know. 3.25 is advanced relative to 2.8. We covered that. My question was how advancing the timing would reduce running backwards, when it's over advance that causes it. Advance timing for more pep, retard it for softer response, as copemech says.
  3. Gripper timing

    ...but it's over-advance which induces a motor to run backwards, n'est-ce pas? So how come advancing it reduced such occurrences? Fantics were the most common in catching out their unwary riders in my personal experience. You'd reach the head of a queue, release the clutch and cause mayhem behind.
  4. 4RT Cam shaft seal

    An article by one of my favourite authors on a topic related to your last sentence: www.cycleworld.com/its-obvious-once-you-understand-it
  5. Gripper timing

    I know. Your earlier message suggested the advanced setting (3.25mm. btdc) would give a softer response. It's the retarded setting which would do that. Hence, t'other way round.
  6. Gripper timing

    T'other way round. Advance the timing for more pep.
  7. Airoh Helmet Vents

    www.mrsltd.co.uk have them, could ship to you I'm sure.
  8. What does a Trials trim Tiger Cub weigh?

    If your Cub weighs over 120,kg, or anything like it, transporting it is the least of your worries.
  9. Spares Availability

    Cloburn 180 trials are running a Vertigo open day this Saturday. I had assumed this would be one the test days Vertigo set up from time to time but a phone enquiry revealed it's actually to try to move on their second-hand Vertigo stock, which seems to tie in with other comments in this thread.
  10. Frames geometrical differences...

    I recall from personal experience that steering head angle was not exactly crucial on the first Beamishes, at least, as this was self adjusting as the gusset plates at the steering head buckled. As the dealer would say, "they all do that Sir".
  11. Repurchased Bultaco after 28 years!!

    Good for you. I was reunited with a 247 Cota which I bought new in the 70s after a gap in ownership of 34 years. Makes me feel as if I'm in my twenties again when I ride it. The strange thing is that of 15 trials bikes I've owned, that is the only one I've ever seen again. Where do these bikes go? I guess by now almost all of the pre 65 stuff has been pulled out of barns to be sold at huge prices, but there must be hundreds of Bultos, Montesas and Ossas lying around somewhere. There aren't many in twinshock trials.
  12. Help needed building three Greeves Trials Bikes

    You could try contacting the Yorksbire Classic club, www.yorkshireclassictrials.co.uk, look through their classifieds, post an ad yourself asking for help or ask around at one of the many trials they run. They'll have loads of members with first hand experience of Greeves and other Villiers engines bikes.
  13. Dougies book

    Now available for under a tenner new on eBay uk.
  14. tl250 rear sprocket..

    As another option, it shouldn't be too difficult to source a suitable flat sprocket for a different bike, even if you have to re-drill it to match your bolt spacings, or have one made, and use a spacer between that and the hub. This was standard practice with the Ossa MAR which also used a dished sprocket.
  15. Pro's and cons..........242 v 247/8 cota

    I ride a 247 and find it to be fine for twinshock trials. I haven't ridden a 248 or 242 since they were introduced decades ago but don't think one of those would be any better for me. Big difference is that new and used spares are a lot easier to get hold of for the 247.