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  1. I practice on tyres with cracked sidewalls, using an inner tube. No issues with loss of integrity of the sidewall or from the tyre collapsing, so go for it if you can effect an airtight seal (or use a tube). Would be a shame to bin a near-new tyre.
  2. Thing is that 348s haven't, in my experience, caught on in the current twinshock scene. Good as they were in their day, relatively speaking they're a bit of a tank to ride now. As such, putting money into doing one up to sell for a profit could end painfully.
  3. Would be interested to hear your opinion when you do get a go on one.
  4. You'll need a defter touch than that with your throttle hand when you get into doing trials .
  5. Doesn't Andy Metcalfe's at Guisborougn offer TRS test rides?
  6. He knows the gamekeeper so hasn't got a problem with riding there.
  7. Could we have more of a side view, to show how things are at the moment?
  8. Thanks icon, very interesting.
  9. Well, a bit of a history lesson from memory but I know at least one TC member who'll correct any mistakes: Any other 247 tank/seat units should be interchangeable as the frame didn't change from the original design. Not that you'd want to use a fibreglass unit if you could help it with today's petrol. It's unfortunate that your bike has the fibreglass unit, mine is a '79 bike and has the alloy undertank as standard: no issues with modern fuel. So, until 78/79 247s ran fibreglass tanks. Sammy Miller did an alloy tank seat unit for the 247 back in the day. I don't think the 348 or later units would sit properly on the 247 frame due the different top rail and rear loop which the unit rests on. Fibreglass tanks were banned for road use on new bikes in the UK but the Fantic polypropylene ones were permissible because they were tough enough not to disintegrate in an accident, as were, for example, the plastic tank units on the first TY 250 monoshock Yamahas. I'll wait to be shot down if my facts are wrong...
  10. Definitely no - the 247c came with a black frame only, could be red undercoat/primer as you say but where the paint has worn on mine there's no sign of that, however the impression I have of Spanish quality control at the time is that whatever was handy/cheap/conveniently available from the back of a lorry would get used. Only Monts I know of with non-black frames were, I think, a 349 in the 1980s which had a sort of gunmetal grey finish, red-frame later models in the 80s, and some years of early 247s which had white frames.
  11. Well, it is designed to be ridden at 5mph!
  12. Don't worry, you will. Just give it some time.
  13. Hi again - have checked mine and the clutch arm moves outwards to the same position as yours and starts to engage at the same point also, ie when the arm is level with the joint between the outer cover and the crankcase. I have had mine apart recently to change the gasket and the brass thrust bearing shows no sign of wear and the clutch works fine. So it appears you don't have a problem, thankfully.
  14. I can check mine for comparison tomorrow evening and let you know.
  15. ATF is fine in mine.