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  1. Yes, "crisp" is probably a good description of the noise you'll get. Not at all the quiet and soft tone of a lot of modern bikes.
  2. The make of bike ridden by the winner of a world round, or indeed British championship trial, has zero influence on my buying choice because I don't use a bike to do that sort of thing. I might, however, be influenced by the experience of a rider on the same sections I ride. For example, if a clubman rider turned up on, say, a Vertigo and started getting better results than he did on, let's say, his previous Beta then I'd sit up and take notice, have a chat with him, scrounge a ride on his bike and, possibly, buy one. Or I might decide it wouldn't improve my results any more than a new tyre and a bit more practice would. Either way, what Bou or Dabill are doing wouldn't come into it.
  3. Dan - What engine size is yours? Did you try the other options before deciding on this size?
  4. Surely 1980 at the earliest, probably 1981 as the Mont is a white tank model and is a 200, which Birkett rode towards the end of his Montesa career.
  5. Well, identification of this rider is awkward but contrary to first impressions the photo actually shows some good riding - he's obviously made an all-out attempt to clear the ends cards with his front spindle while keeping his feet glued to the rests.
  6. Some of the thinking behind altering twinshock trials suspension is I think more around raising the rear end as opposed to changing the leverage/moment of the suspension itself, the aim being to achieve the effect of steepening the head angle. Fitting longer units also achieves this.
  7. Yes, yes, yes p!ease do keep posting shots from the 70s. This is an era I can personally relate to and it's great to see shots which haven't appeared before. I have responded to previous posts but certainly not intended any criticism - do keep them coming, the challenge of identifying this rider or that bike is always enjoyable and appreciated.
  8. Nipper Pattinson, Mike Skinner, Rob Edwards and Peter Cartwright (or Chris Myers?) for starters, not sure exactly where.
  9. Definitely 1977 in that case, and the Spanish registration would indeed be correct then, as 2stroke4stroke states.
  10. If it's 1975, then Malcolm's bike would be a prototype so the model year doesn't enter into it. However, the tank shape on his bike suggests 1976 or later as it's the 348 production shape as opposed to the 247 shape which he rode as a prototype in 1975.
  11. A couple of points arise, then: Malcolm Rathmell was still on Bultaco in 1974, didn't move to Montesa until 1975 so the Colonial photos do appear to relate to 1975 at the eraliest. The bike Malcolm is on is the 348, possibly a prototype, which would always have had the clutch operating arm on top of the motor.
  12. From experience of watching (and riding) the SSDT in the 70s and spectating recently, I believe there are few sections remaining of the traditional, straightforward "blast up a rocky path" type which I think Dadof2 means. Most sections now are more brutal, involving launching over huge rocks or up severe waterfalls or steps. You'll still be riding over the traditional going, but between sections rather than in them.
  13. He'd just been given a 5 for riding outside the marker tape on the previous section, resulting in a medium sized tantrum.