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  1. Some of us do.
  2. Tim Slaughter at Midlife Classics in Worcester may be able to help with info.
  3. Try de-glazing the shoes with sandpaper, and tapering the leading edges with a file.
  4. Presumably because he wasn't trying to build a bike representative of a historical period, just making a twinshock which would be reasonably competitive from available parts, which he could ride in modern or twinshock class, where there is no requirement for bike to be of a certain age. Plenty of trials in which it would be eligible in UK, including the Kia championship as already noted.
  5. Tried Richard Allen used trials spares? Inmotion have a Sherpa 175 swinging arm on ebay at the moment.
  6. Not sure where your location is, but in the UK Inmotion trials would be the first port of call for sprockets, cables, seals, brake shoes etc. Ebay throws up secondhand parts pretty regularly (I think forks are same as 348 or 349, which were much more common). What is the actual problem with the internals? A plus point is that it's still got the chain tubes, which tend to be missing on these old Monts. However, the mounting points are prone to wear.
  7. 21M was the prefix for Cota 248 models. 349s used a different prefix.
  8. Yes, 248s were white. Seat has 248, rather than 349, printed on it as a small bit of supporting evidence that it's not a 349.
  9. Montesa Cota 248, circa 1979/80?
  10. For interest, I totted up how many trials it would be feasible to ride within 70/80 miles of home in a twelve month period. Including midweek evening trials run by a few local clubs, it came to 72. Which would be followed by the purchase of a new bike.
  11. Pretty good on a Honda GL1800. What a he-man.
  12. I too can make myself a little coarse. Some cider, deepening my voice and introducing some anglo saxon into my vocabulary usually helps. No breeze blocks required. Seriously though, welcome to the fold.
  13. .
  14. Not so. Kia championship has a class for any twinshock bike regardless of age. I regularly ride trials with a twinshock class where there is no condition on age or origin of the bike, simply being a twinshock qualifies.
  15. In my experience the best bike always seems to be one a rider used to own or the one he is going to buy next. We're driven by rose-tinted memories or blind optimism, rarely by satisfaction with the current state.