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  1. Bill Myers....

    I remember him from my days of riding in South Yorkshire/East Midlands (late seventies), 348 mounted I think. He seemed old enough to be something of a veteran then, could be around 80 now?
  2. Any reason for a beginner not to get a 250 4t?

    I've ridden a Beta 4t and would recommend it for a beginner from a riding point of view, perhaps less so from the perspective of maintenance as, for example, removing the carb for routine cleaning out is a more complex task, then of course there's valves to keep adjusted. I ended up buying a Beta 125 for the simplicity and easy maintenance of a two stroke.
  3. Comerfords Tiger Cub

    There is a picture of a genuine Comerfords Cub in the Gordon Farley article on the Trials Guru website (go to 'G" n the index section).
  4. Cota 247

    Suitable modern type footrests for the Cota are made by Raceline. I got mine from Motomerlin, just needed a touch of modification with a grinder to get them sitting horizontally or just above.
  5. Cota 247

    Hmm, that looks like a 247 mid-section silencer with tailpipe which has somehow been grafted on to the original exhaust the wrong way up, then garnished with a cheap tin heat shield.
  6. Cota 247

    Small front hub, bulbous tank: I'd guess a Mark 4b, about 1972.
  7. Riding Land

    Yes, planning permission would be important to ascertain. It would need to be cheap to buy if I were you - the trials practice potential of a railway embankent on its own might be fully exploited in what, a matter of minutes?
  8. Beta 125 evo any good?

    I moved to a 125 Evo last month, having been on a Scorpa SR280 for the last three/four years. I don't feel I've traded away any advantages. I find I can ride any section in first or second, the motor feels to have a good "range". Third is perfectly usable given enough space. Feeling my way round tight turns is easier than on the bigger bike. I can also whack the throttle open at the bottom of a steep bank, knowing I can reach the top without risking over-doing it as on a bigger bike - good for the confidence. I don't think of it as a 125, just a trials bike with certain advantages. The type of bike which teaches you that the marks you lose are mostly due to lack of precision, not power. Another way of thinking about this is that I ride sections which are broadly similar to those at the harder end of pre 65 trials. All of those trials are won by Cubs or Bantams, hardly bikes with bucket loads of power, cos you don't need that.
  9. Ty 175 to pump or not to pump

    In my experience a TY175 throttle will snap shut if the pump is retained. If yours doesn't it's probably that the cable is past its best even if cleaned and lubed. Of course, most remaining TYs now run on two stroke mix but I kept mine with oil pump intact as I liked the convenience of not mixing fuel and the fact that the oil feed was correctly metered at all times.
  10. Montesa Cota 247 kickstart spring

    You do mean 11 o'clock, not 1 o'clock? The position in keychange's photo looks correct and wouldn't damage the casing
  11. Montesa Cota 247 kickstart spring

    How I attach my spring: Fit spring into notch on kickstart lever. Insert straight end of spring into hole in flywheel cover. Rotate kickstart to correct angle (only about 45 degrees counter clockwise) Push kickstart on to splines and tighten pinch bolt.
  12. The observer would need to have gone home to have missed those fives.
  13. No surprise to see he was brought up to keep riding a section as if nothing has happened despite fiving it multiple times.
  14. Another land access issue

    Yes, not surprising and most of us know of continuing activities which do us no favours. The question is whether the ACU/AMCA have been invited to participate in the government consultation, and what specific points will be submitted on behalf of the sport.