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  1. Thanks very much for that and please thank your mate for me. Always difficult to compare severity I know but we are 'bordering on ok' novice riders I guess, so don't want to go all that way just to be way out of our depth. They are saying there will be 4 classes.... In the proof can join the following categories: Youth, Cadet, Junior, Senior, Masters A, Masters B and Classics. The DIFFICULTY LEVELS will test: *
  2. Thanks very much for that Chewy.... I can imagine the views were pretty spectacular! I think it was that video that got me started on riding there. I've ridden my road bike through the area before, but depending on the severity of the trial, would love to enter. Any ideas on the levels compared with here? Jon
  3. Has anyone any experience of this trial? Levels of difficulty etc.... Thanks very much Jon
  4. I'd be interested in any details on any of the French multi day trials, if any one has any info? Chewy, tried to pm you, but I guess your inbox is full? Merry Xmas all!
  5. If it isn't I'm sure Mike would be able to supply you.... assuming it's multi-region of course.
  6. Agree with that, watching it at the moment, very well done and I think in combination with the first Ryan Young one you'll have most of the basics covered.
  7. Motomerlin, of this parish, supplies it.
  8. Understood and will try to apply this weekend, thanks.
  9. Just back from a week or so in France on the road bike (missing the Cahors trial by 2 days) and now planning the next visit(s). Can anyone give me info on competing over there and/or how to find legal areas to ride if we were to stop for a week's holiday? Thanks
  10. Had the chance to practice over the weekend and whilst it's nowhere near perfect, it's getting better..... Slow and steady works well and I found leaning the bike in with my weight back and to the outside as I turned up had the front end light enough. At times floating, perhaps too much, but floating none the less. As soon as the turn is ending getting weight back, central and feel for the front rising. At the same time slip the clutch..... Almost sitting over the back wheel with my chest low.... Certainly needs more practice, but it's an improvement. Thanks everyone!
  11. Just a quick summing up of my experience.... Bought an 03 bike from a dealer for
  12. Thanks guys..... So the general opinion is lean the bike into the camber? I have to say I can see the advantage of leaning it the other way (away from the slope) if you are just crossing a slope, but when it comes to a turn I get lost! I've watched the Ryan Young DVD and he does cover a downhill off camber turn, but if I recall he uses the front brake to dig the edge of the tyre into the slope and then slips the clutch until he's coming out of the turn.... Turning and slipping, sliding or whatever doesn't worry me, it's just frustrating when you try different approaches and it still results in a dab! I suppose there always has to be one thing that you have to have a block on though..... Appreciate the replies......keep them coming?
  13. I'm pretty much still a wobbler, but learning fast(ish) but I'm struggling with cambers followed by an uphill turn. A riding friend says lean the bike away from the slope and bend your knee and elbow into the slope, thereby making the tyre flat to the surface.... Schreibers excellent book suggests leaning the bike into the slope..... What's the correct technique for the camber and what am I doing wrong when it comes to turning to go up? Each time my front just pushes or slips down and across the slope as I'm turning.
  14. Hi Kev I have a similar problem, too much footy when I was younger means I look like Wayne Sleep on a trials bike (probably ride as well as he does too) The Jitsie's are the loosest I found but as has been said, feel as though they would be too hot for summer. Apparently the Hebo Alpino are loose fitting too, but I've been told that they aren't being brought into the country. Some folk use MX pants, but the knees tend to be huge and give you that vaguely cossack look..... I've ended up with a pair of On&Off that I am having altered. About time someone realised we aren't all built like whippets...
  15. Hi Smiffy, whereabouts in France are you?