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  1. dadof2 - as I said it was several years ago - I have a 76 Cota 247 I am pretty sure it was ATF - I currently use Castrol EPX 80W90 and apart from jumping out of first it is otherwise excellent
  2. That is not my experience - when I went to lighter oil the gears were terrible - it was several years ago and I can't remember the exact issue but I didn't stay with the lighter oil as the bike was barely rideable.
  3. Yep you do learn to double check before launching up a steep bank ... some oils appear to make it better or worse. Mine mainly jumps out of first and occasionally when going into second. No issue with the other gears.
  4. Yep my 247 was terrible with ATF - just a nice 10/40 works so much better.
  5. Persevere and you will get so used to it you won't even think about it
  6. Hasn't happened with my Monty but did happen on an old Yammie AG175 I restored for a charity ride. Stopped to open a gate - kicker her over slipped her into gear and woooo backwards
  7. Lots of twinshock riders will tell you not to bother with the clutch - these old piston port engines can be almost running backwards
  8. I had similar issues years ago took me 3 months to fix - revs would climb and she would run lean and get hot then impossible to restart. After checking all else it was the timing so check your timing - it is critical. 21 degrees over flywheel. I gad tried setting the timing countless times with light etc - eventually just printed out a timing disc and set it with that ...fixed! As feetup says it could be air leak but it sounds very similar to my issue. As for other common things to get wrong - check your plug gap as the Monty spark is not strong and the gap is small so has to be on spec manual says 0,4mm - not a bad idea to change the condensor ( just cut wire on old one and fit new one under the tank metal on metal). right side engine seal if you have a non spec muffler - get a new replica one it made heaps of difference to my performance
  9. not sure about older models but I know my 76 model is not to be messed with ...I do have a spare shaft locked away in my safe
  10. Not that high
  11. I fitted and easy pull adapter on mine and it does reduce the pressure. One other consideration for you is the kick start gearing is very high ...the shaft is almost unobtainable - you can reduce the stress and wear in this with a simple compression release. Not sure about the 72 but mine has two spark fittings I use the top one for the decompressor.
  12. Looks like a pretty easy job to tidy it up ...I have three bodies - trail, trial as per yours and this more dual purpose body . Most of the time I leave the trials. tank on as it is pretty knocked about and I don't have to worry about it
  13. When I first got mine about 8 years ago it was more of a hate - hate relationship, I was tempted to torch it. But I came to understand her and her little ways so that once I got her sorted she has been uber-reliable ever since - the sheared woodruff key but not much else. Buy yourself the correct flywheel screwin extractor, you are going to need it
  14. Yep the pusher pad (thimble) comes in various lengths --- if you can find them. Be sure not to adjust this so that the pusher is engaged as it will wear out very quickly
  15. Would help to know which model Montesa ... and year would be a help as the older ones changed a lot.