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  1. not sure about older models but I know my 76 model is not to be messed with ...I do have a spare shaft locked away in my safe
  2. I fitted and easy pull adapter on mine and it does reduce the pressure. One other consideration for you is the kick start gearing is very high ...the shaft is almost unobtainable - you can reduce the stress and wear in this with a simple compression release. Not sure about the 72 but mine has two spark fittings I use the top one for the decompressor.
  3. Looks like a pretty easy job to tidy it up ...I have three bodies - trail, trial as per yours and this more dual purpose body . Most of the time I leave the trials. tank on as it is pretty knocked about and I don't have to worry about it
  4. When I first got mine about 8 years ago it was more of a hate - hate relationship, I was tempted to torch it. But I came to understand her and her little ways so that once I got her sorted she has been uber-reliable ever since - the sheared woodruff key but not much else. Buy yourself the correct flywheel screwin extractor, you are going to need it
  5. Yep the pusher pad (thimble) comes in various lengths --- if you can find them. Be sure not to adjust this so that the pusher is engaged as it will wear out very quickly
  6. Would help to know which model Montesa ... and year would be a help as the older ones changed a lot.
  7. Samwisemcg that is the correct part - it does come in several lengths so may be wise to get a couple. No you cannot kick start in gear when you engage the clutch the engine does not turn with the kick start. Best not to forget as a false kick on mine by my son broke the kick start return spring
  8. Yes I suppose many guitar strings are quite stiff - I use a very fine soft brand of guitar strings ( Thomastik ) and so not a problem but certainly you want to be sure that the string is smaller than the jet. They are available in .011 .010 and .009 . I always carry a 6 inch length of .010 in my kit just in case - as it is useful for unblocking all sorts of orifices As for the sticking slide - this is very common with Amal carbies and almost always due to being over-tightened - the quality of the aluminium is pretty ordinary and so really too soft for the job. But as long as you know and work within the limits then the Amal does a great job. My 247 goes like the clappers/
  9. Firstly make sure that your carbie isn't simply over-tightened. Back of the bolts so that they are just done not over-done and see if the slide is working smoothly. Otherwise remove the carbie and get a sheet of glass ( I pull the pane out of my shed window ) place a sheet of say 600 wet and dry on the glass leave it dry to begin with and rub the face of the carbie in circular motion over the wet and dry for say 20 seconds. Then have a look at the surface of the carbie face and if it is deformed you will see clearly that patches ( usually around the bolt holes) have been scuffed by the wet and dry and the rest is untouched. Now continue with smooth circular action on the wet and dry until you can see that the entire surface is making contact with the wet and dry and you should now have a flat surface. Then make sure you don't bugger it by over-tightening again
  10. no not really
  11. gently move the kick start until it gets to top dead centre ie:becomes very hard - then give the compression lever a squeeze and take it just past TDC then release the lever and kick normally. Once you get the hang of it - it becomes part of a natural kicking action.
  12. You have over-tightened the carbie - that causes the slide to jam and can deform the carbie and cause air intake. Back off to just tight and see how that goes. If carbie is deformed it is easy fixed - just ask. Almost certainly a blocked pilot jet - guitar strings are good for removing stubborn blockages. Make sure your plug is good and the gap is not too large ie: standard plug setting is too large gap should be 0.4 mm Suggest you get a decompression valve before you bugger the kick start gears which are unobtainable. My Cota took me months to figure out but now that I know the beast it is a terrific and reliable old mount so stick with and don't be scared to ask as there is no such thing as a silly question just impatient responses
  13. I have backed the compression release right off and that appears to have fixed it - not sure why and I haven't had time to do a full test but has started from cold twice now without a kickback.
  14. Still hard to start and kicking back, sometimes on every kick. I am worried as I know the starter gear on these is not too strong. If CDI wouldn't I expect some other symptoms - engine runs fine apart from this issue.