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  1. Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    I agree. I also have 2 jigsaw puzzles in the shop, a 247 Montesa and a TY175 just begging for attention. Too many other running projects get priority, unfortunately.
  2. Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    You don't have it assembled yet Zip?
  3. RTL Registry

    Then there may be 2 chaps in SoCal that have multiple RTLs.
  4. RTL Registry

    Would these be the ones I have heard of in various stages of assembly?
  5. Should I buy a 1986 Honda TLR200 that won't start?

    Judging solely on the other models listed on that table that were not available here in the U.S., I'd say it's the Euro-spec more Trials-ready TLR. I would look in my US spec Reflex TLR service manual, but it went to the new owner along with the bike when I traded it for a 348 Montesa. Folks have a love-hate relationship with Reflexes. While they can be modded to be competitive, they still are not as good a Trials bike as genuine Trials bikes were in the mid-'80's. This is because they were not Trials bikes in the first place they were trail bikes styled like Trials bikes, pure and simple. I built one out of 3 piles of junk (literally), rode it for a few years, and parked it for 4 years. All chronicled here (don't flame me Andy, it has posts from He Who Shall Not Be Named) - https://advrider.com/index.php?threads/fun-with-outright-junk.562129/ Do I miss it? Well, it was the bike of choice for running the coyote around the property. Otherwise, no. I really do believe that you will be much happier starting out with a gennie Trials bike rather than a "tribute". Good luck, and let us know what you find.
  6. Well....he didn't want it broke. 'S why he had the repair done. In fact, mine needs it also.
  7. Yeah, pic taken my my blood-brother NMTrailboss. It's his '05 4RT in the photo. It's the pic I was referring to, on my old phone unfortunately. I was standing right there drinking a beer when the pic was snapped.
  8. That pic looks amazingly familiar...
  9. Should I buy a 1986 Honda TLR200 that won't start?

    Wrong. The UK spec TLR had a Trials ratio gearbox, the US spec Reflex had a trail ratio gearbox for twiddling down the trail looking at the birdies (among other differences). Could you ride one in Trials? Sure, I did years ago. Is it capable? At a lower club level, sure. Is it a good beginner bike to get your feet wet in Trials? Ah, no. Many, MANY other bikes make much better beginner bikes for your $1000.
  10. Breakage like that is not unheard of on 4RTs with lots of hours and lots of.....use. It is HIGHLY recommended that the OE footpeg hangers are always used, as they absorb a lot of the "hit", while the blingy aftermarket peg hangers transfer the "hit" into the frame. 2 early 4RTs here have been welded/reinforced by an aerospace welder up in Albuquerque, and the quality of the repair is impressive. I'll see if I can find the pics and post them later.
  11. Should I buy a 1986 Honda TLR200 that won't start?

    $1000 is rich for a running Reflex, no matter what the Craigslist/Fleabay dreamers think. A non-running Reflex is worth considerably less. If you truly wish to dabble in Trials, buy a Trials bike, not a Trials-styled trail bike. I recently picked up a really decent RUNNING 1989 Fantic 305 for a whopping $600 out of your end of the country. The Fantic is a 100 times better Trials bike than any Reflex that Honda ever barfed up, and it competed a week after I got it. The deals are out there.
  12. MAJESTY questions

    Some made their way into the States. I got a chance to parking lot ride a 175 Majesty a few years ago. Nifty and different (especially here), but I didn't ride it enough to compare it to anything. They'll pop up on Fleabay and Craig's from time to time.
  13. 1985 RTL 250s Front Fork Seal Replacement

    Just looked at their site. Fig. 7-1 is the guide bushing. Fig. 10 is the oil lock that fits over the lower end of the damper rod. I guess I'm not seeing what other bushing you are talking about. If that bike gets to be a pain to work on or find parts for (especially in North America), you can always send it down here. I'd be happy to help out. Of course you may not get it back.......
  14. 1985 RTL 250s Front Fork Seal Replacement

    +1 on what Malky0020 said. The seals are not a drop-in fit, either. You'll need an appropriately-sized seal driver to install them.
  15. Show Us Your Montesa!

    Sweet!! The others - Left to right, '05 4RT, '02 315R, '94 314R, '86 304, '77 247 (in boxes), and a '72 25. Not shown are the TY Yamahas and the 305 Fantic.