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  1. Thread Deleted/Dissipated?

    I remember reading the thread, so It wasn't a preview. It's a mystery, Scooby!
  2. Montesa 315R Clutch Problems

    315Rs are notorious for "cold sticking". The Calvin Klein-priced Elf oil helps, but the best fix I ever ran across was replacing the solid steels with dimpled ones. Also makes the clutch action more progressive.
  3. Sounds like a lot of fun!
  4. I've Just Bought a Fantic!

    Nice Robbie! Pulled-back bars and dropped levers say it was beat on by a go-fast guy. Looking forward to seeing what you do to that scoot.
  5. ?:1

    Avgas/Motul 800 at 60:1 in my TY80s and my 305.
  6. TY 175 rebuild

    If the slide isn't completely worn out, that is. Not an uncommon problem out here in the wild, wild west, but YMMV.
  7. I've Just Bought a Fantic!

    Well well, a Fantic just joined my Montesa collection yesterday!
  8. 1990 TLM 260

    Fairly rare here in the States. One of our Mountain West Vintage Trials club members has one, but doesn't compete on it much anymore due to fears over parts scarcity. Where is it located, and what kind of shape is it in?
  9. 1993 Fantic KeyRoo 212 - Help?

    Glad to see that waif of a Fantic in good hands. I had put the ad up over on ADVs Trials forum, that's how I recognized it. If it weren't so far away, I'd buy the 2 YSR50s that the seller had also. Link to the ADV post, look halfway down the page - http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/craigslist-trials-finds.817109/page-44
  10. 1993 Fantic KeyRoo 212 - Help?

    No sir, I don't own a WB Fantic. That one was for sale up in your neck of the woods, just wanted to know if you were the one that snapped it up. Can't tell by the blurry pics, but it does appear to have a cable clutch.
  11. 1993 Fantic KeyRoo 212 - Help?

    This one?
  12. Build TY350 Mono as TY250 ?

    Chris Johnson is on the ADV Trials forums as Motobene. Good guy, very knowledgeable, and fun to drink beer with. http://advrider.com/index.php?forums/trials.73/
  13. 250 B carb

    Awesome link! Methinks I'll try an OKO on my newly arrived 304 Montesa.
  14. Montesa 315r keeps wetting spark plug???

    If you left the petcock open for any period of time (especially if you transported it), I'll 3rd Line's diagnosis. It is a pain, but the petcock gets turned off on my 315 anytime it's transported or stored between events. For that matter, the petcock gets turned off on all of my carburated motorcycles for transport and storage. I really don't enjoy fuel-filled engines. Remove the fuel tank, remove the spark plug, kill switch activated to prevent current getting to the coil, kick until premix stops blowing out of the spark plug hole (may want to lay a towel over the hole to prevent premix from covering you and the bike). When little to no more premix comes out during kicking, wipe off all the premix you can find ,replace plug and tank, point the exhaust towards and open area (or something you don't like such as the neighbor's cat), and start it up. Run it until she's nice, hot, and clear. Shut off the petcock during storage and transport, cuss at it when turning it back on, ride and have fun!
  15. Montesa 348 vs Bultaco

    I would, but I'm really not that smart.