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  1. Yup, a 315R Montesa. Also answered on your post on ADV.
  2. Shame you missed the Mountain West final in Roswell. You would have had a blast. We had riders from NM, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, and Montana show up for it.
  3. Very cool! Nice to see 2 of our kids in there!
  4. Revived this thread because I thought the footpeg mods were pretty tidy!
  5. I'll look into that, thanks! I just learned of a guy that does custom oil tanks for Harley choppers from a buddy in Roswell. I may talk to him and see if he would be willing to fab up a tank, then mod mine to fit over it.
  6. Rather curious about this myself, since I have a 247 project in the shop. Not to sound like a dummy (although I'm rather good at it), but who is Richard Allen, and how does one get a hold of him?
  7. Or better yet, remove the pump and tank assembly altogether. There are several places where you can source a block off plate for the pump, then cap off the oil injection inlet on the intake manifold. Those pumps blew oil in at something like a 30:1 ratio (when they worked) which is way too much for modern oils. League bikes premix 60:1 with no problems, and even that is still pretty goopy. Congrats on your score, have fun with it. We have fun with ours!
  8. I don't think Dennis has any more. I believe I bought the last piston/ring kit he had, but conformation is a phone call away.
  9. If the resto gets to be too daunting, you can always ship the bits out here to the wild, wild west! Funny how no one ever seems to fall for that...
  10. Very pretty!!
  11. +1 on this advice.
  12. Well, it does say 349 on the side plastic. Have fun with it if you get it.
  13. Bummer you won't be moving to the wild, wild west. Have fun in the mild, mild west (that will get me in trouble!! ). Good luck moving. I moved a mere 230 miles away last year, and it was a major pain with all the vehicles, tools, equipment, and house stuff I have. Things are settling down, although I now bring home stuff like this instead of cool Trials bike projects - Keep us updated on your progress, and give us a shout if you come through New Mexico. We may host a little ride if you have time.
  14. Next event flyer on post #2. Roswell, baby!!
  15. Funny you should say that. We had a great time again this weekend, this time at Lake Mackenzie, Texas. Once again we "stole another one", weather-wise. Start with group setting on Saturday - Competition on Sunday!! I mostly got pics of my riding group, but here they are - Awesome time, everyone!