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  1. Before and After COTA 349

    Very nice! Not a bad resto for a bus driver!
  2. 1st post

    I knew I had seen it somewhere - nif https://picclick.co.uk/Montesa-Cota-315r-232880746100.html Damn nifty, but I think it's a custom build. Still makes me drool, though!
  3. Show Us Your Montesa!

    Another joined the Scuderia on Sunday. An early '97, abused, neglected, butchered, and abandon in a shed in Santa Fe - I was told it runs. We'll see....
  4. fuel oil mix ty 80

    Yeah, that someone was me. 60:1 Motul 800/100LL AvGas has kept our TY80s alive (and happy) for many years now in many, many competitions. No failures, no problems, no DNFs. Others have run 60:1 with junk pump gas also, No issues. But hey, do what you want.
  5. yamaha ty 80 general questions.

    Greeting from The League - We've been running 60:1/AvGas mix for several years now, with no problems. Our bikes are modified yes, but mostly chassis mods to haul around our beer-drinking a$$es (bar risers, tall bars, relocated pegs, etc). All the mods are documented on the ADV link that Line has posted above. 9 years of competition and we've never broken a frame, cracked a frame, or had to replace a clutch. These are amazingly tough little bikes and we've ridden competitions from 200ft. elevation to over 9,000ft. In fact, two of us are headed up to Wyoming this weekend to compete in a Vintage event that is being run concurrent with the Mosteller Cup. I'll post pics afterward. If we can't break them, I doubt you will. Our most famous shot with one of our youngest heros aboard -
  6. New to this Forum

    Welcome, baurespdx! Got any more classics?
  7. 70's cota 123 into later cota 200 frame

    Pure sexiness. This one is for a Beamish, posted in that forum - I try not to see if they have neat stuff for 247s and 348s....
  8. 1st post

    I've yet to pick it up. Heck, I haven't even seen it yet. I'm told not to expect much..... Pics will be posted when I pick up this beaut.
  9. 70's cota 123 into later cota 200 frame

    Not trying to spend your money for you, but did you try AJG and see if they can help you out? Google "AJG Twinshock" and you'll find 'em on FaceTube (whatever), as the link evidently isn't allowed here. Trick stuff there....
  10. 1st post

    I've seen them (in pictures), but not for a few years though. Your best bet would be Banyers - https://jbanyeres.com/en/54-montesa-cota-315r Luck in your search, let us know if you are successful. I just bought a rathole '97 this past weekend that's just dying to be overhauled/tricked out.
  11. Honda TL250 trails questions (1976)

    Honda used hardened seats back then, no worries.
  12. stupidity prize?

    Yeah, I know of a rider that has done that same thing...
  13. Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    I agree. I also have 2 jigsaw puzzles in the shop, a 247 Montesa and a TY175 just begging for attention. Too many other running projects get priority, unfortunately.
  14. Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    You don't have it assembled yet Zip?
  15. RTL Registry

    Then there may be 2 chaps in SoCal that have multiple RTLs.