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  1. Very pretty!!
  2. +1 on this advice.
  3. Well, it does say 349 on the side plastic. Have fun with it if you get it.
  4. Bummer you won't be moving to the wild, wild west. Have fun in the mild, mild west (that will get me in trouble!! ). Good luck moving. I moved a mere 230 miles away last year, and it was a major pain with all the vehicles, tools, equipment, and house stuff I have. Things are settling down, although I now bring home stuff like this instead of cool Trials bike projects - Keep us updated on your progress, and give us a shout if you come through New Mexico. We may host a little ride if you have time.
  5. Next event flyer on post #2. Roswell, baby!!
  6. Funny you should say that. We had a great time again this weekend, this time at Lake Mackenzie, Texas. Once again we "stole another one", weather-wise. Start with group setting on Saturday - Competition on Sunday!! I mostly got pics of my riding group, but here they are - Awesome time, everyone!
  7. Sorry this is late, but pics from our first event. Camp on Friday afternoon - Group setting on Saturday - We are in Texas, so what do we refresh ourselves with? Reminders on the loop by section 8 - Sections done, signup Saturday evening and Sunday morning - The competitors for the very first ever High Plains Trials Association event! Riding (some stolen from Grizzz) - Spectators - Great time had by all at the inaugural Hair of the Dog Classic!
  8. Never heard of them, but looks like a top-notch shop. Go for it, live in sin, and let us know when you get here. There will be a cold beer waiting for you at the campfire.
  9. Wild. Wild. West. Just sayin'..
  10. Pics brother, pics!
  11. You would of course have to come down and ride with us as well, you know. And us as well - Bob and Tony have already sent MWVTA and RMTA links to you. Yes, Trials is very alive and well here in the wild, wild, west. Oh wait, don't forget about our friends to the north - C'mon, make the jump and ride with us!
  12. +1 on Ginder's (B&J racing). That's where OJ's skidplate came from. Good group of guys, we rode with them at the ITSA National in Sipapu last year.
  13. My, my, my, a reference to my old hulk OJ in Trials central. I may have to dig that heap out of the back of the shop and clean it up, maybe even start it. Or not. Have fun with your build, and don't overthink the mods just yet. I would say that a good skidplate and peg relocation should be the first mods done, gearing second. Learn the basics of riding Trials first, (practice with Trials riders, compete, repeat) then worry about modifying the bike to suit your riding style.
  14. And I thought 'Murica was bad about this type of nonsensical legislation. Wow. Good luck, brothers, fight this! Slovenian farm worker falling off a ladder that was hit by a tractor. Geebus....
  15. Russians hacking the vote, Clintons crying for a recount, whatever. Trust me, Trump certainly was not my choice, but the electoral college elected him. Russians hacking the system? Okay, sure. Clintons go home, you lost. And stay there, we are sick of your BS. That's how we feel here in the wild, wild west.