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  1. And I thought 'Murica was bad about this type of nonsensical legislation. Wow. Good luck, brothers, fight this! Slovenian farm worker falling off a ladder that was hit by a tractor. Geebus....
  2. Russians hacking the vote, Clintons crying for a recount, whatever. Trust me, Trump certainly was not my choice, but the electoral college elected him. Russians hacking the system? Okay, sure. Clintons go home, you lost. And stay there, we are sick of your BS. That's how we feel here in the wild, wild west.
  3. Why thank you. That's the way we dress here in the wild, wild west. At least when we pose for t-shirt sales anyway. A lot of us out here would kill to have an event a mere 30 miles away. The closest event site to me is 65 miles away near Roswell (yes, that Roswell ) 5 classes are nothing. In my home club of NMTA, we have 4 in the am, and 5 in the pm. 5 total is a relief.
  4. Thanks! If you find yourself in Amarillo on December 31st, come ride with us!
  5. Awesome! It's shaping up to be a party! Flyer added to post #2.
  6. Our very first Trial ever will be held near Turkey, Texas on January the 1st. In honor of this momentous event, we have decided to call it the Hair of the Dog Classic. Flyer!!
  7. Hello all. New club is starting up here in the wild, wild west. This is the announcement that I posted on ADV a couple of months back when the club was formalized - I am proud to announce the formation of a new Trials club, the High Plains Trials Association. Serving Eastern New Mexico, the Texas Panhandle, western Oklahoma and south Kansas, the club was formed to offer Trials riders in these areas an opportunity to ride and compete somewhere closer than northern New Mexico, south-central Texas, or points further. The first two posts here will always be updated with club info, event results, and whatever fun we come up with. We also have T-shirts available. Gots to financially jump-start the club somehow. See the Facebook site or visit DSquared Trials - Don't miss out on these limited edition CRAPOLA shirts! Don't forget stickers when you get your shirts! The schedule is being hacked out to avoid conflicts with the other area clubs that we are all members of. Check us out, contact us here or on FaceTube (whatever), Come join the fun!
  8. Hmm, I would view oil changes on your 4RT just like New Mexico politics - For success, do it early and often! Line is right, clean oil changes lead to more smiles than roofing-tar oil changes. These things only hold a mouthful of oil anyway so set yourself up for success, rather than.... Just sayin'....
  9. Are you kidding? Yes, Honda does the engineering and manufacturing of the 4RT, they have since the 314R days.
  10. The forks and brakes on the Standard model are "shared" components with other manufacturers, along with some wheel/hub components. The rest is Honda/HRC. Honda owns Montesa, has for decades.
  11. As promised. Crude but effective -
  12. Currently 5 in competition with the Mountain West. 3 bikes run fork braces (home made), two fairly stock ones and the big boy that my buddy built with a DT100 front end. I'll post pics later when I get home from work. "Nutters from New Mexico"...
  13. No worries, glad I could help.
  14. The 314R was the first "official" HRC Montesa, only produced for a couple of years. The 315R was the outgrowth of that program, and had much success. "Later" 315R wheels were similar to the 4RT wheels, but the hubs were different. I can't speak for early 315Rs, but my '99 315R wheel assemblies are different from what you have posted pics of. My '99 315R - My '95 314R - If the PO advertised yours as "4RT wheels", then he needs to have his ass kicked. They may fit on a 4RT, but they were never used on 'em.