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  1. Ha!! I like it!!
  2. Uhhh...I'll take the nickel and go on the section trail, thanks.
  3. This is on the Trials thread on ADV as well. The Orange Kool-Aid drinkers are all agog over it, some even saying that a Katoom Trialer would increase interest in the sport "by 50%". Yeah, okay. Evidently there is a prototype (the one in the pic posted earlier is not it), but no guarantees that KTM will move forward with it. We'll see.
  4. They weren't. This one had been hootched up sometime in it's life with a nickel plated frame and swingarm, the Renthal plate, MX shocks, mystery bars, etc. The frame wasn't prepped correctly for the nickel plating, resulting in a shabby crepe finish and corroding when it was left outside for years beside one of the previous owner's house. The swingarm still looks good, but the frame needs to be redone. What the heck, it'll be one of the nicest looking users I've ever assembled. BTW, yours is coming along nicely!
  5. As threatened, pics of the Renthal plate - The bottom rails on my 247 show lots of rock scarring as well (big shock). I'll most likely just run this period-correct plate on the bike, unless I really get jazzed up about modding it. For now, footpeg mods and having the frame re-nickled are the starting points to reassembly.
  6. I was under the impression that the frame had been modified for the plate. I scabbed the pics to get a guide on the footpeg mod. Wobbler doesn't seem to post anymore, and has not responded to my PM last October inquiring about the bike. Heck, one of my teammates (heavily) modified a TY80 frame to accept a DT100 engine, and did a similar mod to the lower frame for his bashplate.
  7. My 247 came with a Renthal plate that bolted below the engine on top of the lower rails. Let me see if I can post a pic with the phone, since Photobucket is holding all my old pics hostage. Of course there is the super sano plate/frame mods on Wobbler's 247.
  8. Yeah, I remember seeing it. I thought it was pretty cool at the time. When I asked the guys I knew in Torrance at the time about it, the reply was always something along the lines of "Yeah, Honda has thousands of patents that are engineering exercises". Neither put much faith into Honda manufacturing another 2-stroke but said "stranger things have happened". It was one of them that gave me the Yeti delivering pizza reference that I, used.
  9. Don't count on it. Honda has always been a 4-stroke company. Old man Honda HATED 2-strokes, and started phasing out 2-strokes in everything they make decades ago. I don't think Honda even produces a 2-stroke Lawn and Garden engine anymore, all replaced by the smaller, not as bulky 4-stroke technology they developed in the '90's (the basis for the CRF and 4RT engines). I believe you will have a better chance of a Yeti delivering a pizza to your house than Honda making another 2-stroke Trials engine.
  10. Always fun to discover your new purchase was once owned by a butcher, and even more fun reversing the damage done by said butcher. Got my fingers crossed that you have discovered the worst of it.
  11. I keep hoping to find a TZ750 Yamaha under my tree (mysteriously hasn't happened yet), but the Montesas and Montesa bits that appeared over the years have always been a joy. This year I added Fantic to my Santa list (no idea why). Happy Holidays, everyone!
  12. Congrats! Got a pic of your new beauty?
  13. Good plan, hit it after the holidays with a clearer head. You'll get it, I'm sure. Welcome to vintage bike ownership. If it were easy, everyone would do it.
  14. We get it, no worries.
  15. I'd like to see the ad. Post or PM, doesn't matter to me. I'm not afraid of a road trip - New York is a bit far, though.