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  1. Remove or undo airbox and move out of way, remove flywheel cover and kickstart, behind cover there is a bolt above sprocket. Remove bolt and slide old shaft out. (removed cable of course). Nothing falls out inside engine. Fit new/standard arm and reassemble. You will probably have to readjust the pushrod adjuster behind the big screw on the clutch cover after fitting standard arm
  2. TVTC website, Star Group website. Stargroup, TVTC and South Coast group are always 2nd Sunday of the month except Nov when 1 st Sunday (due rememberence day). Thames MCC have a trial at Hungry Hill next Sunday (26th) you are more than welcome to ride I have just got back from the RRND event at Sparticle Wood nr M25/M23 intersection. TMX is probably the best source of local events next to club websites
  3. The problem around this area now is the insane fees that are being charged for MOD land. My club has one booked on MOD land next month and the charges will be around £1100. To cap it all the event I was going to ride instead has now been moved due to licence issues over the MOD land!
  4. Thought entries closed this week? Oh well that's 4 of us looking for somewhere else to ride
  5. Thames MCC in Surrey I look after the website and try to keep it bang up to date
  6. Waltham Chase MCC are down your neck of the woods. Google their website. Steve Earle who is involved with them will be a useful contact. I know they run beginner/wobbler events at their Hut Hill venue.
  7. Unless the 2017 is different to earlier 4t (2010) clutch,gearbox and engine all share the same oil. Used to run Castrol 10-40 with no problems
  8. Beta UK were able to supply 99.9% of the parts I needed on a 2000 Rev rebuild I did from stock.
  9. Is that the original torpedo looking thing?
  10. You may well struggle finding an airbox lid for a 2000 model as they were on the side. I believe like this for only 2 years. You never know what e-bay might turn up though. Richard Allen had my old 2000 a while back, but have no idea if he still has any parts left !
  11. Buy a set of conventional forks off Richard Allen or someone. I never ever got to the bottom of the leaking seals on my old Climber and in the end they were like trigger's broom. They weren't the best of forks to start with! All this is assuming you are rebuilding to ride it and not restore.
  12. FM450 is a 240 pro isn't it?
  13. Is it just me or does that have a Kawasaki look to it
  14. 2009 was the big change, from Rev to Evo.
  15. If you're in Surrey you must be near me! Nr Weybridge. My local club, Thames MCC, have a twinshock class in all our trials plus the monthly Star Group also have a twinshock class. I too have only been back after a near 30 year break for a couple of years now. Just sold my modern 300 4t Beta and bought a 240 Fantic to relieve my youth!