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  1. Got S3 ones on my bike, but Apico do similar
  2. Google frankfield garage
  3. Can't comment on the Hebo eco boots, but if cost is a concern look at the Wulfsport range. I see lots being worn at events so they can't be that bad.
  4. I had a Yoshimura 305 kit on my enduro Cheney Honda. The motor was the old 250 single port 250 4v, very similar to the TL250 motor
  5. Always used regular tubes when I was in California
  6. as long as it's black, round and holds air!
  7. That's a lot of oil for 5 litres, I use 60-65, oh and I use the racing as shown in your top photo
  8. I bet ATF has been used in the clutch at sometime.
  9. Shame, as SPJ in Surrey has a demo.
  10. Whereabouts in the country are you?
  11. I am about to turn 60 and back a couple of years ago after a 30ish year layoff (kids, work, mortgage etc) so I can relate to your rose tinted outlook. Back in the day I had tiger cub, Greeves Scottish, 250 Sherpa, Cheney Ossa, ty175, Beamish Suzuki, 348 Mont before turning to the dark side of enduros. I would love my old Beamsih back but they seem to fetch silly money now for a decent one. I ride a 300 pro Fantic at present (work in progress) and before that a fully fettled 240 pro, I chose Fantic for 2 reasons, 1. there are loads about at a reasonable cost, 2. spares both OEM and aftermarket are readily available again at a reasonable cost. I have also had a couple of moderns since being back but they don't seem to have the same character as a twinshock.
  12. I think you'll find Lee means a 300/301/303 motor into a 240 frame, hence the 340 name.
  13. The OKO was from Classic Trials!
  14. Tried an OKO and didn't really seem much different so stuck with stock Dellorto. They are available fro Eurocarbs (Dellorto UK) already jetted for the 240 for around £100
  15. Yep, Dave even offered to open up Sat evening to get parts so I could ride on the Sunday