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  1. That's a lot of oil for 5 litres, I use 60-65, oh and I use the racing as shown in your top photo
  2. I bet ATF has been used in the clutch at sometime.
  3. Shame, as SPJ in Surrey has a demo.
  4. Whereabouts in the country are you?
  5. I am about to turn 60 and back a couple of years ago after a 30ish year layoff (kids, work, mortgage etc) so I can relate to your rose tinted outlook. Back in the day I had tiger cub, Greeves Scottish, 250 Sherpa, Cheney Ossa, ty175, Beamish Suzuki, 348 Mont before turning to the dark side of enduros. I would love my old Beamsih back but they seem to fetch silly money now for a decent one. I ride a 300 pro Fantic at present (work in progress) and before that a fully fettled 240 pro, I chose Fantic for 2 reasons, 1. there are loads about at a reasonable cost, 2. spares both OEM and aftermarket are readily available again at a reasonable cost. I have also had a couple of moderns since being back but they don't seem to have the same character as a twinshock.
  6. I think you'll find Lee means a 300/301/303 motor into a 240 frame, hence the 340 name.
  7. The OKO was from Classic Trials!
  8. Tried an OKO and didn't really seem much different so stuck with stock Dellorto. They are available fro Eurocarbs (Dellorto UK) already jetted for the 240 for around £100
  9. Yep, Dave even offered to open up Sat evening to get parts so I could ride on the Sunday
  10. Has the adjuster and locknut on the clutch itself come loose? Remove the slotted cover on the clutch cover and take a look. Quick and easy
  11. I would also add a couple of things if I may. 1. Gas stations (Petrol), a lot expect you to pay first or leave a card of some description prior to fueling. Like the beer the fuel is very low octane and full of additives (Ethanol). If it is for a bike look for race or avgas. 2. In a lot of stores, sales tax(VAT) is not included in the marked price. 3. The bacon is very streaky and crispy. Gammon is probably nearer to UK bacon 4. Sausages will not be the sausage you are used to! 5. Mustard is burger mustard and not hot at all. Cheese has no flavour and is like rubber, look for Canadian Cheddar! 6. I f hiring a car make sure you take the full insurance, car hire may seem very cheap and this why. 7. If you get stopped by a police officer whilst driving do not exit the vehicle a la UK. Stay in the car with both hands in plain view until instructed otherwise and make sure you carry your licence with you. 8. You can undertake on the road and turn right on a red light. Stop signs, make sure you come to a complete stop and wait a few seconds before going (if road is clear of course!). I got pulled for this on a motorcycle as the cop said I didn't put my foot on the ground, I proved him wrong by balancing on the bike! 9. You will struggle to get a decent cup of tea, so get training on the coffee now! 10. The beer is like gnats pee due to the US alcohol regs and is always ice cold. They think you are weird if you drink warm beer and all beers are lager like unless you go for a "dark" beer. 11. Tipping is expected in all food and beer emporiums. 12. Beware of jaywalking, meaning crossing a road anywhere. Use a proper crossing, usually at intersections. 13. You will probably be asked to talk forever and if you are Australian.:) Sounds like a lot but as Biff says they are a real friendly bunch and bend over backwards to help, UK retailers could learn a lot from the customer service in the USA. Pete (ex California resident of 7 years)
  12. Spoke to him a couple of weeks back. Not there until 10ish I was told. Maybe be up at the SSDT perhaps
  13. Remove or undo airbox and move out of way, remove flywheel cover and kickstart, behind cover there is a bolt above sprocket. Remove bolt and slide old shaft out. (removed cable of course). Nothing falls out inside engine. Fit new/standard arm and reassemble. You will probably have to readjust the pushrod adjuster behind the big screw on the clutch cover after fitting standard arm
  14. TVTC website, Star Group website. Stargroup, TVTC and South Coast group are always 2nd Sunday of the month except Nov when 1 st Sunday (due rememberence day). Thames MCC have a trial at Hungry Hill next Sunday (26th) you are more than welcome to ride I have just got back from the RRND event at Sparticle Wood nr M25/M23 intersection. TMX is probably the best source of local events next to club websites
  15. The problem around this area now is the insane fees that are being charged for MOD land. My club has one booked on MOD land next month and the charges will be around £1100. To cap it all the event I was going to ride instead has now been moved due to licence issues over the MOD land!