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  1. New member kent area

    Look on the South Eastern Centre website, there is a list of clubs and events shown there. There is also a new North Kent Trials website, but is very new and still under construction
  2. 1981 Black engine 250 Beamish Suzuki rear shocks

    Speak to Robin at In Motion
  3. Evening Trials near West London

    North Hants do 3 at Crondall Woods near Fleet
  4. Carb to airbox boot for a 76 Ty175 source?

    Try Matt at Speed & Sport in No Cal
  5. Five or not?

    Wonder how that would work with a electric bike
  6. Bike pick-up - strapping it in?

    Vinnie, where are you collecting it from? I can whip over in the motor with bike rack
  7. Bike pick-up - strapping it in?

    Vinnie, there is a Thames club trial at Hookwoods this Sunday BTW.
  8. 2008 Rev 4t shock help

    Richard Allen may have one as he breaks lots of trials bikes
  9. ?:1

    I used Castrol fully synthetic stuff in my at around 60-65/1. Use they same in my 305
  10. I see you live not a million miles from me. I am curious as to the practice ground you allude to? Only a couple spring to mind (Farnborough & Horsley). Fuel capacity of a trials bike would be one concern, also tyres as you already say. Not to mention wear & tear on the bike as they are not known for their top speed let alone the uncomfortable seating position. Back in the 70s I remember one young lad that used his bike as a sole means of transport and also rode it to and from events! Needless to say the mechanicals didn't last too long.
  11. BOOTS!

    Just sold my brand new Sidis as I couldn't get my foot in them ! Bought the same size as my old Forma ones but they came up much smaller.
  12. 1993 Fantic KeyRoo 212 - Help?

    Tranny (big hose) vents to atmosphere
  13. 1993 Fantic KeyRoo 212 - Help?

    500cc's same as the others I would imagine and I use Putoline light gear oil. My 305 has a section bottom end with a 305 barrel = aircooled with hydraulic clutch!
  14. 4RT O-Ring replacement

    Used to smear grease on my Beta 4t cover, mind you they are so simple to change the filter and oil on compared to a 4rt
  15. Goodwin Shield Pre 67 Trial - Cancelled

    This situation has only happened in the last couple of years. Land agent has always been a pain to deal with but always got there in the end. They raised the rental fees by a huge amount last year as a deterent, I think, to the tune of 4 figures and charging for laying out the day before!