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  1. BOOTS!

    Just sold my brand new Sidis as I couldn't get my foot in them ! Bought the same size as my old Forma ones but they came up much smaller.
  2. 1993 Fantic KeyRoo 212 - Help?

    Tranny (big hose) vents to atmosphere
  3. 1993 Fantic KeyRoo 212 - Help?

    500cc's same as the others I would imagine and I use Putoline light gear oil. My 305 has a section bottom end with a 305 barrel = aircooled with hydraulic clutch!
  4. 4RT O-Ring replacement

    Used to smear grease on my Beta 4t cover, mind you they are so simple to change the filter and oil on compared to a 4rt
  5. Goodwin Shield Pre 67 Trial - Cancelled

    This situation has only happened in the last couple of years. Land agent has always been a pain to deal with but always got there in the end. They raised the rental fees by a huge amount last year as a deterent, I think, to the tune of 4 figures and charging for laying out the day before!
  6. Security screw on intake manifold

    A kit with all the bits for these and other security screws is available quite cheaply at Halfords
  7. Goodwin Shield Pre 67 Trial - Cancelled

    Trouble is it is all handled by a land agent now. The MOD themselves don't really have anything to do with the bookings.
  8. Goodwin Shield Pre 67 Trial - Cancelled

    It is to do with birds nesting between Feb & Sept, along with on going army training. Thames have had their permit rescinded for the same day on another piece of MOD land. The excuse last time was they didn't have time to process the permit, this time they had to be a bit different as Thames applied last November! We had 4 events booked this year and 2 have been cancelled so far before the event. We have been invited to apply again in August for the 2 we have booked for late in the year.
  9. piston rings

    If they are thin wavy things about the same diameter as the rings themselves then they go in the grooves under the rings
  10. 125

    Never heard of an Asher before
  11. Bultaco Motoplat

    Bradford Ignitions down in Cornwall
  12. Rear Spring 2017 Factory 4T

  13. Tyres

    Rear is tubeless, front has a tube
  14. Rear Spring 2017 Factory 4T

    The front ones are brittle too! Quite a few people here in the UK replace them with Gas Gas ones as they are much more flexible
  15. Bought a new 17' factory 300! What does it need?

    spare levers, brake pads, handlebar grips are a few items always handy to have ready and don't take up too much room in the truck