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  1. I'm no immortal and I can tell. I weigh 140lbs on a heavy day, so carrying around 16 extra pounds of bike fat (which is 12% of my total body weight) isn't on the list of things I want to do in an event. Even if it's only because I have to push the stupid thing around if I get stuck somewhere.
  2. FWIW, with the GG, you can also affect the clutch progressiveness by the volume of oil you run. Run it up to the top of the sight glass (400mL) will be more progressive than down at the bottom (~350mL or so). Tech tip from Raga
  3. Fair point. I still think he'll be well served to start on anything clean, 290 or otherwise, and then just slow throttle it if it's an issue. But given he's got a long motocross background, I suspect he'll be fine.
  4. It's fine. I started on a 300, and I'm tiny. I actually think it helped in that I learned really quickly that good throttle and clutch control are paramount in keeping you from hurting yourself If it makes you feel more comfortable the slow throttle makes a huge difference.
  5. What year(s) bikes?
  6. My impression is that a solid manufacturer with a good product could skip the WTC entirely and still sell a ton of bikes if they invested all the time and money into a well supported and promoted local dealer network. More than just about anything, around here anyway, people want something they enjoy riding first, and that they know is going to be taken care of when it breaks second.
  7. There's a chasm of difference between putting something on a scale and getting an exact yes or no with regards to it being a rule breaker and a person watching a rider who's almost constantly in motion and deciding on whether or not his forward motion did in fact cease.
  8. This is why we almost always run split starts. You have groups A,B,C (i.e. whatever classes) start at section 6, everyone else starts at section 1. Or you just assume people aren't morons and allow them to start at any section of their choosing, which also typically works well. I don't think I've waited in a line longer than 3 or 4 people all season.
  9. 80:1. 1.6oz per gallon. Unless you ride it like a motocross bike, then I'd say stick with the manual.
  10. There is no manufacturer of trials bikes that specs an oil easily accessible in the US. Honda does the ELF dance, Vertigo an ATF that doesn't exist here, etc. etc. Of all the trials manuals I've read through, GG's is one of the better ones. I'm not entirely sure what you're worried about in any case. Lots of people run ATF Dexron III in them, or a 75W gear oil. Take your pick of any of the good ones. This isn't something that bears a lot of worrying over.
  11. Silkolene Light Gear Oil, 75w80. Lots of people run avgas in the States, it's fine, although I'd be more inclined to mix it with pump gas than VP 110. FWIW I run 110 leaded race fuel mixed 50/50 with 10% ethanol pump gas (either 87 if I'm filling up the truck at the same time or 93... it really makes no difference as the end result octane rating is still plenty high).
  12. For the most part, volume. A car holds several liters. Our bikes generally only hold 400mL or less. I'm not an automatic gearbox expert, but I'd imagine they also do far less clutch slipping than we generally do, which means a lot less particulates in the oil.
  13. Why isn't he riding the Fajardo replica?
  14. Yeah, I know, that's my point
  15. What brought on the idea for 9 sections? Not that I don't love Meriden so much that I'm filled with joy at the thought of 4 extra rock strewn sections