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  1. 2013 200cc jetting 1000ft or so

    They all basically come lean on the pilot and rich on the main. That said, the standard jetting isn't a million miles off. Start with the air screw and see if you can make it better. If you're less than a half turn out or more than 3 turns out (you're way likely to be closer to the former), adjust the pilot. Go from there.
  2. BVM broken into overnight,

    Well, sure, but things happen, and this is why businesses carry insurance.
  3. TRS 280 rr 2018 fork set up

    If you're new to trials the best thing you can do is leave them alone. Trials suspension is good out of the box. The best riders ride close to stock settings. Unless you weigh a ton or you're a little person, the stock setup will work well
  4. BVM broken into overnight,

    Surely they have insurance?
  5. 2018 NETA season start

    Not to be the voice of dissent, but... not crashing three times would have made it a lot better (for me anyway).
  6. Clutch bite point keeps moving?

    If the bite point is moving in, that definitely sounds hydraulic to me. Depending on your ambient temps, the bite point will generally move out (in the form of less drag) as the bike warms up, but I've never heard of the bite point moving in. One random thought that springs to mind... are you using quick adjusters on the levers? Are they holding their place with enough spring tension? I can see them maybe turning on their own if not... maybe put a witness mark on them and make sure they're not moving around by themselves.
  7. Hopping

    The Vertigo was indeed very easy to wheelie... it was especially fun in 5th gear.
  8. Whistles for Stopping

    I say ban whistles.
  9. E-Pure?

    That'd be my guess.
  10. Gearbox oil

    Gear oil and engine oil measure viscosity differently... an SAE 80 gearbox oil is roughly equivalent in viscosity to an SAE 20 engine oil. An SAE 90 gearbox oil is roughly the same viscosity as an SAE 50 engine oil. 75w gear oil is commonly run in trials bikes.
  11. 2007 TXT Pro - Squeaking Noise

    Serves me right for not watching the final 0.8 seconds
  12. 2007 TXT Pro - Squeaking Noise

    I must be deaf because I don't hear anything I'd refer to as a squeak.
  13. Argie bargey by Marquez

    Marquez made a fool out of himself when he could have produced an amazing ride, without the need for all the shenanigans. He was so much faster than everyone else that, had he not decided to run into people, he probably would have had a shot at the top 4 even after the ride through... I wouldn't doubt he lost 10 seconds between Aleix and Vale. Both his moves on Aleix and Rossi were way too late. He dove inside both of them at times neither could have predicted to have him there, into a space that was non-existent. However, given his antics on the grid (ignoring the instruction to return to pit lane after he stalled the bike, then riding against the flow of traffic) he should have been black flagged in the first place, then none of his subsequent bs would have transpired at all.
  14. Any reason for a beginner not to get a 250 4t?

    The 250 4t Beta is a kitten. Buy it and have fun.
  15. Fork oil change. Best method?

    Any old oil in the cartridge in techs will be mixed with the majority of new oil added during the oil change. I'm not going to completely disassemble the cartridge for the sake of 50mL of oil. On Marzocchis I agree, you have no choice but to drain the cartridge, but on techs I haven't found that to be the case. I could always be wrong...