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  1. Like Dan said, don't make everyone start at section 1. No more problem.
  2. I should mention this is courtesy of a helmet can on Collomer's head, so the footage isn't the greatest.
  3. Yeah, because banning riders is a great way to encourage more participation...
  4. That Farrè knee injury I'm still fuzzy on. At first I thought he whacked his knee on the frame, but after watching it a few times I'm not sure if he actually just had it give out under the pressure of a big landing. Hopefully he's ok, he was riding well.
  5. It's the same useless button on every carb bike: it has almost zero noticeable impact. Don't worry, if you never find it, it won't matter. It just advances the ignition timing marginally at or above ~4k rpm.
  6. The Sherco has an oil inspection plug. The oil level should come up to the bottom of it. So fill it with 700, put the bike on level ground, open the inspection plug, and if you lose 300mL of oil you have your answer.
  7. More or less like this:
  8. FWIW, with the 4-way shock, your best bet is to not touch anything It's really easy to make it work like crap. This is why I tend to prefer the two way these days... less to mess up.
  9. I meant the former. Best to relax a bit and always assume people are generally good... even on the internet.
  10. That's more than a little sad...
  11. I think reading anything two events into the season is a bit of a stretch. All competitors drop their worst event, so it isn't the end of the world. I'm hopeful Busto will go replay Montpellier a few times and see how he looked. Shame is a decent motivator...
  12. What motorsport company is in the business of helping families have a stable existence?
  13. He had a huge mental meltdown. He basically five'd a section, then just gave up. It was bizarre to see, because at this level, even hot heads can usually re-group to an extent. He just said 'F it', I'm done. I think it would have looked less bad had he just walked off before the last four sections. After Vendee I was really expecting Busto to be competition for Adam, but if he pulls this crap with any regularity it's never gonna happen.
  14. Click 'Select offer'.