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  1. 2019 RR Vs One

    There are enough GG parts floating around to keep them all running for years even if GG disappeared again. I don't expect they will, given the influx of money from Torrot. Of all the trials manufacturers I'd actually suggest they're probably the most financially stable at the moment as their parent company is not dependent on the trials market at all.
  2. Front brake wont lock on 2018 Sherco factory 300

    I don't suppose you're the guy that sprays WD-40 all over his brakes? If the pads and rotors are new and bedded in, the problem is either the caliper or the master cylinder. There's literally nothing else left.
  3. Toby Martyn

    For the love of... You win. No stop is awesome, everyone loves it.
  4. Toby Martyn

    My point was simply that I'm in agreement with your first paragraph. The rules are ridiculous because they cannot be uniformly applied.
  5. Toby Martyn

    3:10. Stop or not? He didn't get called for it, he just didn't make the hit. You can save the condescension, I'm not interested. https://youtu.be/d02CzoDHfKc
  6. Front brake wont lock on 2018 Sherco factory 300

    If you changed the pads and rotors separately, like you left old pads on and changed the rotors, then you rode the bike, then you changed the pads and left the old rotors on and rode the bike, etc... ... if the original problem was brake/rotor contamination from something like brake fluid, which is pretty easy to do and can cause what you describe, you basically cross contaminated all the parts each time you changed them and rode the bike if you didn't change everything as a set. Any time you have a problem like this, if you're going to change the pads, pull the rotor off and hose it down with brake cleaner first. If the bike was like this from new, bring it to your dealer, something else is wrong. But there are only so many things it can be, and next on the list are the caliper and the master cylinder.
  7. Toby Martyn

    No more or less than all the other guys that do the exact same thing... sometimes it's called, sometimes it isn't. But again, this is the fault of the rules. If we haven't figured out by all the arguing and debate that goes on regarding whether it was or wasn't a stop that these rules suck, I give up.
  8. Beta 4t in Trial 2

    Jan recently turned up at a national event in Canada, finished second to Pat Smage (umpteen times US national champion). Looking at the video he posted, seems to have just run the stock carb, jetted to suit.
  9. New gas gas vs new Sherco, what should I buy?

    Either is better than an Ossa
  10. Transmission oil change

    FWIW, just about every GG, Vertigo and TRS (among others) in the US is run on ATF. Half the manufacturers spec ATF specifically in the US market because you can't get things like Nils here, which is a popular sponsorship deal that they like to get in the manuals these days. Find an early TRS or Vertigo manual... they both spec'd ATF because they hadn't gotten around to firming up deals with any brand name suppliers to put in the books.
  11. Chain

    Isn't the ERT2 gone? I can only find ERT3. The big difference is that it weighs a good bit more than Renthal R1.
  12. Chain

    FYI, Renthal chain is just re-branded Regina.
  13. ‘18 popping out of gear

    Be interesting to see your new one side by side with the 2019 version beta concocted.
  14. ‘18 popping out of gear

    "Moreover, a new gear selector cam has been designed which was used in the earlier Factory models, and provides more positive shifting." http://www.trialscentral.com/index.php/news-archive/headline-stories/20358-beta-launch-2019-trials-models
  15. How Do You Add A Flywheel Weight 2008 300 Txt Pro

    It's dry. You're going to get some condensation, so a little surface rust is normal. Just make sure the gasket is good on the cover and it's not letting in water.