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  1. Ooooh.... Do It! I've been dying to try one.
  2. Doesn't the 4rt have a big 'No Lead/Pb' sticker on the tank? VP110 is leaded, as is Avgas (100LL).
  3. Maybe, but only barely, and only if there's only one GG dealer in the country and you're at opposite ends
  4. Mud

    3psi in the rear. Drop all your weight into the bike as you let the clutch out, so you're basically sitting on the airbox.
  5. How cold is it where you are?
  6. I got lost on the Bart Simpson thing as well... but anyway... I wouldn't wait. If there's something audibly not right, just bring it back and see what the dealer thinks. Worst that happens is, he says it's normal (which is very likely) and sends you home. If it blows up, you have a record of your having brought it in, which makes a warranty repair (even if it's out of warranty) a lot more likely.
  7. I'd assume he knows what clutch rattle sounds like, given this is his 4th GG... Swarth on the drain plugs is completely normal, it'll be a huge mess on the first oil change then become less but you'll always get some. As for the noise, no idea... like you said, near impossible over the internetz. I do agree though that the general internet reaction to 'I hear a noise' is 'it's going to blow up'.
  8. JacksCycles apparently carries them now...
  9. We've got more to pay for here than two warm days in Feb... I've ridden basically all winter. Which by my calculations means this summer is cancelled
  10. The beta 200 is probably the best choice for most club riders. Whether the best choice lines up with what you really want is a completely different question.
  11. I generally agree with the above. I mean, even the FIM doesn't mandate back protectors and full face helmets. I'm fine with local clubs generally following the FIM, and leave it at that. I would say though that I'm fine with not having to attempt a section to ask for a five. If all the sections are within my abilities but one, and I decide that for myself attempting that one section might end with me hurt, I'll take the five thanks. I don't honestly think anyone riding around getting fives at every section by just asking for them in order to be classed a finisher is something anyone needs to expend energy concerning themselves with for obvious reasons.
  12. Yeah, none of those are Transmax Z though I've looked at the spec sheets of almost all those that seem relevant (Dexron III stuff), and the M1 is still a closer match on all the published numbers.
  13. I have no idea what you guys are arguing about at this point... The Vertigo manual specs ATF fluid. I'm fine with that.
  14. I'm sure they do, but they likely carry all kinds of other oil. But they mentioned it was 'recommended'. By whom I have no idea. Based on the numbers, I'm more inclined to run M1 simply because the viscosity numbers are closer to the Castrol recommended in the manual, and the fact that any additive package in the M1 is going to be more similar to the Castrol, being that they're both ATF.