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  1. They're all called 'Combat': the Combat Camo Works is the green Hulk, the Combat Ice Hell and the Combat Titanium R are the full model names.
  2. Figured as much. Thanks!
  3. So... I'm at a loss. It seems to me that once you disconnect the lower linkage connectors, removing the 'axle' bolts should more or less do the trick. But of course it doesn't, and I'm starting to think perhaps there's a special tool required (or maybe just a large bolt of the correct pitch) to thread into and remove the pieces that Vertigo refers to as the swingarm semiaxis. Anyone had their off?
  4. Wow, ancient thread resurrection...
  5. Look at Toni's legs in the podium ceremony. Until some other kids start training like he does and also happen to have the natural talent he does, no one is going to touch him. I suspect Toni retires before anyone threatens his dominance.
  6. Should I feel insulted?
  7. I would never again use anything other than Silkolene Comp Gear in a GG. It's so much better than anything else I've used in a GG it's hard to believe.
  8. Meh. I started on a 300. At idle they're all the same!
  9. My, aren't we argumentative this evening. The fact that I think a 10 is appropriate and you think a 9 is more so shouldn't really cause things to devolve into name calling. To the original poster: feel free to try both, it'll only cost you and extra $21 or so.
  10. Yeah, that's what the 10 is for
  11. In my humble opinion... put a 10 tooth front on it (stock is 11, which is ridiculous... it's the only trials bike geared so tall), then leave it alone. I started on a 300. You'll learn throttle and clutch control really fast, or you won't, at which point you can ice your backside and take a few minutes to put a slow twist throttle on it. Between the gearing change and the slow throttle (if you go that way), it'll feel a lot more manageable. In the stuff that novices ride, I'm not really of the opinion that putting a 250 top end in it makes any difference. If you get it wrong, it doesn't really matter if you're on a 300 or a 250, either one is going to disappear out from under you equally quickly.
  12. Not that it helps, but I'm going to take this moment to re-iterate that that is the worst oil drain bolt ever fitted to a motor. Mine got hung up on some junk that came out of the motor during an oil change when it was being threaded back in an damaged the threads. Luckily the bolt came back out, so the cover just had to come off to re-chase the threads from the other side. Maybe you can get at it that way?
  13. That's what the sight glass is for. Start with 350. Check level. Fill to 3/4 the way up the glass.
  14. It depends on how hot the oil is when you drain it and how much tipping the bike over to get it all out you want to do. I drain it hot and refill with 370.
  15. Always... and if you want to bring some actual wine for post-event festivities I'm happy to partake.