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  1. The E4's were just a mid year model refresh for 2017, since the original 2017 GG arrived so early due to all the "we're out of business, we're back in business" mess. The only 2018's GG has released is the 125 'Trial School' model, the 80 Racing, and the Contact.
  2. 1-4 in the TRS are just like in the GG (and the vertigo for that matter). All section gears. It'll pull 4th fine. As for the RR being worth the money or not, only you can say, but if I were getting a TRS it would be an RR. To me it'd be worth it just for the 3 way Reiger and the way nicer painted frame.
  3. So I pulled the 'dog bones' off, which was incredibly easy. That gives access to the lower two bearing recesses in the rose joint. For reference, the bearings are caged (HK1620 2RS). I stopped there because it looks like to get to the third bearing recess in the rose joint you need to pull the swingarm.
  4. I've done plenty of linkages in other bikes. In just interested in specifics related to the vertigo of any one happens to have any.
  5. Anyone had the linkage apart for greasing care to comment on how hard (or not) it is to get to everything? Were the bearings well greased from the factory? Anything else I should know before I tear into it?
  6. Yeah, so the first time I tried the spacer I put one under both mounting bolts. That didn't work. Apparently the issue is more the angle that the stock bracket is set at, so a single spacer under the more rearward bolt did the trick. Thanks for the info!
  7. Anyone else's front mud guard rattle like the dickens whenever you moving quickly over rough ground/landing the front wheel/or otherwise doing something that causes it to shake? Sounds like it's the front tire rubbing, but I tried shimming it and that didn't make a difference. The next possibility would be side to side movement causing it to rattle against the mounting bracket, but I'm not 100% sure. If it is, I don't really see an obvious way to shut it up.
  8. Agree with above. I suspect Castrol is paying for the advertising all over the bike, so they recommend something they make that works. But it's probably just whatever ATF they have laying around that they test run the motor on before shipping.
  9. I really don't like the tape on the ground... but in any case, I'd have 5'd him. His front tire was completely out of the section.
  10. The soles on the Tech T's and the No Stops (the new and old Alpinestars), aside from the former being stitched, are identical in look and feel. Some people like the Gaerne's, but they're way too soft in my opinion.
  11. Hrm?
  12. Well, by the same token, all those manufacturers generally spec new pistons at around 100 hours. The TRS manual for example says to replace the piston and cylinder annually. GG was something like 100 hours for a piston. Vertigo is the same (unless under competition use, then it says 60 hours). Of course no one does any of this maintenance at those intervals, but the point is, they could certainly get away with spec'ing really lean oil mix ratios if they also tell you to tear down the top end every year.
  13. What other 2t EFI bikes are there aside from the Vertigo (genuinely curious... I'm not aware of anything else outside the trials world, and Vertigo is it inside with Ossa gone). Not sure what mix Ossa recommended, but the 133:1 on the Vertigo doesn't strike me as a ton off what the TRS is recommending (100:1) and what a lot of GG owners have mixed their bikes at for quite a long time (also 100:1).
  14. What they need is William's energy storage flywheel. It was never used in F1, but it did get used in LMP1 I believe. From what I recall the implementation, even in that use case, was incredibly small and spun at some several hundreds of thousands of rpm's. Just have the electric motor spin up a small version of that little bugger and, fitted with a clutch, it should have some pop
  15. The gap between the frame rails and the ends of the swingarm mount holes is completely normal on a GG. This comes up all the time, and the first time I had the swingarm off and put it back together I thought something was screwed up as well, but again, it's normal. Think of it this way: the alternative would be that the swingarm extends all the way to the frame rails at the pivot point, and then what? Well, you've got your swingarm grinding on the frame, which is obviously no good. The gap is fine.