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  1. Squeak...

    So warmed the bike up a few minutes (it doesn't make the sound when completely cold), pulled the plug, and the noise is still there. I'm mystified, mainly because it's impossible to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. I've heard from one person that says that have the same noise, and has continued to ride it with no sign of mechanical issues, so I'm inclined to do the same for the time being. I'll see about getting a mechanics stethoscope to help locate the sound.
  2. Squeak...

    Good idea, I'll do that...
  3. Squeak...

    I guess it could be, but they didn't do it up until recently.
  4. Squeak...

    Pulled the reed block. Everything was tight and the reeds are fine. Some evidence of leakage around the gaskets but nothing crazy and no change after reassembly.
  5. Squeak...

    That occurred to me. It sounded vaguely like an air leak, which was weird. You think it's the reeds themselves, or something else related to the reed block?
  6. Squeak...

    By the way @miner, what was the fix? Just pull the flywheel and clean it up?
  7. Squeak...

    Hrm. I pulled the flywheel cover off yesterday. There's a bit (as in, a few small spots) of surface rust, but there's no evidence of any real water ingress or substantial rust.
  8. Squeak...

    Any creative ideas as to what this might be?
  9. As noted above, I've never had one go, so I'd suspect something else is perhaps causing the failure. I've had 3 GG's now... the first 2 went 300 hours, the current one is on 100 (over relatively short time spans).
  10. Setting Race Sag? '17 Raga (Reiger)

    No, he's saying: - remove the spring and measure it's length - reinstall spring, then tighten the preload adjuster down until the length of the spring is 10mm less than your initial measurement of the springs uncompressed length
  11. Swingarm Linkage Question

    I must have missed something. Anyway, I don't own a TY, I've only ridden a borrowed one once. I'm surprised it even had bars, since it definitely had no brakes.
  12. ‘18 popping out of gear

    I can't really imagine why the gearing would inherently matter. It might exacerbate or mask the problem for clubmen, but surely a clutch dump in 3rd regardless of the gearing would cause the problem whether there's 9/10/11 on the countershaft. My '13 popped out of 2nd all the time. It drove me batty. I've seen it happen to Gary as well, although I think the last time I saw it was last year. You might run it by him.
  13. Swingarm Linkage Question

  14. Keihin Jetting for 300.

    Your TRS manual is pretty clear about what ratio they want you to mix at.
  15. Gas Gas factory bike detail

    I think they're trying to prevent moveable ballast. They all add weight, they have no choice, but it's firmly affixed to the bike.