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  1. The truth hurts
  2. Fugly
  3. Just a short video of a trial I organised with the help of a few friends
  4. Sorry it should work now
  5. Hi guys, a video of a trial I set up, with the help of a few friends, enjoy
  6. I've recently gone from a 4rt to a 13 gasgas 125. Love it, very light, easy to manage and power doesn't seem to be an issue. Would recommend a 125 for sure.
  7. I'm left handed, is this a good excuse for poor throttle control?
  8. My new to me 2013 125 pro
  9. Covers several clubs in south wales, events listings, results etc. An amca club based in pembrokeshire south west wales, 4 events a year, planning 3 evening fun trials this year too, moderns and classic bikes welcome Dyfed dirt bike club, based in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthen, wales. More enduros and rally's, but next week they are hold their first trial.
  10. Apico, I think I've bent it a little though, hence why it looks a bit shorter than the stock one
  11. I've got a pair of 6 inch renthal bars on my montesa, I think it had 5 inch dominos on it before, a lot more comfortable with a 6 inch rise
  12. I'm a lot more careful now, learnt my lesson lol. Thanks
  13. my 2006 4rt
  14. Well, these trials won't be championship rounds, self marking or groups will be the way to go. There are no trophies involved, so people will only cheat themselves by cheating. The idea is to keep us laying out sections in the summer so we are not out of practice doing it by the time our championship rounds come up again in September and for people to have an evening of fun. We have a really good group of observers, just want to give them a break over the summer.
  15. To improve my confidence and to learn some technical skills. From there, riding a strange motorcycle with no seat, on a Sunday with a few friends between some coloured flags is somehow a lot of fun