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  1. Evo 300 fuel tap leaks

    Mine was leaking i think i took it off put a new washer behind it and did it up, took about 10 minutes
  2. Reed effects on engine character

    Why don't to mill some off the flywheel weight, take 1/2 oz off and try it, keep going till you get where you want, no cost involved, if you have a milling machine
  3. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    I think in the real world, for this gent he should buy which one looks the best to him, i doubt most novices could appreciate the difference in suspension as most, including myself struggle to clean a red route. It's a toy atm and as he progresses it will become a work tool and won't sweat about damage if he cleans a tough section.
  4. Beta EVO3004T "she had the same idea"

    That's excellent, ive done 10 hours in 18 months so the bike should last me 68 years hahaha
  5. Beta EVO3004T "she had the same idea"

    You have done 360 hours on the bike? Impressed, has engine had a rebuild, new piston or any major problems?
  6. Any reason for a beginner not to get a 250 4t?

    I'm a novice, i ride in the south East so not many rocks but lots of mud, i have a evo 250 4t and its a great bike, smooth and easy, but will just keep pulling up climbs , i run premium fuel and i haven't had any carb issues, regular fuel is pretty variable and crappy. I've ridden a 300 2t and in the sloppy mud it's hard to find grip, I will say the Evo 250 2t is a lovely bike, i would consider that, but i have no regrets with the little 4t
  7. Evo 250 2016 stuck in 1st

    Update, got a message saying it a broken tooth on the main shaft sprocket, parts arrived next day from lampkin, all together£135, pretty reasonable. Couple of hours and all back together, ran perfect at this weekend trial
  8. Evo 250 2016 stuck in 1st

    Having spoken to him he's had it all apart and selector fork is not damaged and has intermittent selection, but had locked up again,the selector drum looks fine so engine out for a good look inside. there was evidence of water contamination in gearbox oil with damage to clutch steel's,
  9. Evo 250 2016 stuck in 1st

    Thank for the critics, firstly i am not there i am posting on his behalf, so only repeating what he is saying, i am not asking you to do it but for some advice based on your experience, he has had the bike for a year but until the frame was swapped over wasn't ridden, which we did perfectly so we obviously have abilities.but not knowledge of the idiosyncratics of these particular bikes. Hence the questions.
  10. Evo 250 2016 stuck in 1st

    Ok hes had the clutch apart and all.seem.to be in order, anything else before we have to split the engine?
  11. Evo 250 2016 stuck in 1st

    Basically he bought the bike about a year ago, it got a new frame eventually under warranty, and we have slowly swapped it all over, this event was its first real outing ( nothing in the engine was tampered with, it was just transferred) the bike was running perfect and then he commented he couldn't select first, i had a go on it and it had all the other gears, then rocking it back and forth we got first, he was riding it and i think it jumped out of 1st, he clicked it into first and that was it, no more gears available and couldn't get it out of first. I asked him if he could change gear while riding it on the flat without using the clutch, he hadn't tried to.thats really all I know
  12. Evo 250 2016 stuck in 1st

    Thanks for the responses,all very helpful, any further information gladly received
  13. Evo 250 2016 stuck in 1st

    With regards to the clutch,what should he be looking for?
  14. Evo 250 2016 stuck in 1st

    My mate has the above bike. Today initially it wouldn't select 1st then he got it into 1st and couldn't select any other gears. Can the gearbox be pulled without splitting the crankcases? Is it a cassette type gearbox? Advise please
  15. 2011 evo

    I drink,smoke,and have a bad bike habit.But with my 300RR enduro and 4T 250 Evo I'm worringley happy at the moment.