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  1. 280i Waterpump seal.

    Hello i was told by the ossa importer in canada that ossa pumps use a single lip seal and they made up a jig to go behind the drive gear to press off the gear. Then replace the seal with a double lip gasgas seal which is the same size as long as the shaft is not to grooved. Not sure if you would heat the gear in a toaster oven and pump in the freezer to put together cheers.
  2. Tr280i Diagnostic Software

    I think mine said eco12 termignoni 300. Cheers
  3. Tr280i Diagnostic Software

    I reset the tps and it controls all the tests fan, relay, fuel pump, clears codes, shows ecu data, hours. Dont have any calibrations, think i have latest.
  4. Tr280i Diagnostic Software

    Corsa technic. Com they are hm sealed comes with terminals and seals great website. Cheers
  5. OSSA TR280 software.

    Hi shaun, I connected txd White on the bike to txd orange on the cable, rxd yellow on the bike to rxd yellow on the cable, 5+ white/blue on the bike to 5+ red on the cable, -5 volt black/yellow on the bike to -5 volt black on the cable. I took the left over green and brown on the cable and soldered them together, also put a small screw with a tether to pull on to release the connector when plugged into the bike as to not pull on the wires like said there very small. Yours has 6 pins so you know which are 12v - and+. Cheers. 👌
  6. OSSA TR280 software.

    Finnally got to connect after ordering a ftdi usb to232 cable from ftdi which didnt work. I reordered a cable from elmwoodelectronic.ca which is a ftdi serial ttl 232 usb cable soldered on connector end, wires are very small will have to be gental with it. Iam using a dell with windows7 64bit, drivers loaded when i plugged cable in. 👍👍
  7. Tr280i Diagnostic Software

    Hello i tried the same ftdi cable 5volt usb to rs232 and could not connect. Tried with windows7 and older flaptop with vista still nothing. Reading about kokusan denki ecu also used by arctic-cat and others seems as they say they uses ttl interface which is a different ftdi usb to ttl232 serial cable. If someone with the btwice usb style cable could plug it in to there laptop and check the device manager should say in properties what the drivers make and numbers are. May say in the device page if the cable is ttl serial. Cheers
  8. 280i (Explorer)- 400 hours

    Did you get rid if the 14 factory r.
  9. Show Us Your Ossa

    End of october ride before the snow hit.
  10. Ossa TR280i Sensor Gasolina

    Hello my led fuel light didnt work as to canada280. Tryed to buy the add on light from ossa(lewisport) he said the light was never available from ossa. So i took the sensor out of the fuel tank after removing rad and air cleaner. The sensor is a 1k ohm thermistor covered by a small plastic splash shield which i carefully got off without breaking not recommended. I made a mock up circuit on the bench with a 12 volt battery, sensor, led, cup of gas. Led light on all the time in or out of gas so i added a small automotive bulb which is a 37 series bulb and a socket i had and wired it in parallel with the led bulb i had. The bulb slowly came on dim but the led was good with 12 volts. I put the sensor in the gas and both lights slowly went out. 👍 Tryed several times and worked good. So bike back together added half litre of gas to get started rode around the yard till the fan came on, fuel led light on bright. Took bike in the shop and filled it up back around the yard led light out. 👌
  11. 300 factory

    Hi mark does the kscan software tell you the hours on the bike. ? Just wondering how you know.
  12. Tr280i Diagnostic Software

    I would think the there is nothing wrong with the fuel pressure, as long as it doesnt drop off to fast. The stator generates voltage to run the electrics of the bike, pump, fan, ecu. The regulator which is the alum ribbed box bolted by the coil. Try removing the spark plug and ground it or just unplug the wire to the coil. Then connect a voltmeter across the red and black wires where you power up while running the kscan software. When you kick the bike over with the plug out you should see over 12 volts at the voltmeter telling you the stator is working ok. I think you just need a pick up coil. Did you phone dualsport plus to see if they have one. 😎
  13. Termignoni boot wear

    Hi think i found a clear protector for my carbon termignoni the sides were wearing and turning grey. I bought this stuff about fifteen years ago and still had it laying around so i tryed a small spot first a light scuff with 300 grit. Then brushed it on let it dry over night wow you couldn't tell it was worn. The heat dosnt bother it leaves a hard finish. If and when it wears add another coat. 👍
  14. Ossa TR280i Sensor Gasolina

    Sweet canada280 i will try that still waiting for my wheel bearings from ebay. So i can put my bike together again.
  15. Tr280i Diagnostic Software

    Ricarvar the the puller is 27mm 1.0 right hand thread. I have one but iam in bc. Remember to use a button or cut off a bolt head to protect the end of the crank and threads before you install the puller. The puller is the same one as gasgas pro.