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  1. "will be interesting to see how FIM wants the scorers to interpret the rule." I think we would all be interested, hope you post then and let us know....
  2. surely 11 21 31 41 etc ?
  3. Tried it and worked for me on a kindle tablet.
  4. interesting bibs
  5. i have looked at your photo`s and i must say the scenery is stunning you lucky so and so........
  6. terrifying or is that terrific ?
  7. Oh for the simple days when it was all about making progress, one dab, one point, two dabs or as many as you needed, three points and if the front wheel spindle stopped moving forwards, five. Sections had as many routes through them as you could find, you'd make your own decision which part you thought would be the best bit to get you through, no flags of various colours pinning you in. Walking the section and picking the route you deemed the best, learning from the better riders what would afford you the best grip..... it was the best of times.
  8. brilliant video !
  9. not sure how the above remark is intended,but for myself I`m interested otherwise I would not read this forum or have signed up for ORRe and as with all things make up my own mind right or wrong from there.....
  10. for DKW Peenemunde see
  11. moral of the story is ask Mrs shipdamite....
  12. did ALL the vertigo`s finish ? just asking.....
  13. just left click it right to left, then right click then choose open link......