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  1. Tiny bit of assistance required Yamaha xt125 trials

    Not quite following what you mean by "Plenty of spark but no ignition". Do you mean you have a spark at the plug but the engine's not firing up?
  2. Dave Cooper torque setting

    PM'd you f1wade
  3. AJP Front Brake Rebuild

    It's the grooves that have a wedge shape to the back of them, you'll see it in the profile of the seals once fitted
  4. Chain Tension & Wheel Alignment

    You could try measuring the distance from the swingarm pivot centre to the rear axle centre, should be the same both sides. That will tell you if your cams are correct. Maybes your wheel has been rebuilt with a different offset to the original, I'm sure someone on here could give you an offset reading from an unmolested wheel as a check.
  5. Tube tyre repair kit

    I just use Michelin heavy duty enduro tubes and carry a bog standard old style motorcycle puncture outfit. The HD tubes (not the ultra hd ones) seem to help guard aginst compression punctures. I don't personally carry any of the aerosol type repairs but I'm sure some will come along who do. One time I was spectating at the Manx Classic and the CoC took control of a puncture repair for a guy who had got left behind. He left the wheel in place, took the tyre off one side of the rim then slipped the tube out as far as poss without removing the valve from the rim. He then found and pulled a thorn out the tyre, pumped the tube up, found the leak, patched it and the guy was on his way in what seemed like minutes compared to taking the wheel out. Obviously not so easy to run your hand round the inside of the tyre to check it's clear but if there's an obvious cause then you're mostways there.
  6. Vinnie, go for the one with the wide neck, that way you can fill it at a petrol pump if need be as well as from your petrol can. The small diameter neck ones are a PITA, you need to use a funnel to fill them. Also, I recommend you get the clear Fuel Friend, saves covering your boots in petrol when filling them up. And you know how much is in it when part full. Like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Jerry-Can-2l-HDPE-Bike-ATV-Scooter-Fuel-Friend-Germany/1207932472?_trksid=p2047675.m4096.l9055 Craig
  7. TL 125s front forks

    This parts list might help Ron https://www.cmsnl.com/honda-tl125s-trials-1976-usa_model1106/partslist/F++05.html#results There's a picture of that top plug, p/n 13, and a spring clip that holds it in. By the shape of the spring seat you may have to depress said seat down about 6mm to gain access to the clip, p/n 16 Hope that helps.
  8. No problem, I've done similar a number of times. Just make sure you're totally road legal including the size of your number plate, if seen the Plod will likely pull you just for the novelty value.
  9. 4rt kickstart stop

    From the Gas Gas dealers list: Alspan Motorcyles North England 15 Nelson Street, Crook, Co. Durham, DL15 9HJ 07900288705 alspan.aw@googlemail.com
  10. M49 advice please!

    Great stuff Blueflag, I love this kind of work to keep the old ones going
  11. M49 advice please!

    Interesting bit of machining Blueflag, how tight a fit are you going for on your liner, given the different coefficients of expansion of steel / alloy? And how are you going to stop the liner from turning, just by the interference fit alone? Or with the aid of a bit of Loctite or similar? Cheers, Craig
  12. Swingarm Theory

    Correct Ross, at about 1.50 here
  13. Forgot about this novel trailer!
  14. petrol tank paint

    Hi Marky Boy, What kind of paint you using? The modern rattle can stuff seems to just dissolve at the first sniff of petrol.
  15. Jap zap & double blip timing tips

    Great slo-mo of Graham Jarvis double blipping here. Yes it's an enduro bike but all his techniques come from trials.