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  1. 4rt kickstart stop

    From the Gas Gas dealers list: Alspan Motorcyles North England 15 Nelson Street, Crook, Co. Durham, DL15 9HJ 07900288705 alspan.aw@googlemail.com
  2. M49 advice please!

    Great stuff Blueflag, I love this kind of work to keep the old ones going
  3. M49 advice please!

    Interesting bit of machining Blueflag, how tight a fit are you going for on your liner, given the different coefficients of expansion of steel / alloy? And how are you going to stop the liner from turning, just by the interference fit alone? Or with the aid of a bit of Loctite or similar? Cheers, Craig
  4. Swingarm Theory

    Correct Ross, at about 1.50 here
  5. Forgot about this novel trailer!
  6. petrol tank paint

    Hi Marky Boy, What kind of paint you using? The modern rattle can stuff seems to just dissolve at the first sniff of petrol.
  7. Jap zap & double blip timing tips

    Great slo-mo of Graham Jarvis double blipping here. Yes it's an enduro bike but all his techniques come from trials.
  8. Classic trials from the late 60s and SSDT 1970

    Fantastic snapshot of a bygone age, thanks for uploading these
  9. Honda Tl125's : No Good For Trials ?

    Now here if anyone's looking for it http://www.twinshock.org.uk/category/bike-projects/honda-tl125-s-1978/
  10. Easy to kick over

    Scorpa 125 4 stroke has to be the softest ever starter, you can start them using your hand. Not to everyone's taste of course and been a while since they were available, the last ones did have electric start though.
  11. ty 125 headlamp

    Something like these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-Pair-28mm-35mm-Black-Motorcycle-Headlight-Bracket-Fork-Mount-Universal/302096787604?epid=2165697583&hash=item46565f2894:g:17oAAOSw8gVX9KjX You might need a 6v bulb, sorry but I've no idea about TY electrics
  12. ty 125 headlamp

    Lots of stuff like this on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universal-Chrome-5-Round-Motorcycle-Headlight-Side-Mounted-Headlamp-Unit/200282945279?hash=item2ea1cb36ff:g:SdgAAOSwDwtUpU3O
  13. Need to true my wheels this week.

    If a nipple is tight, grip the spoke close to it with a set of mole grips then heat the nipple up before working it back and forth with WD40 to free it up. Don't try to free them without gripping them, it will end in tears... I've found the rear wheel ones are usually ok as they benefit from any lube thrown off the chain (I use old gear oil). It's the front ones that I've normally found to be seized.
  14. Scott type events for clubman / youths

    Used to be one not long after the Scott called the Little Bear Trial run by Seaton Delaval at Alwinton, Northumberland. Not sure they're running it as a T & O trial these days though.
  15. ty 125cc on road