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  1. Point taken. Offensive word amended. Sentiment left in. Regards. Outgoing site administrator.
  2. In my experience. NO.
  3. WOW. What a fantastic job they have done to get the Sherco engine in the old Scorpa chassis in such a short space of time. Looks like it is a bit further back in the frame than the old Yamaha LUMP. So it should ride a lot better and more like a normal bike. After having 2 SY's and never getting to grips with them I vowed never to get one again. But im very tempted now. Love the orange as well. Cant wait to blag a ride on one. Anyone know if they are going to do a 125 2 stroke? Is Birkett still importing them?
  4. Hi I tried them and didnt find them that much better. Had best results with standard plates and remove 2 (take out opposites) of the pressure springs and just run 4. The reduced pressure makes the clutch much easier to control and less on - off. The only downside is that you can get a little slippage at high throttle openings on the road and if wanting to be fast accross the moors. Worked for me for over 2 years with no real problems Chris
  5. I tried a Mitas 4.10 a while ago. The 4.10 is not a radial tire like the Mitas 4.00 or any other modern make, its a good old fashioned crossply. It appeared to be exactly the same size as a normal 4.00 trials tire but completely lacked grip on rocks. Not too bad on mud though. A secondhand Dunlop or Michelin would be far better all round. If you really feel the need for a new cheap tire, the latest Vee Rubber tires are pretty good and reasonably cheap. I have fitted a front one to my bike and honestly cant tell any difference between it and the Michelin I took off. But it cost half as much.
  6. Hi I managed to get a fantic 307 in a Peugeot 206 no problem. Take the front wheel and forks out as one unit. The back wheel and mudguard off and put the chain in a plastic bag to keep the inside of the car clean. It will then all fit in the back. No need to remove the front seat.
  7. Come on gents. FANTIC's? Great clubman bike, but how many World Championships, SSDT's, Scott's did they win? Hmmmmmm. Have another go lads.
  8. Not a serious trials tire. Way too hard on the rubber and sidewall. Ive got 2 new ones in the garage that came on bikes. Pay the postage and they are yours.
  9. Yes I think they are. Vote with your wallet and buy something else next time.
  10. I prefer it completely dry and clean. Any sort of grease just attracts mud and grit. Not something your family saloon comes across much of !!!
  11. And your point is? How many were Revs? and how many Evos? Or were you referring to the small number of entries at the trial?
  12. Damon There is nothing wrong with the Honda TLm's but they are no where as easy to ride as a modern bike. You would probably find them a lot harder work than a newer bike. The gasser is a better bet for a beginner. Better still find a 2001, 2002 or 2003 gasser TXT 250, not the PRO and not the 280. There are plenty around for under
  13. neoprene elbow support from boots chemist works for me