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  1. Original is definitely screwed into the frame however, it sounds as if the one you have is non standard. I would suggest the following way forward... Weld the right hand side nut to the shaft. The heat from welding may well be enough to loosen it off but if not you will need to heat the frame where the it screws into the left hand side (assuming that your non standard one does screw in. In short, heat is your friend
  3. You will need a VERY strong press and some heat
  4. Try Richard Allen 01933 314145 or 07917 406313
  5. Hook woods if there's something on. The water cress line
  6. Any trials on the 17th July around north Devon ?
  7. The Cub is always a compromise simply because of where the final drive sprocket is positioned in the engine. The best compromise in my opinion is to widen the swinging arm in order to move the tire away from the chain. Offsetting the engine slightly also improves this and to some extent these two modifications cancel out the bad effects of the other.
  8. Sorry. Yes it was full but should be space now
  9. I'm thinking of buying some hubs for my Bantam. I know Alan Whitton does some but others are also available. I'd love to hear peoples comments and suggestions as to the pro's and con's of each. For example, I understand the Whitton hubs require over size brake shoes. Prices would be good too.
  10. What chain size does everyone use ?
  11. Have you considered fitting a 225cc conversion kit to the Gasgas ? I love mine. Beautiful soft power and more than enough for a clubman. Even one of my build !
  12. Plenty of people to ride with but not much in the way of places to ride. Have you joined a club yet ? Where about's in Cambridgeshire are you ?
  13. Cracks in the reinforcement webbing at the headstock Clearance between the frame lower rails and the engine Broken tops to the ally fork legs where people have used levers to replace the fork seals Broken air box lugs Worn kickstart lever joint
  14. Earlier disc setups weren't much better than drums and worse in some conditions. If possible a floating disc is the best option. I use a 300 brake in my 240 hub without problem
  15. It is the same brake as the 300 The disc setup is a bit strange on this model (master cylinder behind number plate and cable operated) so fit one from a later model like the 303 instead. See Richard Allen for the parts. You will need... A front wheel with disc Master cylinder Caliper Hydraulic pipe Easy job Nice bike, Nick is a nice bloke too.