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  1. lurchio

    Hard starting 4rt

    The bike is an 05 and everything is std ecu map ect. The filter is clean and I have checked all electrical conections and they all seem to be clean and dry. Is it worth checking valve clearences and doing compression test? Thanks.
  2. lurchio

    Hard starting 4rt

    It's got a new plug and the gap is fine.
  3. Hi anyone had any experience or problems with the 4rt being hard to start? Is it most likely to be electrical(capacitator) or mechanical(compression) or something else? When it's running it feels a bit flat and doesn't sound sharp? Any advice appreciated.
  4. lurchio


    Thanks for all the replies guys. If anyone's got the name of those palm savers post on here thanks.
  5. lurchio

    No DK?

    I think he retired on the 2nd lap of the 1st day dew to an injury. It said on his website he twisted his leg. http://www.knighter.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=275:agony-for-knighter-in-spain&catid=19:latest-news&Itemid=396
  6. lurchio


    Any one got any advice for preventing blisters? I have tried quite a lot of things including chalk. It works for a bit but wares of eventually and then the blisters start.
  7. Is it possible for someone to create a torrent of the indoor trials like they do on the MX forums for the supercross? I am away from home a lot and usually miss it on TV so would really appreciate it.
  8. Is it possible for someone to create a torrent for download?
  9. lurchio

    Hells Gate

    What happened to Taddy? Was he even there? Great result for Doug and Graham
  10. Excellent pics slapshot! Thanks for putting them up.
  11. Awesome pic wetfeet thanks very much appreciate it. And if you got anything from Shaws Gutter slapshot that'd be awesome. Roll on next years Scott can't wait
  12. Excellent pics mate anymore stick them up. And if any one has any pics of #82 from early in the trial I would appreciate it. Unfortunatly my bike stopped somewhere between petrol check 2 and 3 with water in the engine and also lost the spark. Also like to say a big thank you to Harriet Peacock's #4 Mum and Dad for picking me and my bike up in the middle of no where. Can't thank them enough.
  13. Any chance of someone putting up a torrent link or something of that nature? I'm away from home at the minute and don't have eurosport. All I've got is computer and internet. So any torrents out there would be appreciated.
  14. lurchio

    07/08 Gasgas?

    Hi guys, Anyone no the difference between an 07 or 08 GasGas? If there is any? Any tips for buying 1 or owning1? Whats the good bits and the bad bits? Do they fall apart like a cheap watch?
  15. Hi Billy, Sorry to here about all your miss fortune on Saturday. But good on you mate for given it a go especially with a knee injury! I no just how hard and unforgiving the Scott can be when your injury free. So good luck with your training for next year and I hope you have some better luck on the day. It's great job your doin raising money for a great cause. So keep the donations coming in everyone.
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