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  1. stick some photos up and i can tell you roughly what year it is
  2. yeh mate this is not my report only getting more impute as i am biased as i would not have any other bike montesa is just the best how bout some more helpfull impute than that? thanks for all the helpfull replys i have receved so far
  3. thank you very much any impute i can get is helpfull.
  4. thanks very much for your replys. The report is, a report i have to do for english as part of my rural skills corse its mostly forestry and farming/ game keeping but i have to do one day a week core skills that consists of I.T i have passed maths i have passed and english i am doing now i thought i might as well do my report that i can do about any thing i want on some thing i enjoy so hear i am asking for your help my opinion is i love montesa's allways have and allways will be my favorite bike so i need other opinions to spice it up thanks again mark
  5. thanks very much just what im looking for any more feedback good or bad will be great
  6. I am curently doing a report on the success and Quality of the Honda Montesa 4RT so i would very much appreciate your views and opinions to these questions if you could also please stick your first name and where you are from that would be much appriciated so i have as meany sources from as many different areas as possible. 1, what is your opinions on the build quality on the montesa 4rt? 2, what is your oppinion's on the current possition of honda montesa 4rt in the trials market compaired to other makes of trials bikes? 3, what is your views on where honda should go to from hear should they continue with the 4 stroke or change back to 2 stroke trials bikes? 4, can you please tell me any good and bad points of the 4rt in your on opinion? 5, Do you think the honda montesa 4RT is the best trials bike that has ever been made (build quality,life expectancy,ride quality,market range]? Thank you all in advance your help is very much appriciated.
  7. Yeh i would take the swing arm off and grese the mAin bolt where it goes through the motor. At the same time stick one of the bolts from the linkage through the swingarm and. Heck for play do the same to the bottom and top of the suspension on the rose bush bearings
  8. you should be replaceing them needle bearings about 1 mabe 2 times a year thats why i changed and i am glad i did if u need a place to buy bearings let me know i have a good site to get them cheeper. all u need is the bearing number which i have have a good day out tommorow im gessing thats why your in such a rush
  9. look on h&d raceings web site they have a dog bone that is service free i bought one last year and not had to do anything to my one since.
  10. yeh the flat side goes in against the bearing. make sure you have the space the same eather side b4 u stick them in!!!.
  11. i personaly would buy a new one but a friend of mine used a red golf tea a soldering iron and a grinder he filled the crack on both sides with the golf tea melting it with the soldering iron and then once he had solderd it all he used a grinder to smoth it off you cold not see the crack was even there after he had finished it.
  12. Yeh h&d for the front brake and u can buy and did wheel its just the spacers that are difrent i thing certanly that was the case with my last sherco
  13. is it not gas that is in the rear shock of a 4rt?
  14. The 4rt is so not out of date at all and suposeing honda never made a new one for 5 years it would still be ok i dont follow the world rounds but i think fuji won the world round in fort william not so long agow and im prety sure he is rideing a montesa 4rt. Great bikes the build quality is 2nd to none it is the best made bike out there it rides like a dream and feels like your rideing an army tank. Honda nailed it with the 4rt there was no need to add a 300cc kit or mess about with any thing on it. All i need to do is feed it petrol and give it the odd oil change.
  15. mark1984

    4rt starting probs

    they are hard to get the hang off and some start difrent to other some need a flick of the throttle then kick it my own one i dont touch the throttle i just kick it and it gos i would try that dont touch the throttle at all just kick it. my friend kicks his montesa 4rt 1st kick too but when i try to kick his one it takes me a few kicks just cos his is set a bit difrent to my one my other friend has a gasgas 300 he kicks it 1st time and i cant start it at all most of it is getting the hand of it they are all a bit difrent.
  16. mark1984

    4rt starting probs

    I think it smells like petrol cos you are kicking it so much it is flooding. It could be the coil i do think the 2005 bikes are harder to start mabe u just need to get the hang of it
  17. i never use any thing to bleep my front brake i dont even touch the bleed nipple. i take the top off the resivoir then i losein the piston off from the lever and pump it and shake the pipe a little till all the air has bubbled shake out of the master cylander.
  18. you could try calling border bikes a call and asking them of any clubs in that area?
  19. thanks for all the replys i think they will manage to sort the fuel injection it cant be that hard to sort that out there are a lot of 2 stroke outboard boat engines have it as well as some honda 2 stroke donkey engines. hope it is all its cracked up to be when it finaly comes out.
  20. after sales is a big one if you ask me. its nice to know you have good folks to deal with if you have problems allways helps and i would rather give my money to some one who will look after my intrests.
  21. both very good bikes but i think the beta is ahead in the reliability and they ride very nice also they look nicer than the gassers too on the other hand the gasgas is a very nice bike if i was getting ont it would be the beta and it would be a 300.
  22. cain him he needs to learn when he is still young that he can not behave like that to any one no matter what sport it is. you should not behave like that to any one any time. name and shame should teach him a lesson
  23. thank you all very much for the replys. i have not gone for the hebo bolt on tank as 1 litre is not enough and they are very pricey for what it is i did not want to shell out 12+ gbp for them metal fuel bottles as they can be damaged. i did not know that about the fizzy drinks botttles and i will from now on be useing 1 litre coke bottles easy to replace from time to time and very cost efective thanks guys.
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