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  1. geodet

    2019 gearing?

    I am another 10/42 guy living in England. Another issue not mentioned here is that the stock chain is too short on a 2019 model to go 10/42. Just saying.
  2. This issue is not going away. My 2014 GG tank has swollen quite a lot. I always use super unleaded but as I live in the south west there appears to be ethanol in everything. Has any one discovered a new way to reduce this effect?
  3. geodet

    Test Rides

    I used mostly map 1 which is the default. The other 3 maps do make a noticeably differance unlike a Gas Gas mapping switch. A clubman like me probably would not play with them much as the motor is flexible enough in the default setting. If I remember correctly the system resets to the default every time you kill the engine. Are you really going to faff with the mapping before each section?
  4. geodet

    Test Rides

    I managed to get a Vertigo test ride on Sunday and I must say I was surprised by how impressed the bike left me. The test began with a brief of the features of the bike. As we know the fuel tank is low and the air filter sits under a cover on the false tank. The 9v rechargeable battery is also under this cover, well out of harms way. The battery is used to prepare the ECU before starting and is then recharged by the engine. Starting was easy but the amount of compression tells you it’s a 300. So what is like to ride? I am in my early 50’s and normally ride a 250 gasser. I was expecting the Vertigo to be a bit of a handful but not a bit of it. The engine is smooth and runs cleanly whatever you do with it. The gearing is low with 4 usable gears in the sections and 2 more for the roads and trails. The engine pulled 4th gear up a slippery climb from a standing start with ease showing plenty of power. The fuel injection system provides an amount of engine braking but to be honest I never really noticed it. I am one of those people who believe that many marks are lost by people being over biked but at no time in the test did I feel this bike getting away from me. I would not normally consider anything over 250cc but the Vertigo changed my mind. I would be happy to ride one of these as it is. The sales pitch highlights the stability and you get no argument from me. Equipped with the excellent Reiger shock and low centre of gravity the bike is very forgiving and a joy to ride. The steering is neutral with plenty of lock and no tendency to wash out or tuck in. Vertigo has been playing with different exhaust arrangements for a while and the final rendition does the job. However, the final version in not repackable which is about the only negative I came away with. I will wait to see what the TRS is like but the Vertigo is now definitely on my wish list which I wasn’t really expecting.
  5. All modern bikes are such fun to ride you would be better just finding the best deal you can and dont get hung up on a make. i do agree with the 250 route though. Stop thinking about it and just get out and ride!
  6. If there was an event I would not be there. I will be my local service as always, giving thanks for the freedom we have to ride at all.
  7. I run 80:1 but buy my fuel 4 litres a time. The oil then works out at a convenient 50 cc. 4000 / 80 = 50. Not sure where you are located but be aware fxstbi calculations are for American gallons.
  8. geodet

    Keihin For 250

    I see that the 2014 250 will be fitted with the Keihin carb. Is this for performance reasons or cost? Is there a reason to consider an upgrade? If so, are there other considerations such as ignition mapping with a Keihin? I have no particular problem with the del orto apart from what I can only describe as inconsistency. It runs perfectly in one section and fluffs up a bit on the next. This is subtle but definitely there. I clear the engine before each section but it still happens. Any insights gratefully received.
  9. Just chopped in my Sherco for my first ever Gas Gas. Soooo excited for the weekend.
  10. geodet

    Fuel Mix Sherco

    Or just buy 4L of fuel, then the mix is a convenient 50ml for 80:1
  11. I agree with 80:1 using a good quality synthetic. There really is no point in using more oil. The trouble is that 5L of fuel at 80:1 is an awkward 62.5ml of oil. I buy my fuel 4L at a time which is a much more convienient 50ml of oil.
  12. Can you help? I have acquired a 2011 250 that still has the lights fitted. Can you just disconnect them or is there more to it? I seem to remember that there used to be issues with the fan a few years ago.
  13. geodet

    2012 sherco

    I rode a 290 last week. First impression was how smooth the bottom end seems. I am not sure if it was just newness or if they really have finally sorted out the carburation and engine mapping. I liked the way they have neatly moved the radiator down, but now its out of the way they could have shaved off a bit of the bottom yolk to increase steering lock. Otherwise I am not sure I see the point. A very good looker - I want one!
  14. somewhere in the forum it has said use automatic transmission fluid (ATF) Sounds odd to me Why would you want to? Anyone care to comment.
  15. geodet

    Boyesen Reeds

    I was given a set for free and have fitted them to my 2011 250. They are dead easy to fit but I kept the standard reed stops. Dont know why, they just look more up to the job. If you are unsure what I am talking about it will be obvious when you take the old reed block out. I have only ridden one easy trial like this but noticed a smother ride throughout. I was never completly confident with the 250 right down on the pilot jet but I am very pleased with it now. More consistant idle - smother into the mid range. I cant speak for the top end as it wasnt that type of trial. Recommended There is loads of stuff in the forum about reeds if you care to search.
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