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  1. I just put a little strainer on the air intake.
  2. http://www.scalviniracing.com/eng/foreign-dealers.jsp
  3. For a year I use the german "quick out" system, which will be build in/out in half a hour: https://www.quickout.de/caravan-expansion-for-van/ It is ideal for the safe transport of motorcycles and for a comfortable overnight stay at the training ground. I use it firmly mounted in a L2H2 Opel (Vauxhall) Movano B = Nissan NV 400 = Renault Master III.
  4. Sorry, but the vent part no. is the same for 2005->2014
  5. With the increase in bore for the 2014 Cota, Honda changed the injection mapping to reduce engine braking.
  6. With a little work you can adapt an Uni-Filter or a K&N in the stock airbox. This increases airflow without having disadvantages with wet or muddy conditions.
  7. Rollox

    Tlr200 Cdi

    Hi, have a look here: http://www.classictrial.co.uk/hondacdi.html In germany some boys have tested different chinese "racing" 5pin CDI for 125/150ccm 4stroke pitbikes. If you buy 4 different chinese CDI, 3 will be rejected production but the last one will run well with the TLR200.
  8. Rollox

    Repsol Idle Screw

    For those boys who are playing with the idle screw 10 times a day: http://www.vitititaniowtc.com/en/motorcycle-accessories-parts/light-part-ddm-prodotti-per-moto-trial.html "New ergal regulations minimum without tools for Montesa 4RT. Weight 7 gr.", about 16,- EUR Attention: there is no O-ring included and Montesa don´t sell it separate.
  9. 4RT 260/ 2014: about 85 hours on counter, fed with german E10 fuel and Total Quartz 9000 Energy 5W-40 full synthetic, oil changes every 20 hours, it starts first/ sometimes second kick and runs perfect, just the first plug in because it looks like new. A pal with same bike but another engine oil (10W40 half synthetic) kills the plug every 20 hours. Is the engine oil making the difference?
  10. Rollox

    4Rt Hotstart

    When did the problem appear for the first time? Only after you have got the machine and have screwed onto it or already with the previous owner? If the previous owner has had no problems with it, you should check / repeat everything what you have touched and changed. By the way: check the tank ventilation. It does not fit really to the mistake description, however, it is good over and over again for surprises...
  11. Hi there, http://www.tytrials.co.uk/trailandtrialsuk/prod_4227672-Replacement-Sump-Guard-TLR250-TLR200-Reflex.html http://www.snezzy.be/index.php http://www.kindsvogel.de1.cc/ I got the alloy cast sump guard from Kivo, it`s like snezzy sells. Good protection for the crankcase covers.
  12. Rollox

    Tlr 200 Domino Throttle

    Hi, You can take a venhill universal throttle kit. Rollox
  13. Rollox

    New 4Rt Mods

    First once enjoy this miraculous motorcycle. Then pay attention to short change intervals and good oil quality for engine, gearbox and fork and give new grease to the bearings of the swingarm linkage one or twice per year. Then you will have long pleasure with your 4RT. I changed clutch/brake levers to the short S3 Digit, the S3 World handlebar to the higher S3 Buffalo, also fitted S3 End5 end plugs and a stronger bashplate/ linkage protector from KIVO (Germany). And I`ll never ever give it away!
  14. Rollox

    Best 4Rt Sump Guard

    I`m happy with a 6,5 mm strong "KRC-Unterfahrschutz" (Art.-Nr.: KRC.UM1) and a Linkage Protecor (Art.-Nr.: KRC.LPM1) from KIVO, Germany. Have a look here: http://www.kindsvogel.de/shop/->Zubehör -> KRC Trial-Parts http://s1227.photobucket.com/user/Rollox/media/Montesa%20Cota%204RT%20260/20150316_114344.jpg.html
  15. You`re welcome. But it´s no magic because the memo was enclosed to the kit... It´s the copy of the 20th copy so it isn´t possible to picture it here.
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