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  1. I would guess that it would not be that much cheaper buying from the uk dealer. Your heli part were probably quite cheap compared to mitani bits, so if you put in an order a grands worth of bling, customs will probably find out and you will have to pay the import duty(i think the tax free limit is
  2. Before you remove the small bolts on the clutch, take out the centre allen bolt and the whole assembly comes out in one piece. You can then work on it on a bench just in case you drop a small screw into the engine!!
  3. PM me with your email address and I will fire them over Thanks gizza5....Exactly what I needed. cheers
  4. de-watering oil......Is that the geordie word for wd40???!!
  5. Does anyone have a copy of the parts manual and service manual in pdf format. It used to be on the us montesa site. I had it but my pc crashed the other day and I have lost all my information. cheers richard
  6. From memory the 03 and newer airbox/seat are much better than the 02 type. The 02 airbox has the electrics going through it and is prone to water incursion. The downside is that the last time I priced one they were about
  7. I have used DID chains for a couple of years now and find them very good. They are very heavy duty compared to the iris and they are
  8. Lee , can you get the price for this one anyway....looks nice! Do they have to come direct from europe or is there a uk importer.
  9. Easiest way to get them out is to cut a slot in the top of the bolt then put an impact driver on it and give it a swift whack to release the loctite.
  10. rhaines

    Chain Prices

    DID Chains are very good too. I have used them for a couple of years now without any problems.
  11. merd..... thanks for the info, looks like I'll just be practising for a couple of weeks
  12. Hi, Does anyone know if there are any saturday trials in the north east for the next couple of weeks 18th and 25th november cheers
  13. rhaines

    Beta 4-stroke

    Maybe a stupid question, but on andy's posted pics what are two buttons for between the bar clamps (red & black)???
  14. Super dandy great but you still havent answered the question........WHERE DID YOU GET IT FROM?????????????
  15. I had a mitas tyre on my last bike. when I bought it I asked asked about the brand and I was told that they were made in the continental tyres factory in czech republic.
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