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  1. just got a sherco 200 new piston and bearing rings etc split the cases fitted new main bearings etc basically a full engine rebuild it knocks/pinks really loudly it cant be mechanical as its all new but runs superb lots of power etc. when i lay the bike running on its side the knocking stops (either side) tried super unleaded and moved the needle up all to no avail. Any ideas as im going deaf
  2. HI been building wheels or years. to check the offset remove the tyre put a straight edge on the brake side (where the drum fits in) long enough to reach the rim. Then measure the gap between the straight edge and the rim this is the offset distance. This is only correct if the wheel HAS the original offset. make sure the wheel looks central and even both sides of the forks/swinging arm. Cheers Peter
  3. Can anyone remember the trials holiday firm in majorca i think it was run by a german company? this was a few years ago tho
  4. scrappington

    4rt 2009 ?

    New 300cc 4t Beta out soon (insider information)
  5. Dont get me going (see other forum)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ARGHHHHHH CLEARS ! , FIASCOS ! , CABESTAN ! ,the bloke off motors TV comentary has emigrated to Eurosport. I am getting to the stage where I have to watch it muted. Wingin again justifiably!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. As greatefull as i am to have trials on tv couldnt they have a comentator that actually knows wot a trials bike is. If you had been watching you will have heard that (i think) a 5 is now a FIASCO???????????????????????????? and Albert Cabestany is now called Cabestan. AND the American trials on mav why does everything have to be a extravaganza bloody Americans!!!!!! Please give Jack Burnicle lots of cash and let him do the comentries. Still very grateful! Thank you winge now over normal service will now resume
  8. Found this at 4 in the morning !(got flu cant sleep). X league TV Sky channel 279, they are currently showing all the 2007 american trials championship, look for NA Trials, its on for a hour a time and has really good footage if you can cope with the hot digidee comentary. It seems to be on at all hours so you will have to search the listings!
  9. Funny that im of to spain on tuesday for two weeks in Mojacar. What will i do , how will we cope without trials for all this time?
  10. scrappington


    If the offset has been lost the wheel can be rebuilt in the swingarm/forks and adjusted to centralise to the correct offset. done loads like this ! just putting the spokes in the wheel will not automatically set the offset. I built a ty80 big 19 inch wheel that had to be built in the front forks last week as the offset had been lost, its not a particularly hard job.
  11. Found this in classic bike june 1992
  12. You have all missed the point of this cancellation, its all about world trials domination IE Argentina isnt spanish SO the Spanish get a bigger percentage of the indoor championship and BRITAIN gets nowt Hence the Spanish World championship. Oh and they have their own home champs. Now to angry to continue typing goin to the pub to rant there.
  13. Looks like we will all have to suffer for scumbags who cause disturbance. Yet another backdoor tax. do you think plod will know one bike from another when its been caught 12 months later which isnt registered or has a frame number. a lot of riders dont reg their bikes as they will never be used on road now they will have to pay the
  14. I am trying to find a rear tyre for my sons big wheel ty80, it must be a proper block tread trials tyre . the tyre appears to be a 3.00 x 18 or 3.50 x 18, If someone knows the original tyre fitment even better Thanks.
  15. In 2005 and 2006 I posted an article on the forums reguarding the fairness of indoor trials,Last year we had 2 Hoorah Sheffield and ireland. I noticed this year we excelled in having NO indoor World Championship events but the Spanish get 4. Sheffield was not a championship round. WHATS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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