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  1. Trials and tribulations have one in stock @£162 !!!!
  2. Hello,any benefit in changing the standard clutch slave on a beta evo 300,2018 for the "factory red" version ? ( e.g bigger bore for a smoother clutch ??).
  3. I've just change my fuel cap to the csp,really nice bit of engineering.My only concern with the csp is when i need to use the hebo extra fuel tank, no place on the csp to mount the fuel pipe.
  4. welsh beta

    Beta evo linkage

    Bearing number is:Hk15142rs The seal number is:15×21×13 2rs. Hope this is of help.
  5. My beta 250,2010 has been the same.remove the petrol tap,clean the filter on the tap and clean the carb.my bike has never been better.also check the play in the throttle cable.like a said my bike is a 250 and these issues might be differance on the beta 80,got to be worth a try....
  6. Hello.can the crank seals on the above bike be change without splitting the engine ? Thanks.
  7. welsh beta

    Evo Fuel Filter

    Hello.does the 2010 evo have this fuel filter in the tank ? Thanks.
  8. welsh beta

    Evo Gearbox

    Mine is a 2010 and my next buy was going to be 2013 !!! .does anybody know if Beta has cured this problem on the 2014 model ??
  9. welsh beta

    Evo Gearbox

    Anybody know of a supplier of the ipone oil in the UK ? Would like to give it a try.
  10. welsh beta

    Evo Gearbox

    What help it for me was to lightly rub the steel plate with a fine emery paper.this is after i done the clutch mode.what year is your Beta ?
  11. I've turned quite a few irc tyre without any problems.Go ahead .....
  12. Can somebody tell me what should be the standard size rear wheel sprocket on the above bike ? thanks
  13. Search ezlock carbon insert inserts on e bay Duncan.hope this is of help.
  14. Duncun,i'm not a fan of helicoils.been a engineer by trade i've come across a lot of them over the years.they are ok as a temp job but i allways advice people to use the steel insert instead.these are ready available of e bay or any engineers suppliers.
  15. welsh beta

    New Decals

    Try trials and trubilations web site.that man has them all.
  16. Thanks for all the replys.i dont want to remove the bearing to find the number until i get a new one.ive checked various site for prices,they average about £33 each.i found it quite pricey just for a small bearing.i reckon i can get them much cheaper going to a main bearing dealer.
  17. welsh beta

    Evo Bearing Kit

    No after market bearing kit is available for the evo.
  18. Hello.does anybody know the bearing number(not the beta part number) on the rear shock on a standard evo 2010 ? Its a spherical type i think. thanks.
  19. welsh beta

    Side Stand Fix.

    Hoodie,try cast steel insert,far better than helicoil.these are available on e bay in all sizes.beta,a fantastic bike best on the market but are let down by this issue.hope this is of help.
  20. Dan.just a little update on the bike since i did the emery paper job on the clutch plate. I have now spend a few hours on the bike and it like a new bike,clutch,find gears without any problem.it hard to beleive that just deglaze the steel clutch plate has made so differance.i cant explain how bad this clutch was. Many thanks for your advice.
  21. Dan,jump on that plane and come over to Wales for a holiday/Beta repairs.ha,ha.Google Snowdonia,Wales that where we are. 0007,thanks for your reply.i'm off for a few days holidays now.i'll try your advice a.s.a.p and will let you know the result.like Dan said in his last post 'this might be a Beta thing' .if it stays as it is now after the emery work i can handle it. thanks boys !!
  22. Dan.i've just finish the emery cloth job to the steel plate and yet again a oil change.i took it for a small ride and was a lot better.yes the clutch does work and it the stifness to change the gears that the problem on all gears.yes its essier to change by hand.where are you based Dan,Uk ??
  23. Thank you Dan,i will try that just before i buy a new clutch.it such a pig to change.no way can i change gear in a middle of a section.i litery have to force it into gear.she was a lot better after the clutch mod but just after one trial she is back the same.i change my oil after every two trial,putoline light gear oil.if i just knew what the size of the pads when they are new that would help a lot.will let you know how i get on.......
  24. Peter,you are a star.thank you.2.5 and 2.7mm not much differance.think it time for a clutch change.yes i have done the clutch mod '.will let you know how she is after a new clutch. best regards.
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