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  1. Hi all, does anyone know the best place to get 4rt engine parts from, piston kit ,gasket set, bearings etc.......steve
  2. H and D racing or banyeres do long ones .
  3. Has to be waterside, best club by miles also a few trials at Lymington
  4. Sad sad news RIP *munch*
  5. 2 good knees and maintenance cos I have a 4rt !!!!! :-)
  6. H and D one is by far the best guard and by far the best quality.............l.
  7. Get the disc very hot (almost smoking ) by riding with it on and then tip a gallon of cold water over the disc...................job done
  8. Search for frankfield garage,
  9. Bill had second hand and new in stock.
  10. Fair play, glad to hear you did well, and the wife she'll get over it ! :-)
  11. H and D links are as good as you'll get I have them on my 2012 repsol ! :-)
  12. Enjoy yourself I Started again after a 25 year lay off and won the over 40 club championship !!!!!!!!the wobbly ness doesn't last long :-)
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