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  1. Go to your local post office and ask for a V10 this should cover your prob, but ask the post master to be sure, good luck
  2. The new license holders will only be able to carry there bike on the back, Car or Pick-up) or in a van, as its another test to tow a Trailer, so I gather.
  3. Are we all looking for the results now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks Racey (Trials Central Team)
  5. Has anybody got a link for a list of entrants to the Lomax Novogar, South Liverpool clubs trial tomorrow??? thanks
  6. James Dabill 3ml, Dan Thorpe 10ml, Ben Morphett 15ml,
  7. Try Metcheck http://www.metcheck.com/V40/UK/FREE/today....zipcode=Evesham
  8. Results here:- http://atschool.eduweb.co.uk/alison.thomas...0%20Results.pdf
  9. comorph

    6 Day Reg No

    Man after my own heart, I was stopped more than once for mine. I was stopped by a dog hand, my parting remark to him was now you can tell your mates "I pulled over a RC45"
  10. Final Results, Expert & Schoolboy A White Route. Novice, Twinshock Schoolboy B over 40 Blue route. (Beky & Emma road the White Route) http://www.worthingtrialsclub.com/_sgg/m3_1.htm
  11. Jacks 16 now, and yes he is doing France
  12. here's a snip. Berelas 8 Catone 9 Motin 12 Ben Morphett 15 other Brits dont know the places Jon Richarson 25 and Jack Shepard 27 Massive Big Rock on Banks totally alian to the Brits, Phill said it was 1st gear and stand on it
  13. Thanks for the Links M&S, I could not find them
  14. Give Mo-Jo a call on 01227 789090 he build up my trials boot and stitched the existing sole back on. Mo Jo works full time repairing racers and speedway riders leathers but started on making shoes for special needs people.
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