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  1. Try doodson they no about trials bikes they sponser the MRS sherco team. My sons for an evo 290 at 17 years old
  2. Any way as the ACU hand book says that fuel aditives are forbiden SO STOP USEING IT. And i no how to tune a 125 gasgas with loads of bottom end, mid range and top end that rev that hard it will make your ears bleed. But if i told you how to do it i would have to shoot you so sorry.
  3. Ben Morphett 3 Sam Haslam 7 Sam Conner 8 Andy Chilton 9 Alexz Wigg 11 James Fry 12 Ross Danby 13
  4. no1

    Gasgas Electric System

    Themostate wires 1 will go to earth and the other to a white wire yellow wires 1 goes to stator the other for lights etc
  5. go for the beta much better bike and the build quality is 99% beter than a gasgas
  6. no1

    Scott Results

    he must of been he came first i had a text from Wiggy with the results Alexz and Grimbo were equal 1st on obs
  7. no1

    Scott Results

    grimbo dibs wiggy
  8. What would gg uk say about this then an 08 bike
  9. If it were mine i would take it back to gasgas uk if you had an 08 car that the chassis broke they would replace it
  10. Mr spea said to me in france that is why the manufactures want to change to no stop because they have spent lots of money developing the 4 stroke and no one wants them and no stop will suit them, its a shame that the rules have to be changed because of money
  11. no1

    Rev-3 Carb Hiccup

    point your atmospheric pipes upwards and overflow pipe downwards as the same as the evo carb mod what is on beta uk website
  12. between the the 2 rods inside the shaft have you put the ball bearing in
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