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  1. gazz

    HI mate

    Can you give me a call on 07748110911 about sending out the Jitsie Jacket by post.



  2. I've painted a couple of fibreglass or composite tanks and have always used a good quality filler primer the same as what auto painters use on car bumbers. Go to a local auto paint supplier and tell them what you are going to paint and they will advise on the best product to buy. As bullylover says, ensure your prep is 100% and dust free because it will show on the final coats. Use fine grit sand paper to flat the primer coats smooth. Good luck.
  3. I have a 2019 Beta 200 and Its so forgiving and great to ride. Plenty of soft power and has the grunt if needed. Try one out you will not be disappointed.
  4. A mild degreasing agent will remove the adhesive with a bit of elbow grease as advised above.
  5. I dont think there is any difference in the position of the mudguard fixings on the forks. Just fitted one to my 2019 Beta 200 and found when fitted there was no space on the brace to feed the brake cable through unlike the original beta mudguard. I cut out and filed a space for the cable to sit neatly and it looks good. There is a hole pre drilled on the Bosi brace and I was told this was for attaching a cable tye to keep the cable secure.Thought It looked crap so cut out a notch. Gaz
  6. Well Gouger are you thinking of a Beta 4 banger?
  7. I ride a 200 Beta and Find that I ride the bike in the sections and not the bike riding me if you know what I mean. I have had montesas and Gas Gases in the past including the 200 Gas Gas but found the Beta to be really smooth on the power and finds grip in any conditions plus you are not getting your arms ripped out of your sockets when you are knackered at the end of the trial. I know what my next bike is going to be.
  8. gazz

    Rev3 Air Filter.

    So when do you pick her up : Hey Mark, Have you tried one of these 07 's out yet? If you have what are they like as Ive not had a chance to try one but. we have a club Trial 3 Dec, do you fancy it?
  9. gazz

    Beta 4-stroke

    Could Big John be making a space in his garage for one to go along with the collection?
  10. AJ I know the sec at IDMCC and he is usually a helpfull guy, I dont think he would be that arsey mate.Try him again tomorrow, he's probably had a bad day. May be.
  11. Sent Steve the Info but he's not been back in touch mate.
  12. I really want to ride the Lakes Two Day this year, I hear its a fantastic event and a great weekend but dont know what to expect section wise. Is the Trial run on a single route or is there dual route sections? Iam a novice rider and dont want to be in above my head. Any advice would be very welcome.
  13. HI John, Just a note to say a big thank you to all of the guys from the Inverness Club for putting on a fantastic Trial.I was as stiff as a board for a couple of days but well wort it.Same again next year.A big thank you to Malcolm and the boys who marked the sections out. Gary
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