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  1. Noise is a big issue in our club. I know that personally the two events a year my club puts on would come to a stop if the bikes were loud. So far the only "loud" bike I have heard is the Montesa 4rt when it is uncorked. The Beta 4T is very quiet and the new Sherco 4T seems to be not as offensive as the 4RT when opened up. Personally I believe that all motorcycle manufactures have gone thru great pains to design a quiet yet functional exhaust for all off road bike in general. I also believe that they (the manufacturers) realize that the more riding land that is lost new bike sales may strongly be affected in a negative way. It is up to the clubs to enforce some typ of "common sence noise enforcement" at the local events. If someone shows up with a uncorked 4RT at a local event then they need to put the baffles back in before they can ride. No high tech equipment should be needed to test for noise.. If it sounds loud then it is loud. If the clubs do not say something then the neighbors sure will and thats when it could get ugly! At our event we have had as many as 65 - 70 trials bikes at once running around the farm and the property owners on each side never heard a thing. One even asked if we had a bike show cause he saw the bikes coming into the property but never heard any run....so he thought it must of been some kind of show?
  2. biff you just gotta pull the Gasser on a trailer into the pits with the Trivent...yeah you may have to push a little but it sure would be a crowd favorite.
  3. For me its the wider the better. A wide bar seems to help me find balance better/faster and gives me a solid feel on the bike.
  4. Sam Very nice. Thank you for the effort you are putting into your club! First class!
  5. it is always difficult to lay out an event knowing rain may strike. We really do put allot of work into the events and it is a shame when the weather goes bad like it did. Personally I think the heat was more of a factor than the slick conditions. The ones with the positive attitudes seemed to be getting good 2nd laps in and told me they thought it was only getting easier. They just had to go slow due to heat and then the rain came. Those that complain from the start make it very hard on themselves to enjoy the day. I personally do not think it should be expected to drop under 10 points per event but some seem to have grown used to it? Weather is hard to plan around when your sidtting on Clay! We really try to have a open "National style" section layout. In most sections it is not necessary to hop at all. If you can hope it may better your line but it is not necessary. Lets hope for better weather for the fall event. We would of had some very low scores if the rain did not hit. Those that only had 2.5 to 3 laps in really were hurt with the extra points in 5's.
  6. Zippy Don't let the big rock get to you..if there is one thing I have learned its that the big rocks don't bother me.... its the falling off them that hurts.
  7. I remember the double jump at the end of Goodyear highway and it is safe to say that at no time did it ever enter my mind to try to jump from one to the other on my Beta. Infact I was sure those were two single jumps??? Whats a double??? I was perfectly content rolling over each one at a time. It would be worth the trip just to see Joe hoisting the Sherco thru the air. I agree, A class may be a little upset if a trials bike wins ....Again it would be worth the drive just to watch that. Someone video it for me since I have to work on our event for Sunday. I hope all that go are still planning on making it to Metamora Trials event on Sunday. It should be a good one!
  8. Zippy...come on now..I stock bars just for you anyway so you may as well use them up ...right??
  9. I just wanted to thank the Commo family for the support once again at the Nationals. It sure is nice to have everything there if needed. A special thanks to Ron Lee for his time on his dime for supporting the Beta crew, it was very much appreciated! Now if I could just get the dust out of my lungs!! Scott
  10. Are you all aware that in 2007 the Beta redesigned the frame? 20mm lower in height and also 20mm narrower in seat area. Shame on Beta for not calling this a new bike but it really was. I believe Beta has done a great job in reducing weight off the frame while keeping it strong. Ever ask yourself why Gas Gas, Sherco keep coming out with new frames? Same reason they stock frames in the support trucks, they need them around for failures, not if but when. If it takes 3 to 4 more pounds to keep the Beta reliable then I'll take it. My 07 Rev 3 felt totally different than my 04 did. Many changes and improvements over frame, suspension and engine. My 08 is a improvement over the 07 model. Similar chassis feel but the engine is much stronger. Maybe it is a marketing mistake to have kept the bike badged a Rev 3 since some judge a new bike by a name change??? Next time you see a 2000 Rev3 sitting next to a 2008 Rev 3 ask the guys if you can ride each for 5 min. then get off them and say they "haven't changed".
  11. Zippy Don't over think it, it is nothing more than a long NOV - INT section. What makes it difficult is trying to ride it at a faster rate. Most guys in the B - C class will arm pump so you could actually maintain a safe pace at the beginning and catch the faster guys (if they are faster?) on the last couple of laps. It's a fun event and is not a bike basher at all. I really don't see how you could hurt anything on the bike.. I agree take both if you want but I think you will end up on the Sherco. Plus hey if you break parts I need the business right..
  12. To those of you who were not able to make this event last year let me tell you that you missed out! The Bent Wheels guys are a class act and put alot of hard work into the track so that the riders could have a great day...and that we did! The track is layed out so that both Novice and Expert riders can enjoy themselves. Of course I have not seen this years track but I am sure it will only be better. Mark it down as a must if you can fit it in your schedule. Now that I said that I think I have to miss it due to our Metamora Trials the following day....Dang!
  13. Last year at the Cotapaxi National they "were not" required during the days of the event for those competing in the event. I do not believe this year would be any different. The one thing I am unsure of is could someone practice at the grounds on Friday the day before the event without one?
  14. NATC papers came in the mail yesterday.
  15. Ishy Thanks for the info. My entry was post marked on the 24th so I should be good to go. Hopefully in the mail today. Lots of other good info also, thanks.
  16. Back to original post..I still have not received my NATC confirmation papers?? Ishy, glad to hear that you recently received yours, maybe they are on the way. Anyone else not get theirs yet??
  17. Assuming you are talking about the CO. National then the answer is NO. Others I've spoken with have not received anything either.
  18. Thanks for the pictures, it looks like a new tire is not necessary. So if a ORV from our home state will be excepted in CO. than that is not a problem. We can get an ORV here in Michigan at any department store. Meijer, Wal Mart, etc. Thanks Again for the info. Yes Sam a spark arrestor is a must in CO. I can get some prices to you if it helps.
  19. widrace You are correct in hearing that my Dad took a hard fall. (Dick DeBolt). He may have to break down today and go get things looked at. His shoulder was injured and he is having trouble lifting his arm up and he thinks he either bruised or cracked a rib, he is very sore and is unable take a deep breath without feeling it. Kinda makes for a log day sitting in a tractor for 8-10 hours with a bad shoulder and rib feeling every hole in the tree field. He always leaves Flint with a battle wound.
  20. JMck Thanks for the tips. I rode the Cotapaxi Nat. lastyear and you are correct about the loss in power.,that takes some getting use to. That was my 07 Rev with a Mikuni that I was very familiar with. The Keihin I have yet to mess with much so thanks again for the tips. It will be nice to have it jetted close so that fine tuning can be done with air screw? I doubt I'll get that lucky though. Plus Ron should have everything figured out by the time we come stumbling in.. Thanks Again.
  21. Anyone in the Canyon City Colorado area have some jetting tips for the 2008 Keihin equipped Rev 3 270's for riding in that area. It looks like the elevation is around 5300 ft in Canyon City, In Michigan we are around sea level so soome jetting changes may be required. We would like to get the bike close so that I can relax more when we arrive. Thank You.
  22. Last year for the National in Cotapaxi Co I showed up with a brand new Dunlop 803 on the back of my bike.. Yeah, I was that one guy with a new tire...So after destroying a good tire and finding out that it is near impossible to spin on those rocks I find that we are headed back to CO. in a couple more weeks but to different grounds. My question is to anyone familiar with the Canyon City terrian, is it like Cotapaxi where a 10 year old dry rotted IRC would be fine or would a nice new tire help more. Same rock texture as Cotapaxi? any mud? any loose dirt? water? To better help answer the question I will be riding the Support line and others coming along will be riding the ES line.
  23. Good Event on Sunday.. Thanks to all the Bent Fenders who put the time and energy to make it happen. Perfect weather, almost a little warm but 3rd gear and a little extra speed in the mud bogg and it made a real nice mudd layer to block sun rays. Congrats to Jim G. for a solid win in the EXP class!! That was some good riding! Also To Mason D. in the INT class, he was pumped all the way home..
  24. I am just about ready for Sunday...Just a couple more sheetmetal screws in the old Dunlop and it's ready!!!
  25. Spring. at 215lbs you should be fine with the stock spring.(unless 2T Montesa) In the past I have removed the stock spring from my new bikes and measured on a spring rate machine. I would then go up 15% stiffer and have a new spring made. Be careful on going to stiff since it could shift loads and cause failures to mounts or bolts. You should not need to preload your spring anymore than 75- 85% for your weight. To much spring and it becomes very difficult to hold a line on the rolling rocks. I have learned to actually start with about a 50% preload on the spring and ride for 30 minutes. If I feel its to soft I go up one turn then ride again etc. When you preload to far you will feel the bike want to pitch you off line easily. I'd say to error on the side of soft. Lets just say I wish I only weighed 215 so I have to really pay attention to the suspension on each bike I get. It usually takes a couple weeks to get it right then everything breaks in and I have to tweak it again. The Montesa 2 strokes I rode seemed very soft in the rear, I used to go 15% stiffer on those. I now ride Beta's and have left the stock springs in place and preloaded to about 80%. Handlebars.The average bend for a pair of trials handle bars is 820mm (width) 100mm(height) 48-50degree (sweep). Personally I am not a fan of risers or using a bar height of over 106mm. I am 6'3", unfortunatly I think its all in the kness being bent more which will help to look up and take weight off the bars as well. These are my opinion's and everyone has one.
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