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  1. Biff Rev 3 gear box takes 500cc of oil during oil change. I just received my bike in this week so if all goes well I will start riding soon. Goof luck to you the 4 of you Michigan guys down South.
  2. I agree 100% but try teling that to a retired 64 year old powertrain Engineer. He has to mess with everything. He did spike my interest with the reduction in clutch effort though. Nothing is a replacement for quality time on the bike but if a 25% reduction can be had in clutch pull effort without any negatives it is worth it. Now that he is in the Senior class his arms give out sooner than his younger years, this is why he is play around with his clutch.
  3. Below are some test ran by my Father in the efforts to reduce clutch pull efforts. This is in ref to a 2007 Rev 3 250 however I suppose it would apply to all Rev models. On a post several months back I saw a topic on removing two of the 6 clutch springs to reduce the clutch pull effort. I have been told since then that this may cause the clutch to slip under extreme conditions. I have a Dad with to much time on his hands and he has been playing with his clutch effort and came up with this. I am wondering if anyone has tried this and what the results were. Here in Michigan it is difficult to test with the cold and deep snow. Clutch pull measurements taken using a RCBS Premium digital trigger pull scale (8oz - 8lb) placed at the end of the lever next to ball. 8 pull test were taken at each stage than an avg was taken from that. 1.Stock Clutch pull = avg 6.9lbs lbs. 2.Clutch plates & pressure plates cleaned up to remove burrs. = avg 6.6lbs 3.Next test was removing 2 springs using 4 springs total = avg 5.2lbs (Like on previous TC post) 4.Next test back to 6 springs (stock) with a .060" shim placed on top of each spring to lesson spring preload. = avg 5.9lbs 5.Next test was same 6 springs with a .118" shim placed on top of spring = avg 5.2lbs. (this is the largest shim that can be used without hitting the side cvr. a button head bolt was used to gain additional clearance) 6.Clutch put back to stock same as test #2. (shims removed & 6 springs) but removing lever & lubing with grease = avg 6.1lbs 7.With the big gain in a well lubed lever he re-ran test #5 with the .118" shim and lubed lever = avg 5.0 (better than running 4 springs) Ok with that said has anyone tried to lesson the preload on the clutch springs and if so what were the results?
  4. Ok. Biff & Joe and the rest of you guys.. enough with the practicing..So far my training has been adding the extra layer needed to stay warm outside if I do attempt to ride.. Looks like a nice set up Joe's got.
  5. I found the Montesa gearing a bit fast myself. I ran a 10 - 42 combo with good results. I found I was more comfortable using 3rd gear than with the stock faster gearing. As a rule of thumb I've always heard 1 tooth in the front is equal to 3 in the rear.
  6. I was told the 27mm kit would give the clutch a faster action over stock. Apparently something good riders may need for the big stuff with little run... Well, quess I don't need one..
  7. Sam I took a good look at the Razor's lastnight. As far as fit and finish quality goes they are in the same ball park as the Oset. As far as function the Razor seemed to be heavy with less turning radius. Also on the model I looked at Razor mx350 the motor was rated at 350 watts compared to the 500 watt motor on the Oset 12.5. I believe Razor does make a 500watt model also but this store did not carry them. Run time on the Razor says 40 minutes on a battery charge. My son is currently getting approx 2 hours per charge. Just wanted to pass on the little information incase it helps.
  8. Thanks for the link...Of course the link for the 99 parts list will not open up but I will give it another try tomorrow.
  9. Does anybody have any links where I can download some exploded views of a 1999 Gas Gas Contact 270? I am looking for both Chassis and powertrain exploded views and parts list.
  10. Overall quality of the Osets are nothing to get excited over however the bike is very functional as a learning tool. We ordered two of the 12.5" models and both had to have the rear shock taken off and then put back on in order for it to function. Once properly set up the bike is light and is easy and safe for my 3 year old son and 4 year old nephew to ride.What it must be like to be a kid now a days. Overall the bike is very functional and seems to be holding up. Quality control needs to be improved at the assembly side of it and overall quality of components could be improved as well.
  11. I have the 12.5 model for my 3 year old. On flat ground dirt surface he will get around 2 - 2.5 hours out of the battery. He weighs 34lbs and the power level is set to about 70 percent. If he is in the lawn the grass will take the battery down to 2 hours tops.
  12. Thanks for the brake tip. I will try it for my 3 yr old. This with a smaller O.D. grip should help.
  13. Personally I think any time spent on the bike is worth it. As a kid I was always instructed to balance on the bike at least 5 minutes before starting it for a warm up and then again 5 minutes after the practice session. I think the bike running gives one the option to cheat by releasing the clutch when balance is lost. Like posted earlier hard tires and no engine should only benifit your training.
  14. I am 6'3" and do not use any type of spacers. Not that that makes it right. Geoff Aaron is 6'4" and I do not recall seeing spacers on his triple clamps? Bending yours legs automatically: Forces your head up where it should be takes weight off your bars/hands allows you to use more body english naturally since your weight is more on your feet. Keeps your body centered over the bike so that you can react quickly. Tough on legs but they build up fast.
  15. I wear volleyball knee pads. they do not restrict movement at all and have proved to save the knees on many spills...Many!! Also they are very cheap and be picked up at most department stores and all sporting good stores.
  16. Try a product called "Goo Gone". It is a citrus based product and works great for decals. Simply spray on wait a couple minutes and wipe off. Repeat if necessary. You can find it at most all department stores. clear bottle with yellowish liquid insite. Careful, this product can take the shine off your plastic...but we are talking swingarms.
  17. Repacking the silencer on the Techno I usually us the rolled sheet style packing. I simply wrap it around the pipe and then wire it to hold it into place. I have found that more is not better so do not overpack. I then use a scredriver to push the packing into the end cabs. o-rings on the silencer I have used a "light coat" of form a gasket. Seems to work however must be cleaned off and replaced each time the silencer is pulled. I have polished the silencer on a Techno and also a Rev. I wet sanded up to 1500 - 2000 grit than used polish to bring it to a nice shine. This takes time, I am sure I spent about 30min a night for a week to get a nice finish. It looks nice and I have had many positive comments in the past. The only negative is it requires a quick polish and buff every now and than to keep the nice bright shine.
  18. Unless it is a mental game I play with myself I believe vitamins are a big help for me. I take potassium supplements to help avoid arm pump. In my mind it works. I seem to be able to avoid arm pump while practicing but at events I add that extra death grip to the bars that seem to cause my fore arms to fatigue at a faster rate. Supplements seem to help..even if its all in my head.
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