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  1. My gas cap hose is drenching the bike with fuel and making a mess of everything. Any suggestions?
  2. When it is all taken in to consideration, are the 4 strokes really more environmentally friendly? Does anyone consider the following: building them-more materials, more energy to produce all those extra parts, more maintenance and the parts required for that, oil changes and disposal of used oil and filters. What does all that add up to?
  3. It's all about the price....
  4. Check out:trailers I have the 56 series and love it. They have smaller ones that weigh about 450 lbs.
  5. titanium

    Fatbars On Rev 3

    Get a set of fat bar adapters, they will add some rise, about 3/4" I think. Then get a set of pro tapers in the suzuki factory bend. This combo is very close to renthal kuroyama 7/8" bars Should cost around $125 u.s. dollars for the whole setup
  6. Don't forget to remove the flywheel cover and let everything in there dry out real well.
  7. We had a trial years ago, about the third section was a fairly deep mud/water hole. So this rider crashes right in the middle of the slop, falls off and gets completely covered in mud and water. A few sections later (mind you this trial was at a sawmill) there was a huge sawdust pile that had been layed out as part of the section. This guy gets to the top of the pile, does a full dismount and rolls to the bottom. He looked like he was tarred and feathered! He was not happy to say the least, but it was pretty funny.
  8. titanium


    The Sherco manual says (KBK 16x20x18) although that is for the 2007 model. The bearing is not listed in the 2006 manual.
  9. titanium


    Go to www.shercousa.com Look under the tab: service info In there you will find the parts manuals, and the bearing size is probably listed. When you say small end bearing size are you referring to the crank?
  10. If its leaking through the spokes, its more than likely the stem. It seeps through there and comes out the spokes. I have had some success with replacing the valve with one with a larger diameter stem where it contacts the rim band. I modify ones made for car wheels.
  11. I think Commo's carry them.
  12. I think the penalty for late registration is way over priced and that the NATC is hurting themselves by making it so high. I think they should make it about $25 or so, with ALL the late fees going to the sponsoring club, because they are the one's who have to take care of the extra signup duties etc.
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