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  1. It is where my boot rubs, i don't think the rivets are loose, Ive had it all apart and it felt very solid, rode without the cover Friday, i had a red mark on my leg for 24 hours
  2. It does sound lean but not fuel starved, i think your suggesting float height issues??
  3. "I'm looking at a Keihin carbed....."
  4. As above out at Button Oak on Sunday and when i washed the bike I could see a black resin on the exhaust, turns out its the plastic cover that's melted to it, anyone experienced this before, know what the cure is?
  5. steve0

    2019 4RT

    Completely agree with the "red" theme, the silver ones just don't look right to me, i have a 16 as well and am do my bets to get it to look right, or more like my brothers 15 as that looks ace.
  6. I'm looking at a Keihin carbed, Rotax engine Easy for a mate, Ive got it started and running and fixed a number of other problems, it has been stood for the last 10 years but is in remarkably good condition. The bike is rideable at low revs but as soon as you open it up it just will not rev, Ive cleaned out the carbs and changed the plug, compression is okay and getting better the more it is run, its sounds lean, not boggy to me, any ideas ? Ignition timing perhaps??
  7. i use a combined hour/tacho
  8. steve0

    4rt oil change

    And my experience on both bikes was pretty much the same as above, the filter is fiddly but easily do-able, I greased the new gaskets to try and stop them ripping in future. I just removed the front bolts on the bash-plate to give me some room.
  9. steve0

    4rt oil change

    I replace front and rear skid plate bolt with Ti for very little cost
  10. steve0

    2 stroke oil mix

    Is that the Rotax engine?
  11. steve0

    Link Out Bank Sensor

    No, can someone share???
  12. steve0

    Link Out Bank Sensor

    £70 for the carbon bracket on H&D, im going to have a go at fabricating an ali one, ill keep you posted:
  13. steve0

    Link Out Bank Sensor

    Nice tidy job that
  14. I run the wide open one as opposed to the snorkel, but i am thinking of making a stainless gauze to go over the top to collect the larger items of detritus.
  15. Now with new sticker kit
  16. Ahah Good spot that man
  17. steve0

    Tyres ? ?

    Stretching worked really well, you could hardly get a finger in-between the two beads when we unwrapped it.
  18. steve0

    Tyres ? ?

    Did my brothers today, swapped out the Dunlop for an X11, easiest tyre change i have ever done!!! Whats all the moaning about??? . . . . Did need to buy a new compressor though!
  19. Thanks, more than happy with the cams its the "trick" stop thing i was after.
  20. Seen a couple of images of these adjuster stops, can someone identify them please, my standard one as a comparison
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