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  1. you can go to the 18 kickstand. works better, looks better and sabot 125gms lighter.
  2. motomickey

    4rt oil change

    I agree with jimmy......get the Mitanni one......don't know if the new Honda/Montesa 18 ones will be better.....
  3. One thing you can do is get an hour meter that shows RPM. The one ride engineering makes for KTM four strokes works, although you need to make sure you have some double sided tape (or if you ordered from them, make sure they send you some. You can install it without taking anything apart. I got rid of the elaborate tank vent system and placed mine on the frame on the kick starter side up by the top of the triple clamp. Works connection also makes one.......
  4. Sage advise bbk. My first (previous) RT4 was an 06 and my new one (300RR) is a 17....
  5. Congrats!!!!!! Enjoy!!!
  6. I called Motoworld of El Cajon. They had them plus a lot of other 4RT parts in stock. Jared Malmquist and Scott Clark are excellent sources of info. 619 971 3471.
  7. motomickey

    2018 ??

    50th anniversary specials?
  8. I have had the tech ts and love them
  9. You note that they are a force, and these guys do not care if they tell the truth or not-yet another reason to join the BRC and other groups, and to stay on top of threatened areas. We have to take the time to fight back.
  10. Doesn't matter if you get a 4 stroke or a 2 stroke, all are red sticker bikes in CA. If you go back and get an 02, then you can get the green sticker.
  11. Hang in there Pat, the right one is out there, and you will find it.
  12. THe trials guys were fantastic. The show pretty much sux otherwise. I don't think it will be around very long.
  13. Hey jbrown mxr. I'm over in Anaheim hills and haven't had much of a chance to ride recently, but I am ready to go! Anyone, still legit to ride at Santa Rosa Mining road?
  14. More to it than simply imigrants. LEGAL imigrants. The load the illegals are putting on us in Cali. is tough to handle. Going to ER at the hospital takes hours upon hours because the imigrants use it as "free Health care". Payments for Welfare to children born in the States with illegal imigrant parents. Taxes they don't pay. Insurance rates driven up by uninsured motorists. It is NOT a simple issue any means. I have to admit, traffic congestion yesterday was non existant. My commute that usually takes 45-90 minutes home was a nice 35 minutes. I'm with Lane-how can you choose a law to observe? I spent a bit of time in the military making taking care of my duty to the country-the illegals don't. There are far to many that feel they desire the same rights as citizens-which they have not earned.
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