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Eric Storz Horrible Crash


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This past saturday Eric Storz had a horrible crash on his trials bicycle which broke 5 bones in his face and a frontal skull fracture, a broken bone in his neck, he broke his sinus into multiple peices and has brain fluid leaking fromhis eyes and noes, and possibly his second broken jaw, he will have to have facial reconstruction again, and

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Hope he makes a full recovery and is back on the pegs and pedals. He rides with a full face helmet on a motorcycle. I guess after this he will also on a bicycle. When he rode some European trials this year I read he got strange looks wearing a FF helmet but now after suffering two face injuries it makes wearing one a good idea for all.

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That has got to be difficult on many levels.

For Eric, obviously he is in huge amounts of pain and will undergo surgery or surgeries to repair the damage.

But also difficult for his parents to see their child injured, and siblings (?) to see their brother injured.

I hope that he is able to come out of this alright.

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THanks doug he is being operated on as im typing this down in la at childerens hospital, love eric or hate you never want to see this happen to any one but a kid whos already had facial reconstruction before its just not right he breaks his face twice. although he told his brother and i this the other day : " trials is dangerous " and alot people may not agree but its true so he knows its just part of the game. hes a tough kid hes motivated an i believe he will end up on top in the end.

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