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  1. Mike - sound words of advice from Woody & The Observer - Don't do it!
  2. monoped

    SWM Jumbo

    Matt, I think you will find that the 38mm forks were fitted on the very last production bikes circa 1983/4. The footrest design was al little unconventional, but they did have springs fitted as standard.
  3. Hi Kelvin, personally I always use vinyl decals as they are easier to apply and look better when laquered.
  4. monoped

    199A tank

    Paul Cowley @ www.shedworks.net did a great on my tank, no filler, all the dents removed and A1 paintwork. Highly recommended.
  5. Hi the pegs that you are after were made by the Beamish Owners Club www.beamishownersclub.co.uk I believe that they are modelled on the modern Sherco or GasGas design and made from stainless steeel.
  6. An 80 tooth rear sprocket seems extreme! Have you checked the primary gearing? It is probable that the duplex chain sprocket on the cranshaft (which drives the clutch basket)may be from a road bike. For trials use this sprocket should be 12 teeth, whilst you are at it check the size of the gear box sprocket as well.
  7. I omitted the word "engine", it has a DT175MX engine
  8. Oh dear caviat emptor - that's a DT175MX!!!!!
  9. Hi - I have probably one of the last highboy frames (number 715) the type without a full rear subframe loop as pictured in Don Morley's Classic Spanish Trials Bikes on page 40, it has an M199 engine, all the cycle parts are stock Bultaco items, with the exception of the side panels, chain guard and the seat. Someone told me that the first number in the sequence of the frame number represents the "model"/design type ie SM1** = 1st design, SM2** = 2nd evolution/series etc.I'm not sure if this is correct, but given the number of years the production spanned it does seem logical.
  10. Aye Big John, your right as usual. I've just got back from the BF memorial trial, Wiggy was there and you can guess what he was riding - a Beta. I don't know who won but it was close between Alex, James Fry & Ben Morphet. Regards to yourself, Davey and Chips
  11. Hi Danny, There are several active clubs in the south east; Worthing Trials Club, Normandy MCC, TVTC, Bognor Trials Club, HRC, RRND, to name a few, all have websites and there are trials pretty much every weekend.
  12. Aye Copemech is right - it is not a good idea to go out and practise alone just in case you have a really bad spill.
  13. monoped

    Steering Geometry

    Hi Amo, Re TR77 green, I used ford signal green seemed to match the original factory colour to my eye - ford modena green is not a true match.
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