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Full-Sized E-Trials


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Wow. Good on Mr Kent. I hope more people figure it out. Electrics are way easier to ride trials on, hands down IMHO, clutches be damned. Lets face it, riding trials is really difficult for most. That's why more people ride MX or Enduro. Anything that makes it easier without compromising the challenging nature of the sport has got to be a good thing for the sport overall.


And did I mention that you can ride them anywhere?


OK, I'm raving.Thanks for the link!

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On 12/26/2018 at 7:50 AM, blow_away said:

New to this forum and interested in the concept of e-trials. 

Is there anywhere in the UK that I could go to try one out? I'd prefer one without a clutch, due to disability in my left arm and hand.

Try splat shop chris pearson rides an e bike and hes a trials dealer, think they all have clutches?

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Personally, I don't quite see how a clutch would work on an electric unless you included a multi-speed g'box.  I actually built one and tried it with a fixed  6 to 1 reduction. I put the clutch assy on the motor shaft, so it was between it and the countershaft sprocket. But without a really low fixed reduction, it was like dumping the clutch on a gasser in 4rth gear, ie, quite the anti-climax.

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Excellent point!

I think that last 2018 price for the Dragonfly I saw was about $9600.(with 143 units available world wide). Shipping was extra? No word if they are now sold out, bet it is tough to get anything from Spain these days. There's no 2020 news of future Dragonfly production, same as with Gas Gas, which I could have sworn I spotted on the internet at nearly $12k.


I bet you could produce a really fun machine . . . or two . . .  or six for a lot less? 

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Been there and done that, sorta. In 2003, I made and sold ~ 60 MTB based electrics, no pedals, under the Denali name. And we made 6 TorkAtak electric trials bikes.. In retrospect, they fairly sucked. I snapped one in half. Since then, my current ride, Digit, is pretty awesome IMHO. I've been riding almost daily for about 5 years.I copied a lot of Gas Gas geometry but made it all from scratch from my own Solidworks model.

After Denali, I built more bikes under the ElectricMoto banner, the Blade. More of an MX style using the 8" Briggs motors (eteks). I'm re building one now with some killer lithium cells I just packaged. But starting a company today is much bigger deal than just making good product.


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