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Is This Ok?


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You'd have to be nuts and I doubt it would be in favour with the traffic police, if at all it's even legal. The view of the vehicle number plate is partially obscured as a minimum offence.

Then imagine if it drops into gear whilst in transit.......

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This was a not uncommon method of transporting bikes forty years ago, when 400 by 18s were harder (though one would see road racers similarly drawn) and motorway travel less prevalent, but the front wheel was removed and the forks bolted to a tow bar adapter with chain removed to prevent wear and effect on the gearbox. The words "brakes" and "friction" seldom appeared in the same sentence except when separated by "lack of" so that wasn't a problem either :)

The bike just became a trailer so no legal problem (provided the relevant rules adhered to) and, like any other trailer, quite able to be reversed.

As for putting the rear wheel in the rack and front wheel on the roof, well, that's how Don Smith, not to mention the speedway boys, carried two bikes and I've seen plenty trials outfits so transported.

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