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Which Twinshock


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Probably been asked loads of times but...

Got the trials bug again after a long absence, have a 5 year old beta evo I've just started riding again but the twinshock scene is pretty decent where I live so want to get a competitive twin shock, got a budget of £2k but looks like the bikes I'm after won't come in at that budget! Was after a fantic or ty175 but both look over my budget, have seen a few ty250 for around £1500, which are about a grand cheeper than the fantics or ty175's, are the 250's that much worse?! Or shud I just stump up the extra grand? Or are there any other alternatives out there for a competetive twinshock?

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Fantic 200 or 240 were the best twin shocks and the end of the era.I borrowed a ty250 when my 240 was out of action and it was awful in comparison but had better brakes and was better made.Spend the extra cash

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Tlr's are off the scale on price, and don't really justify it. A 200 rear kick Fantic is always a good bet, or maybe a sound 240. Parts are always available for fantic's too, which is always a consideration.

Ty 175's are great little bikes, but to make them ride well they need a fair bit of work which usually means dollars! Choice is yours! You won't go far wrong with a tidy Fantic

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Fantic 200's handle and ride spot on without needing much work.

The Montesa 200 isn't far behind though and if a decent one pops up at the right price, it's worth considering.


After throwing a considerable amount of time and money at a TY175, I'd say it's as good as anything on a dry day, but they don't like to grip in anything wet.

They also need a bit of work on the handbar/top yoke and foot rests to get a balanced riding position.


The early TY250, the "A" model rides totally different to the later ones, which tend to be a bit flat.

Though for a cheap 250, an Ossa Mar ain't a bad choice as they get over looked a bit, they do ride nice and plush and are fairly bomb proof, as a bonus most had electronic ignition from the factory.

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Another vote for the Fantic 200. Don't be put off by the 156cc engine they produce more power than a 200 TLR and will pull a lard ar$e like me through sections with no problem whatsoever.

You should be looking at around £1750 to £2000 for a decent one and three hundred or so more for a minter.

No need to change anything although I've lowered and moved back the pegs (1 inch down and 1 inch back) on both mine for personal preference.

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