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Why isn’t everyone riding Jotagas??


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With the signing of oriol noguera and one of the top Italian riders the whole thing with pibernat not wanting to fund a team to compete at world/Spanish championship has gone out of the window , so what’s going on there arnoux what did you go there for what did you find out ??

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They are producing bikes. I saw a production line with bikes being built, parts being shipped, and people working. Oriol Noguera was there testing a bike, and it seemed to be business as usual. I was only there for a few minutes, and didn't see Josep around, but it was definitely a hive of activity.


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9 hours ago, Solarflares said:

Beginning to think that the 2018 model is simply last year’s with a couple of tins of hammerite and some stickers thrown at it!  Perhaps it is?

Well, if so they wouldn't be the first company to take some old stock lying around and turn it into the latest model with some cosmetic tweaks.

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23 hours ago, Solarflares said:

At worst , the factory had a stockpile of un-assembled parts that grew - whilst worldwide-orders were diminishing.  Let’s cosmetically change the bike , and  get some fresh , low-key dealers to stock them.  Forget sale or return - if they don’t sell , we’ll send (sell) you the necessary to give them a 12 month makeover - whilst “unintentionally” leaking a sneak-peek at the new look , using a member of the only forum that really likes the things.

If you are a dealer and you’ve invested £100k in 30 2017 machines , on the promise that next year the bike will be a sensation that will take on the majors - and 12 months later they send you a few parts to rework what you have , then what does that say?  You are either complicit , or you didn’t have a good enough contract with the factory. Either way doesn’t bode well for any customers.  For one the dealer won’t make enough money to provide good service , or employ properly-skilled mechanics - or second , the relationship between  supplier and dealer being a flimsy enough arrangement - falling-down at any minor-hurdle , until communication grinds to a virtual standstill , as JTG’s R&D have another meeting to decide what color the allen-bolt heads are going to be on the 2019 bike.

I'm trying to decide if you're very cynical or very perceptive. Probably both.

Unfortunately Jotagas seem to have painted themselves into a corner. Their strange commercial ways of the past few years are not easily forgotten, either by end-users or potential dealers/importers.

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Apparently a completely new chassis for 2018 , oriol noguera Posted a photo on social media of his bike with all the back end blacked out and something in Spanish about a new chassis, I followed his progress in the TrialGPLive app on Sunday and he was going very well p7 at the end of the first lap , on the live broadcasts he seemed to be getting grip where there wasn’t any but the fan appears to be constantly on aswell?, who knows what they’re up to in the factory maybe there are big things to come ? 

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