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  1. The following is posted with the benefit of studying the MOT manual and discussing points with a experienced MOT tester who in some of the instances has had extra clarification from VOSA. The tester tests a large number of kit cars, quads, classic vehicles and on and off road motorcycles, trikes and sidecars. The bike only requires a reflector if it has lights fitted. If no lights then no reflector needed. The tester must note the absence of lights as an advisor. It is the wording in the manual that often leads to confusion on this point. A speedometer and or odometer need not be fitted however their absence must be noted as an advisor A number plate must be fitted and the bike must have a clear frame / VIN No that matches the DVLA records. Most testers will allow plates that do not strictly comply with the requirements so long as they are readable from 15 meters behind the bike. The tester can refuse to test the motorcycle if he considers the chain guard missing or inadequate. The horn must emit a continuous tone. This means bulb horns are not suitable. The horn must therefore be electric or compressed air. The tone must be continuous (this is a subjective judgement on the part of the tester). Some modulation or variation of the tone is usually permitted but something that is clearly 2 tone or significantly modulated like and emergency services horn will fail. Tyre rotation indicators must point in the correct direction. Tyre wording such as: not for highway service, not for highway use, not for road use etc. The onus is on the person presenting the bike for MOT to prove that this wording does not apply to the UK. My testers advice is to buff off this wording prior to presenting the bike. The MOT manual is quite a long document. There are sections in it that require subjective judgements and that means having appropriate knowledge. A quick fit type MOT tester is not the place to take a trials bike. As Gasserguy posts its best to find a tester who knows what they are looking at.
  2. The bike only requires a reflector if it has lights fitted. If no lights then no reflector needed. The tester must note the absence of lights as an advisor. It is the wording in the manual that often leads to confusion on this point.
  3. 4ts and 2ts should run at about the same temperature in the cylinder head area. 4ts tend to have a hot engine all over because the engine oil picks up heat from the head and carries it to the crankcases. 2ts on the other hand have the fresh cold fuel / air mix regularly entering and cooling the crankcase. If the fan is on all or much of the time check your radiator. You have to take it off and look through it at the light. Fine dirt / dust gets between the fins and cakes on creating a very effective insulator. Radiators easily lose 20 to 40% of their cooling capacity due to this especially with short front mudguards.
  4. Its not so much the spring length that matters as the sag when you are on the bike. If you stand on the bike in the usual position the rear suspension should be compressed by about 1/3rd of its travel. Pull up on the bars and weight the foot rests as if you are going to go over an 18 inch step and the rear suspension should compress to about 1/2 its travel. Get someone to film you riding typical sections. If the suspension bottoms more than occasionally the spring is too soff or maybe you need more compression damping.
  5. If you do decide to buy it just spend enough to get it in decent condition to ride in trials yourself and enjoy it. IMO there are far too many old bikes being done up / lot of money spent and offered for sale rather than ridden by the restorer. I note quite a few Bultos have failed to reach their reserve on Ebay recently. Unless you are desperate to try to make some cash far better to leave them to someone who will actually ride them.
  6. Anyone know why some verigos have single diameter headstocks whereas others are reduced diameter in middle?
  7. Probably not directly employed as public / civil servants anymore b ut more likely than not just the same people working working for a contractor who bid to operate the service / DVLA for the government at lowest price. Still since they hand out plenty of sh-ite then there is still good reason to deposit as much sh-ite on them as possible.
  8. I was in a similar situation to this and I got the bike MOTd and taxed it in 2013. Never heard anything more even though the bike should have been SORNd for about 10 years from 2002. I get repeated problems with the DVLA because I have vehicles that are intermittently sorned / taxed but continually insured for road use. I would advise anyone who has problems with DVLA incompetence to write to their MP. Public servants do not like having to respond to MPs enquiries and it causes quite a bit of nuisance for them.
  9. 348 Cotas had Akront fat bars. Not tapered like modern bars. Made of thicker tube (about 25mm) and turned down to about 7/8 inch at the ends for the levers and grips. Very god bars they were. When you changed to standard Renthal bars (Akront fat bars unavailable) you had to fit the shim pieces.
  10. My feeling is that its better to have the bike too small rather than too large. Small / young riders can ride full sized bikes but they will generally have far more fun on something smaller that is easy to pick up and start.
  11. The best thing you can do for a MAR rear brake is fit a decompressor
  12. If you buy rattle cans (aerosols) from a motor factors or auto paint supplier you will probably find they come with far too large / usually fan shaped nozzle that is unsuitable for motorcycle frame work. The nozzles (round spray pattern) on Halfords or similar cans are far smaller and easier to control. The paint in ready mixed cans is thinner and not as hard wearing as the paint in rattle cans that is made up to match your colour. If you posted exactly what you are trying to do I could post more advice or as you are in southern scotland try: is part of the BMF group which I think has branches throughout Northern England and the Borders.
  13. Perhaps if you posted a photo of the area to be welded someone may be able to offer some advice on how to weld it.
  14. Mud Brick, Funnel Cake and Sordfish is tasty as is mexican food. Catfish is not so good. I have never been able to find a Pork pie in the USA. Kenny Rodgers is about the worst fast food outlet I have ever been in, standard of food similar to poor primary school or NHS hospital food. I always laugh at the moral turpitude part of the visa waiver - how come Bill clinton manages to get past immigration control? Don't get ripped off by the hire car "free upgrades"
  15. Could try the above for advice