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  1. Nigel Dabster - perhaps you could post exactly what you feel was untrue in my post. I do not go on facebook so you will have to give fuller details on here of your subsequent post. To get back on topic. If the decline is to be stemmed there needs to be: 1) More easily accessible practice areas 2) A much better selection of cheap, easy to maintain and reliable entry level motorcycles.
  2. ND I have not changed what I said I have merely added a bit more info so even you can possibly understand. I pointed out the BTCC example at low row because I know quite a lot of others witnessed it. You seem to fancy yourself as some sort of layer / post moderator. Why don't you just grow up instead of being a twit.
  3. If your fan is stuck on it could be overcooling the engine causing the inside to be black and oily. Many find a hotter plug like a BP5ES better for gentle riding. Is your air filter dirty / clogged. The 2011 may come jetted to run at 25;1 fuel to oil mix. If this is the case and you are running less oil this means it will run rich until you change jetting to suit less oil. Check the float height.
  4. Multi lap trials in Northern England (not all by any means but some). The hard course maybe has about 4 or 5 riders as it too difficult for anyone else. Many of the clubman sections are too easy for experienced clubmen. They barely need a glance on the first lap and the other 2 or 3 laps (maybe 1 or 2 miles round) are ridden without even bothering to look at the sections. Add in the inconvenience of some self observing and the cheating that goes with it and the conclusion not to attend that event in future is an easy decision. I am not going to name specific events or clubs, because even a poorly attended event means hard work for volunteers.
  5. Its not BS. It seems to be easing off recently but 2 to 3 years ago in Norhern England there was argument after argument, some of it so offensive even people who and ridden and observed for 25 years plus gave up observing in disgust. Some of the worst examples being some well known BTC riders at the round in Swaledale / AGs field the dry limestone beck sections.
  6. There seems to be some misunderstanding on this topic. A diaphragm clutch is a basket clutch. Both diaphragm and coil spring clutches (on trials bikes) have an outer basket. The diaphragm clutch has fewer plates and hence can be a bit slimmer. As I posted previously a diaphragm clutch requires less work to fully disengage it. This is useful on machine tools were the clutch may operate many millions of times but on a trials bike feel and partial engagement characteristics are probably more important the difference between the two types are probably less than personal preference.
  7. When I started trials entries were much larger than today. Trials were generally much longer even though the number of sections was about the same. Many trials lasted from between 9 and 10 in the morning until 15:30 or even after 17:00. You felt as if you had ha a worthwhile day out. In the last few years I have been to quite a number of trials or 30 to 40 sections on very short courses. The trial only lasts about 2 to 3 hours, hardly worth travelling too. May as well have a decent practice session instead.
  8. They only observe very occasionally, but their family members (wives, father, daughters) used to observe frequently until they got fed up of stop / no stop abuse.
  9. There is a picture of a new 500 two stroke MX Honda (allegedly) doing the rounds on the internet. In theory 2T trials should be quite a bit lighter and cheaper (due to less parts / less complexity) than a 4T. Until a manufacturer produces and sell a top spec low cost 2T in large volumes Honda / mont will probably continue to sell only 4T. Same goes for MX. If good 2Ts were available at a lower price and 4T sales fell then manufacturers may be forced to go 2T including Honda.
  10. talked to a couple of friends, good riders who trial pretty regularly and both mentioned one thing that makes them stay away from some trials is lack of observers. They would rather travel further or miss an event rather than "self" observing.
  11. Go for the 270, yes a 200 is easier but you could wait a while before one comes along. Usually the extra power of a larger cc bike only makes itself felt later in the day when you are tired. A slow throttle and flywheel weight goes a long way to making it easier to ride. You could also fit extra cylinder base gaskets. A washer or restrictor sleeve in the exhaust will also calm it down, as can closing up the reed stops.
  12. Thanks, I had not seen that clip. I was deliberately brief when I made my post. It seems they can use 2.7L in a race which is about twice what I thought (I had not looked it up recently) 2.7 L in 105 Kg of fuel is about the equivalent of about a oil to fuel ratio of 1:50. The point I was making was that some trials manufacturers and riders always want to use less oil whereas F1 would like to use more. There is unfortunately on this and other forums a whole load of crap posted about mix ratios and the supposed benefits / disbenefits of this that or the other. Perhaps if trials bike manufacturers advised more protective oil to fuel ratios they would not have to rely on the "limited competition use warranty" to avoid premature wear claims. Its a bit like gearbox manufacturers describing their units as "sealed for life" (ie no oil changes). What they do not point out is that this sealed for "life" will be far shorter than the life of an unsealed gearbox that had oil changes at 30,000 mile intervals.
  13. Is the fan coming on? Hot running can be caused by weak mixture or retarded ignition timing. Unlikely on a trials bike but blocked / restricted silencer can cause hot running. Hose collapsing inside or split in such a way it impeded flow - unlikely but worth a check Is the radiator really clean - remove it from the bike and hold it up against the light and look through it, you may be surprised how many fins are wholly or partially blocked.
  14. As I said just guesses but here goes with possible prices. Wash bike and remove / refit engine + fluids £100 Strip and rebuild engine £150 Straighten + weld frame engine mounts £40 TIG weld (assuming cases are aluminium not magnesium) engine cases £50 Gearbox parts £50 - this only allows for the few most common worn / broken parts If crankcases are scrap new ones are about £500 - might be able to get some seconhand.
  15. It is not uncommon for the frame and underside crankcase engine mounts to break on a gasgas when subjected to the treatment you describe. No point in guessing the full extent of the damage.