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  1. American police Harley davidsons used to have a left hand throttle. This was so they could keep it open whilst using the right hand to shoot.
  2. Change the spring, they weaken then crack.
  3. There tends to be a % of polyester in most clothing, The lower the % the better for all off road motorcycle clothing. Polyester is hardwearing but it does not breathe well and there is a much higher burn risk compared to cotton and wool clothing. I think the british military abandoned polyester clothing due to their experience with it in the Falklands war.
  4. 2t it may be but in attempting to reduce emissions it has lost the fundamental 2t advantage of simplicity. Its a pity the sports governing bodies ever allowed disc valves, reed valves or power valves.
  5. Maxima 0w 10 is virtually identical to Castrol synthetic ATF. Regular ATF (Rather than the most recent synthetic types) will not provide the same level of protection.
  6. Do away with rim tape Fit a bolt in valve with O ring Seal spokes with sikaflex winsdscreen adhesive or dow corning lead and gutter seal. Do not use acetoxy silicone, it will rapidly corrode the rim.
  7. I would think autotest is the safest form of motor sport (probably the most boring as well)
  8. Have a read of the BTC summary, who really needs a new bike (old monts never die?)
  9. I think you may find that there is more than one petition on this,
  10. Which way was your bike facing on the trailer, if it was exhaust forward could water have blown into the engine through exhaust or airbox? Generally considered best to store or transport or wash a single cylinder 4t with the engine on the compression stroke. 2t should have the exhaust bunged.
  11. MX jerseys / shirts tend to be thin and ventilated as they are intended to be worn along with body armour, elbow and back protectors etc. maybe not ideal for UK trials. Many mx jerseys are made of material with a high % of polyester which melts easily on hot engine / exhaust parts and then can stick to the skin with unpleasant results.
  12. I signed and wrote to my MP. To sum up his reply "the government is looking at it"
  13. HG stove glass cleaner does a brilliant job and removes the oil / coke well before it starts to damage the alloy. It takes several minutes to shift the coke but several hours to start to mark the alloy.
  14. Breagh's second sentence is very important. On any engine with electronic ignition you must always let it fire through an earthed plug or earthed ignition tester. The ignition system produces a burst of high voltage electric. If that energy can't ground through an appropriate place it dissipates in the electronics damaging them, eventually to the point of destroying them completely.
  15. 2 stoke use on road is in decline due to emissions laws. The side valve engine is not used because it has poor volumetric and scavenging characteristics particularly as revs increase. A side valve engine has very good low speed torque and a linear power curve, Laws in UK restrict car maximum on road speed to 70mph yet nearly every car on the road can exceed this by a large amount. If a manufacturer produced a side valve engined car it could be cheap and have excellent driving characteristics at all legal speeds but it probably would not sell because of the way in which most people perceive vehicles with a low maximum speed. Very frequently people buy what the perceive they need, not necessarily what would be best for their purpose.