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  1. 1st post

    As far as I'm aware no one manufactures them in Titanium , but there's been a few manufactured in Stainless/Steel they do look smart
  2. Txt 280cc 2010 - Starting Issue

    I had a similar issue with a 2011, 300 Raga turned out to be the CDI unit breaking down i borrowed one off a mates GasGas to try plugged it in and it started first kick unfortunately there not cheap.
  3. Expert B Riders List for Nationals

    Hi where do you get the list from ? As I couldn
  4. Is there any youth riders out there interested in riding in the Inter-Centre Team Trial in August for the Southern Centre . if you
  5. A & B Ipstones

  6. Mansfield Maun

    Why are people still insisting on criticizing the Manfield Maun Club on there youth A & B round I read a piece in TMX News today about how over the top it was , The club
  7. Mansfield Maun

    " Bloody hell thats alot of travelling! " it will be worth it the lads will learn so much riding along side the top adults . they will struggle to start with but i'm sure they will rise to the challenge. As for the travelling 5 of the 8 rounds are within a couple hours drive from the Island better for us than the youth championship Are going to Scarborough Dabster
  8. Mansfield Maun

    This is my own personal view of the trial and I
  9. Scarboro A And B

  10. Scarboro A And B

    Just a big thank you to everyone involved with last weekends A & B National , excellent sections , top class event all round, one of the best rounds of the year.
  11. 200 Fantic Carb Question

    Last night I fitted all new jet
  12. 200 Fantic Carb Question

    Cheer's for the replies I
  13. 200 Fantic Carb Question

    Probably a question for Lee Have just finish getting a 200 Fantic back together it ran for the first time today , it run
  14. IOWMCC 2-Day Trial 18-19 April Excellent two days first day, woodland venue The second day in a quarry , Entries close 15th April Anyone want to book ferries go to the Events page at www.iowmcc.com for special weekend deals offered by are sponsors WIGHTLINK but please note you will only be able book after Tuesday 14th as that is the earliest they can get these rates on there computer system due to the Easter holidays. For more information mail me or phone 07754212053.