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  1. Improving Fork Action.

    I think so, I've just riden a 2 day event over here in Australia on what we refer to as 'C' grade lines and I quite liked the fork action, much better than anything previously and I'm happy enough to leave it alone now, running 7.5wt at 175cc per leg (basically just enough to cover bottom of springs), about 2.75 bar per leg, combination of 1x hard spring and 1x medium spring for 90 kg me. The only issue I encountered was the supplied 50mm alloy spacer was far too long to achieve the desired 28mm between top of fork tube and underside of fork cap, I solved this by re-using the adjustable magicals pre-load adjuster that I was pulling out. Some pics attached that may explain what I'm trying to say.
  2. Improving Fork Action.

    I would have fitted the HFS kit weekend just gone if not for other distractions, you can take it for a ride yourself on 18/19 August if your coming down. Cheers.
  3. Shock dimensions for Cota 247C 1978

    This is quite possibly irrelevant, but the original Telesco's on my '74 black framed 247 were 325mm eye to eye.
  4. Improving Fork Action.

    I spoke to Greg a couple of weeks ago, sounds like all std. I never rode my Fantic in the bush when it 1st arrived, I just went straight into re-furb (not restoration) mode after riding it around my suburban yard and local park, so it was basically replace everything that was possibly 1984 like bearings, bushes, cables, seals, brake shoes, carby jetting and front fork springs etc, the motor remained intact because it still sounds so good. I think the magicals springs are just too firm and springy for me regardless of pre-load adjustment and the different oils I've tried. This gold valve thing is getting too complicated for a simpleton like me especially when they don't make anything specific for a 35mm Marzocchi Trials fork, so I've splurged out on the HFS air/spring conversion which I will fit within the next couple of weeks and see where that takes me. Cheers.
  5. Piuma Kickstarter

    Hi Mark, I tried some years ago to determine the same but never got a resolve and the Italjet has taken a back seat since anyway. I think I also asked Paul at the Hell Team at the time, but being unfamiliar with the Italjet, he was not sure back then but he might know now? Try a message to Graham, aka "bullylover", I think he bought one years ago from Steve Goode in the UK who doesn't seem to list them anymore, even when he did the GG part # or year/model seemed to be a closely guarded secret. Let me know how you get on, please.
  6. bultaco model ?

    It looks like a Sammy Miller Products muffler from years ago, I don't know if they were good, bad or indifferent. PS: Rusty Nuts, I get the impression you only want to hear what you "want to hear". Most of the info provided so far, you could have found yourself ! Please don't be condescending to people trying to assist you.
  7. climber 280 carb jet

    Didn't the climber have the PHBH 26 BS (fuel screw) as standard ? The PHBH 26 CS (air screw) was a GG carb according to Eurocarb website, either way the below link gives a guide to the CS carb for the '96/'97 GasGas. It gives you somewhere to start. https://www.dellorto.co.uk/shop/dellorto-motorcycle-carburettors-parts/complete-carburettors-dellorto-motorcycle-carburettors-parts/phbh-26-to-30mm/r4168-phbh-26cs-gas-gas/
  8. bultaco model ?

    Model 198(250) and Model 199(325) ran from approx 5/77 to 9/78 according to the literature I have, your engine may well be a polished 198 rather than black, but the frame and other components are earlier, any numbers on the head stock? A bitza I think.

    Try Dave in the US, known as "cyclesavant" on ebay, https://www.ebay.com/str/cyclesavantsmotorcycleparts/21M-Cota-Trials-247-250cc/_i.html?_storecat=949013919 . He acquired an enormous amount of Montesa NOS some years ago, can't see what you need on his site at the moment but that doesn't mean he doesn't have it, I have found him very reliable to deal with. Below is the earliest exploded view of a Cota 247 crankshaft that I can find, I think this covers your model, you could use these part numbers when corresponding with Dave or anyone else. Quality of pic is ordinary. Best of luck.
  10. Keihin Jetting for 300.

    I've been running a 48 PJ and # 3 slide for over 3 years now, but it still could be better.
  11. Keihin Jetting for 300.

    That's interesting, because I'm old school I've always run 50 or 60:1 believing that's richer, which it is for the engine but not in carburation terms.. I need to try 80:1 as my next step. I think I know what this means, correct me if I'm wrong please. As an example, 50:1 is actually more lean than 80:1 in carburetion terms due to having less fuel but is richer in the sense of having more oil for the engine, is that right ? Running a fuel/oil mixture of 100:1 just sounds scary to an older bloke like me but it does make some sense when you think about it. PS: We don't use ethanol fuels in our bikes here in Australia, unleaded 95 and 98 is readily available. My elevation above sea level is only a few hundred metres at worst.
  12. Keihin Jetting for 300.

    Thanks, you're right, exactly the same as my GG original std jetting apart from a 122 MJ. I need to check my float height again perhaps. I only ask because my GG seems a little lean coming onto the needle and is never a 1st kick starter and I always felt this could be due to not having the best needle fitted.
  13. Keihin Jetting for 300.

    Hi all, I'm curious what jetting a TRS 300 runs, particularly what needle and slide they use. I'm wanting to see if it's similar or even the same as my '14 GG 300 which runs the std JJH needle.
  14. Improving Fork Action.

    Thanks David, but how do you set up 35mm Zokes "well". I was gobsmacked by the rough holes drilled into the damping tubes when I first dis-assembled a few years ago, it was as if the apprentice was given an 8mm drill bit and told to drill some holes in this tube and don't worry about de-burring. I have since tidied this up, added the Magicals and experimented with 5/ 7.5/ 10 wt oils in varying quantities. It's not until I jump on my modern bike that I realise how ordinary those forks are, somewhere in between would be a good compromise if possible.
  15. Improving Fork Action.

    I've got an '84 300 which currently wears Magicals springs and pre-load adjusters which has been ok for the past few years but could be better. I am curious if any of you have succeeded in making the 35mm Zokes perform closer to a modern day fork mainly in regard to plushness. I'm aware of the HFS product out there but this doesn't seem to address oil damping. Has anyone successfully grafted Racetech emulators into a Trials fork, specifically the Fantic, as they don't have any Trials bikes listed on their website application guide. http://www.racetech.com/page/title/Emulators