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  1. I had considered saddle type attachments like you have suggested but they really are a pain in the a*** when compared to some permanent type fixtures. That photo attachment is of the last Cota 247 from an Australian magazine in 1979, Cota 247 C i believe.
  2. Bloody good question Oldaz, I've been thinking about the same thing for a while for when I finally extract my finger and restore my '74 black frame 247(clutch lever under). My thoughts were to weld some home made triangular metal brackets(around 3mm thick) up front either side of the downtube and something similar out back all hidden but flush with the mesh plate with 8 mm nuts welded to these metal brackets. Idea being to make any of these alterations hidden up behind the existing mesh floor of the Cota and then bolt up a 5 or 6mm alloy plate that any half decent fabricator should be able to form for me. The whole setup should only rob me of 5 or 6mm of ground clearance(thickness of alloy plate) which matters little to me as it's only going to be an occasional ride on sections suitable for a near 45 year old bike. It's all irrelevant now, but the late great Chris Leighfield did offer alloy bash plates back in the day, cannot find any close up pics that show how they were attached unfortunately.
  3. Sorry, I thought I had all the info I needed, but........... Should there be a spring on the air screw ? I've fitted a new 'O' ring to my air screw but should a spring be their also ?
  4. Not exactly a great fit due to not hugging the cases closely enough, roughly a 20 mm gap on my '74 MAR but spline is ok.
  5. drca, you're too vague, people need more info to help, what model GG do you have? Surely you're not referring to removing the needle from the slide, if you are, take all the tension off the spring by disconnecting the cable up at the throttle/twist-grip.
  6. This looks to be the 35mm one, but a message to Dave in the US asking him to measure it wouldn't hurt. He states he has two left, one might be the 42 mm job you need.
  7. Thanks all, Greg that's good info about triangular verse rectangular shock mounts regarding how to pick the different length swinging arms, mines rectangular. Reason for it being bent is anyone's guess really, previously bent shock as you have suggested is a possibility as it came fitted with some unknown brand of Mexican made mx shocks whereas the rest of the bike seems very original right down to the battered alloy mudguards and 860mm wide heavy steel handlebars. Graham, also many thanks, I'm going to explore the aftermarket alloy swingarm avenue at this point, your experience buying from flea-bay has turned me off that option. Robido's suggestion is what I'm currently exploring. After much googling I think I have found who Robido was referring to, I believe it is Berry Gamelkoorn who trades as AJG Twinshock Specials. Just waiting for a email response from him in the next day or so.
  8. As above, my newly acquired mod 183 ('76 350) has a slightly bent upwards swingarm on the the left side just forward of the brake stay fixing point. I will attempt to have it straightened but would then like to leave it as original because it still has all the original brackets and clips in place for the stop lamp switch and its cable, which I don't need at the moment but would be nice to keep in place. Basically, I'd like another swingarm to install for some actual Twin Shock competition which won't bend, what would people suggest please? My thoughts are...... 1). Source another 159/183/191 swingarm on ebay or wherever and weld gussets along the the top similar to the 199A swingarm. 2). Source a 199A swingarm, but I don't know if they are compatible with model 183? 3). Find someone that makes replica swingarms, preferably in alloy. How top riders like big units like Martin Lampkin back in the day managed with these spindly swingarms is beyond me, works bikes with different swingarms I guess.
  9. That is a very nice Cota 247 C, the very last model of 247 made, 1979 or 1980 at best.
  10. I think you have a rare Cota 247 Tandem/Trail that wore a 348 style tank, if so they apparently came out in July 1978 and started with 21M25307. I'm only basing this on info I've found on the net, not from personal experience. Refer attached pics. I think yours is the cota 247 Trail as shown bottom left in brochure shot. Cota 247 History 2 of 2.pdf
  11. Thanks all, I think I have enough info now on the old Bing. Cheers.
  12. I have recently bought a 1976 Sherpa T 350 model 183 which I have not yet taken delivery of due to it being in transit from a few thousand kilometres away, should see it soon. The pics I have of it, show it wearing a Mikuni or a TMK or something. Basically, I want to return it to std once it arrives and I have a worn Bing T84 (28mm) that I just bought on flea-bay that I want to refurb and fit to this bike, I know that this will require new inlet/outlet rubbers but they are easily sourced from places like in-motion. Question is for any aficionados, what jetting would one recommend for this model with the Bing 28 mm ? I have a copy of a model 191 owners manual that someone gave me that states the following jet sizes............ Slide= 5 Needle=1(position 2) Needle jet= 2.73 Main jet= 125 Pilot Jet=35 - 65 Do these numbers sound right? Most of this stuff is still available but quite expensive so I would like to try and get it right 1st time, that pilot jet sizing is non-committal (35 - 65). I'm in Australia at sea level approx and average temp is 20 degrees Celsius if this helps. Any advice appreciated.
  13. Here's a pic of a 349 mk 4, not mine just plucked from google pictures.
  14. I think this is for 349/4 due to the frame in the diagram, I've got it labelled as 349-4 on my phewter. Hope this helps. manualcota349-4.pdf