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  1. 1974 Montesa Cota 247

    If you use someone like inmotion as an example, than 72.00 mm would be it. They supply the 'italkit' brand pistons I believe. With a 72 mm italkit kit the piston is going to be something like 71.95 mm + 0.05 mm clearance = 72.00 mm bore size. https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/cota-247-piston-kit-complete/
  2. Jumbo Project/Tank badges

    Yes, they look good. Be thankful you bought them when only 79 euro, he's since put them up to 99 euro.
  3. Hello Nigel,

    Did you know that b40rt is WES silencers. I've only worked this out after he reacted to my alloy muffler comment in the Montesa forum yesterday via a PM. He suggested that my comments plus anothers is damaging his reputation, no names mentioned but thought it could be you due to his strange reply to one of your posts in the Bultaco  "Clubfoot verse Banana" muffler post I started recently. I've since altered my Montesa post to keep him happy.

    Cheers, Rod.























    I've altered my original post twice now so as WES does not appear in it. Just thought it's a handy weapon to have knowing who you are conversing with on some of these posts.

    Bye the way, I'm a 56 yo no-body that has been riding Trials since about 10 or 11, so no threat from me.

    Cheers, Rod.

    1. nigel dabster

      nigel dabster

      Well that explains alot. He can't complain if he's incognito.

      The Bultaco one is an abortion.

      Thanks for the heads up.

  4. I can re -word my post, but you have already quoted it. I cannot change that.

  5. Montesa Cota 247 Break In Period

  6. Montesa Cota 247 Break In Period

    There are some high quality alloy mufflers out there, such as below.
  7. Forum Upgrade

    Thanks Andy, now working fine regardless of logged in or not.
  8. Forum Upgrade

    Hello TC, as others have eluded to, I cannot go back any further than about 2 pages in a multiple page post, it seems fine once I have logged in, previously we could read an entire post from start to finish (maybe across some years) without needing to log in. Maybe needs a look, we don't want to alienate any potential enthusiasts that might want to get on board. I've only noticed this prob since the upgrade.
  9. Montesa Cota 247

    Oldaz and Motosolex, you pair have me confused. Are you both comparing apples with apples, so to speak ? Oldaz has a 1975 UKR 247 with 168mm (approx) between centre of fork tubes and Motosolex has an early 1980's 349 which possibly has the narrower fork tube spacing which appeared on some models, but I can't remember which years or 348/349 models that was. There are so many variables between a '75 Cota and a '79/ '80's Cota 349 front end, that it's difficult to compare one against the other if you get my drift. I can confirm that the 349/4 Cota returned to the wider 168mm fork spacing but I'm sure at some point previously Montesa experimented with narrower spacings which in turn would have altered hub /spacer/ speedo drive dimensions. PS: Not to mention the very brittle conical hubs that the 349/4 and 350 wore.
  10. Jumbo Project/Tank badges

    This French site has the Jumbo badges again, bit expensive though. http://www.equipementmotard.com/product_info.php?cPath=323&products_id=3761
  11. Clubfoot verse Banana Muffler.

    Thanks all for your feedback, I've read enough to decide I will try a 'banana' for myself, it's been ordered and should arrive in about a week. I won't actually have the bike re-assembled and ride able for about another 6-8 weeks as other parts are elsewhere being re-furbed, such as the motor.
  12. 199B Sherpa Triple Clamps

    G'day Mark, was that a USA bike and does it have an amal carb ? Do you know the history of the other bike you sold in OZ, it has pinch bolt top clamps and a bing. Rob and myself are just trying to get an understanding of which type of 199B's may have been exported to certain countries.
  13. 199B Sherpa Triple Clamps

    Hi David, I'm actually enquiring on Rob's behalf, we're just trying to work out if some left the factory with amals and tapered forks or if some previous owner may have made the changes. Nearly impossible to know for sure, being so long ago and the state Bultaco were in.
  14. 199B Sherpa Triple Clamps

    Yes, so it would seem. I wonder whether they were newly developed for the 198/199B or more likely left-overs from the '70's ?
  15. 199B Sherpa Triple Clamps

    Does anyone know if some markets possibly got 199B's with top triple clamps without pinch bolts, IE: taper fit. I've seen some conflicting photos, some with pinch bolts and some without. Also some appear with amal carbs and others with bings? Was it possibly Bultaco throwing anything on them before they shut the door?