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  1. Beta 240

    Beta 240 was a twinshock
  2. BOOTS!

    Looking at new boots... Ive had 2 pairs of Formas and dont rate them... get what you pay for I guess. Got some Gaernes which were great but now pretty nakerd. Looking at Stylemartins or Sidis maybe.... any feed back? Could save a few quid with these or should I stick with with the Gaernes?? Cheers.
  3. 2018 Jotagas????

    Hell of a good looking bike!
  4. Not shutting off properly....

    Cheers for that chaps, I’ll give those ideas a go.
  5. Not shutting off properly....

    No but noticed the issue when revving the bike to check running sweet.
  6. Not shutting off properly....

    Seen this happen on someone’s Sherco before and now happening on my Trs... When giving it a really big handful, rather than shutting off straight away when I shut the throttle off it keeps revving for a split second or so and then revs down... almost like the vibration of the bike is causing to rev. Happens most when bike is stationary and I rev it to clear it out.... Any ideas anyone?
  7. This website is prob your best bet...Spains equivalent of Trials central. http://todotrial.com/ or if you go over the pyrenees to France try this... http://www.trial-club.com/webzine-moto/
  8. Mapping 2017 Ice Hell

    Thanks for that!
  9. Mapping 2017 Ice Hell

    I know the early Vertigos had mapping issues which were sorted pretty quickly so if buying a second hand 17 ice hell, can I be sure the mapping is sorted? Cheers!
  10. Snatchy Steering

    Try it stationary...if still clunky then sounds like headstock bearings...
  11. Are There Any 250/280R's Still Alive?

    This one is for sale in France it has done one trial:
  12. Any News Of 2017 Beta Trials?

    One of the new features: "New license plate holder kit: includes integrated indicators: enables greater off-road practicality, thereby finally allowing the Trial to be used in full compliance with road circulation regulations." Scraping the barrel there a little bit.
  13. Jgas Bankrupt?

    I wouldnt be surprised if they re-emerge with a new name....or even maybe an old name....
  14. 2016 Jotagas

    Sent you message on this as can put you in touch with dealer in Europe.