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  1. Hi The stator has 6 coils mounted on it and two trigger units ( behind the flywheel) This generates the power to the CDI unit mounted behind the steering behind the right hand black cover This is connected with a multi plug The other box in there is the regulator for the fan and light Also check the earth wire (brown cable) in there
  2. I run a 200 REV 3 and had the stater repaired The last time it had to have the triggers replaced The older (2000- 2002) have two triggers and have six coils These also can fail I would check there readings also
  3. My clutch cable runs down the front down tube turn past the bottom of the barrel turning down over the sprocket ( where the bolt hole is and clip if you require) Then down under the swinging arm in to the case Make sure the plates lift evenly My push rod was also worn when removed but had done a lot of trials plus a pre65 ssdt
  4. CDI

    I run two engines both fitted with Electrex ignition One is fitted using the studs on the outer clutch case (a bit tricky to time) The other uses pegs fitted on the inner crank case ( much easier to time )both run OK I would leave the points case on just remove the points as they are no longer needed The first one has ran for a number of years now plus a pre 65 SSDT Hoe this helps
  5. Yes the cable is on the short side My speedo is fitted between the clamps on the handle bar brace The cub was mounted the same but it was lost when the rider went over the bars in a bog I had to replace it Try to fit the sender/magnet as high up the fork leg as possible
  6. I have used several different types Currently use a Catseye Enduro on the Beta and Cub both are hard wired type not wireless type Did try a wireless one but not a success Tried another make but it would have to be reset after hitting a bump
  7. I have did this to many bikes The last one was a 175 Bultaco in 1983 Had to dry it out there and then (long push home )The motor still runs to this day un opened since it left the factory Just changed crank seals and oil change Leave the motor with water in it the damage will be done as 2stoke 4stroke says
  8. I think the brakes were wet
  9. I use a standard engine and clutch sprocket setup The gear box is 13t and rear is 58t (420chain) but I use a lower sleeve gear and lay shaft gear as the bike was set up for the Pre65 SSDT which has road work The rider tells me the gearing is fine for the sections and moor work
  10. There should be a screw hole inside the clutch case just below the drive sprocket so the tensioner trails to the rear(clutch) The basic engine did not vary much I ran an early 5 speed 250 then the early 325 Now a 175 all use the same design
  11. The pistons are interchangeable One has a flat top the other has a dome but round the edge is flat The head is flat on the mating surface then drop into a recess with the dome where the valves are If the head or barrel have been skimmed the piston will hit the head as there is not much clearance
  12. The piston does stick out at tdc as long as the ring does not The piston should miss the copper head gasket and fit the recess on the head What piston are you using and was the head skimmed?
  13. I have had two engines done by Meriden off road He fitted the pillars and sprocket access plate
  14. No not this year
  15. This part is a Triumph part as some Lucas rotors used smaller holes on the early engines The part you need is the adapter sleeve e4454 as used on later engines