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  1. This part is a Triumph part as some Lucas rotors used smaller holes on the early engines The part you need is the adapter sleeve e4454 as used on later engines
  2. Your rotor should be fitted on to a sleeve So you have the sprocket the sleeve {make sure the woodruff key does not touch the rotor)then the rotor I think the large ring went on fallowed by the nut The stator fits on the pegs (mounting pillars) and set the timing making sure there is an air gap all round between rotor and stator Recheck timing once you tighten the rotor as it can move as it is not keyed to the crank
  3. I also use a Miller sump guard on my cub I usually remove it when working on the bike as it covers the screws to the cases and drain plugs The Meriden one is very smart I saw it last year at the Telford Show
  4. You are ok I hardly see the trial I am in the office Might have better luck this year and see some action
  5. There is only 180 riders (183 ?)Mike Bell 100 had a 350 bullet and his son Liston rode a 500
  6. Check the boot on the M/C between the lever and piston I saw one rusted under the clip and washer not letting the piston fully return causing the same problem of holding the pads on
  7. Bike was used today and went well with the longer inlet track and carb more upright Changed the slide as well Yes they were never fitted with this carb but that was all you could get new when this event started My B31 never ran right with the concentric but now runs as sweet as a nut on the new monobloc
  8. I have a 175 Bulto with Renthal bars Some year later bought a 250 and it felt different Every thing measured the same The 175 was comfy 250 not so till I measured the bars the 175 had been shortened by me when I bought it new So it is what suits you Renthal make different bar my cub had Enduro bars on (wrong shape)
  9. Yes I have also used other carbs but the bike is entered for the SSDT Pre65 so requires an AMAL to be fitted PS Project on going
  10. Yes I have one fitted to my cub Just fitted a longer inlet tipping the carb to less of an angle and fitted a 2.5 slide today Still to be tried out It has a flat spot off idle but it may not be the carb but other factors ie ignition or exhaust The rider said it felt better (to icy to really tell) and could not get the engine hot
  11. I have the same problem When I got my last pair the optician moved the distance part of the lens down I do not use them in trials yet but need them to drive on the road (to be legal)I also find when making part they look bent when they are really straight
  12. Just an add on Carbon can also build up at the bottom of the groove not letting the ring down in its groove (new rings are bigger than worn ones) I always clean them out using an old broken ring be careful not to remove any metal of the piston
  13. Hi I also have an engine marked like this Mine is a roller crank and distributor drive hole Yours looks like the 62 onward type by the shape of it (at rough guess) Rocker gaskets can be obtained as separate parts I have cases where the engine number is on the front mounting bolt lug
  14. You just need to undo all the small nuts on the and the allan screw just behind the front engine mount (on the picture0 I left the gears on one side and crank on the other It is a long time since I did one about 40years I think
  15. I have my rev3 2003 off just now did exactly as above post This bracket also holds the centre box of the exhaust That screw into the rubber mounting