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  1. What type off gaskets do you use I use an o rings top and bottom A black square section type on the bottom and a red round section at the top If the tube is seated properly and no damage it should seal mine do alright
  2. You will find there is two types of gearbox/cam cases as the o/d of the cam bush are smaller on the distributor engine I managed to get the correct one for one engine The other engine I made a sleeve to fit over the bush and into the case I made little top hat to fit over the end of the bush and bonded them on with epoxy glue Tried the R cam made it harder to start and lost some bottom end power Reverted to standard cam The engines can vary in power a lot one engine runs sweet the other not so yet both built to the same spec
  3. The 250 gaskets and seals are the same not sure about cylinder base as my motor has not been apart since new Only done seals and primary chains
  4. Check out a vehicle wiring and component supplier for the terminals and resolder or crimp the wires in place
  5. I use a Miller oil tank on both Cubs I did not use the plastic pipe to feed the engine but rubber oil hose to feed it as I cut the plastic pipe the wrong length on the first engine But when doing the second one used the plastic hose Like you it leaked at the gearbox where it fits on to the copper pipes So the was fitted with rubber pipe also The plastic pipe is a loose fit on the mettle pipe even with hose clip tight
  6. Never put any in the ones I have built either and there is none shown in the parts book for the bush type or roller timing side
  7. They are The rider of my Cub says the action is better than his GasGAS and it showed up how bad the rear was
  8. Duncan MacDonald supplies REH fork not MP These transform the front end I have used MP 32 mm and Marzocci's But I do not ride the bike I leave the to someone that uses it and tweak the bike to suit him
  9. The main shaft and lay shaft are assemblies So these parts are not shown in the parts book They fit under the small gear on the end of the shaft holding the larger gear ( second on the lay shaft Third in the Main shaft ) One of my engines has run without these for years and is used every week
  10. You could contact the VMCC and they have specialists on most makes
  11. Got it I seen that one It must be a new product
  12. Did a little research which type do you have There is new one that uses the crank case bolts or are you using the studs that the old stator was mounted on Really without seeing the problem it is not easy to say what is wrong The stator mountings no matter the type are a tight fit But if your is on the outer case it should fit Unless it sitting to high Unfortunately both bike and spare engine are away on lone so cannot take measurements for now
  13. That is the first problem How are going to time it Because the rotor is not keyed on the shaft I did my first engine using the contacts in the distributor To get it to run But I used Electrix world on that engine The later engine I built I had the posts fitted You can adjust the time easier
  14. My info came from the Honda TL125 owners manual and the cover look different It has two cover one in the center one at the top of the gen casing I do not have the bike any more as it belonged to my wife at the time till some low life stole it
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